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Simply put, our mission is to help people grow their businesses. This is why over 30 million buyers from small-to-medium enterprises turn to Business.com every year to discover, compare, and purchase the products and services they need to run and grow their businesses. It's also why over 10,000 advertisers use Business.com to reach these valuable buyers, generating well over $1.5 billion in incremental annual revenues.

Meet the Team

  • Tony Uphoff

    Tony Uphoff

    Tony Uphoff

    Professional Profile Contact Tony Uphoff

    When I'm Not Working: Family, Flying, Surfing, Music, Shenanigans

  • Andrew Rogers

    Andrew Rogers

    Andrew Rogers
    President and CMO

    Professional Profile Contact Andrew Rogers

    When I'm Not Working: I moonlight as a chauffeur, shuttling my 4 kids between events... which I love. 3 times a year I lose my cool on the golf course.

  • Michael Conway

    Michael Conway

    Michael Conway

    Professional Profile Contact Michael Conway

    When I'm Not Working: I am thinking about work because when you love what you do, it stops being work. If not that, I am playing golf, tennis, running with my dogs, or enjoying time with my wonderful family.

  • Robert Swisher

    Robert Swisher

    Robert Swisher

    Professional Profile Contact Robert Swisher

    When I'm Not Working: You can find me travelling, hosting a party, or spinning records. Like Andrew I also lose my cool on the golf course.

  • Kyle Brierley

    Kyle Brierley

    Kyle Brierley
    Senior Marketing Manager

    Professional Profile Contact Kyle Brierley

    When I'm Not Working: I'm a musician, an entrepreneur, a technology geek, and protector of Gotham City.

  • Betsy Scuteri

    Betsy Scuteri

    Betsy Scuteri

    Professional Profile Contact Betsy Scuteri

    When I'm Not Working: I find myself making martinis, creating soap bubbles with my son, and complaining to my husband about not traveling enough.

  • Katie Hand

    Katie Hand

    Katie Hand
    VP of Performance Marketing & Ad Operations

    Professional Profile Contact Katie Hand

    When I'm Not Working: Full-time mom to twin toddlers & a labrador. Loves beach days, cooking and entertaining. Self-proclaimed master of Ms. Pac-Man.

  • Joe Biancamano

    Joe Biancamano

    Joe Biancamano
    Director of Sales

    Professional Profile Contact Joe Biancamano

    When I'm Not Working: I enjoy sports (GO 49ERS!), anything outside with my wife Tara and son JT. I'm a competitive golfer, practicing to get better every chance I get!

  • Michelle Workman

    Michelle Workman

    Michelle Workman
    Director of Operations

    Professional Profile Contact Michelle Workman

    When I'm Not Working: I enjoy hanging out with friends & family. Habits include: Starbucks, reading, movie quotes, & spoiling my Min Pin Fonzie.

  • Nazzi Mehdiabadi

    Nazzi Mehdiabadi

    Nazzi Mehdiabadi
    Senior Director of Finance

    Professional Profile Contact Nazzi Mehdiabadi

    When I'm Not Working: Some would say even at work, I'm dancing. But I do enjoy to get my boogie on whenever I can. I also love spending time with family, friends, and hanging out at the beach.

  • Tim Sorweid

    Tim Sorweid

    Tim Sorweid

    Professional Profile Contact Tim Sorweid

    When I'm Not Working: Active hiker, outdoorsman, soccer fan, banjo player. I'm the office Star Wars nerd; I have the tattoo and dog named TK-421 to prove it!

  • Vanessa Johnson

    Vanessa Johnson

    Vanessa Johnson
    Director of Talent & Culture

    Professional Profile Contact Vanessa Johnson

    When I'm Not Working: You can find me anywhere there is sunshine and a cold beverage! Otherwise I am spending time with my friends and family!

  • Grant Reinero

    Grant Reinero

    Grant Reinero
    Creative Director

    Professional Profile Contact Grant Reinero

    When I'm Not Working: If I'm not making something, I'm thinking about making something.

Built on the foundation of a renowned internet brand combined with the latest technology, development and design Business.com is a new company today. We've assembled a world-class team of developers, designers, digital media experts, and even a Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction to identify the specific needs of active business buyers and improve how they use the Internet to make purchasing decisions.

Business.com is a JMI Equity portfolio company.

We Are Business.com

Business.com is redefining the marketplace for business purchases by making it dramatically easier for buyers to discover, learn about, compare and buy the products and services they need to run and grow their businesses.

As a rapidly growing company, we're adding to our team every day. If you are looking for a challenging opportunity with a bright future check out our open positions. Do you have expertise not reflected in our current openings? Go ahead and send us your resume anyway.

Business.com provides a fun, hard–working atmosphere with opportunities for everyone to contribute to the overall growth of the company. In addition to an exciting work environment, Business.com provides excellent benefits including:

  • Competitive salary + bonus
  • Stock options
  • Excellent health, dental, and vision benefits
  • 401K, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Free gym membership
  • Free food and drinks
  • Friday happy hours


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For press inquiries, please contact us at press@business.com.

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To discuss advertising programs, provide feedback on the website, inquire about a job posting, or anything else having to do with Business.com, please call 888 441-4466 or use the form to the right.

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Business.com is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, a fast-growing tech center in beautiful, north county San Diego.

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