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Offering accidental injury insurance services.

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Accidental Injury Insurance Education and Training

Accidental injury insurance policies are available for both individuals and groups. Groups covered under this type of policy include police units, sports programs, youth groups, and attendees of one-time events.

Accidental Injury Insurance Key Terms

Because accidents can occur at any time and you can never be sure you'll sustain an injury that's easy to recover from, purchasing accidental insurance plans is an excellent idea, especially for small-business owners. These plans can supplement income, cover out-of- pocket costs and even pay for medical expenses not covered by standard policies.

Accident Insurance | Aflac

Individual accident insurance is a way to stay ahead of the medical and out-of- pocket expenses that add up so quickly after an accidental injury - not just for ...

Accident Insurance - Personal Accident Insurance Coverage

Accident insurance provides cash benefits for injuries resulting from an accident. Find affordable accident insurance plans and apply for coverage online.

Accident Medical Insurance | Accidental Injury ... - Nationwide

GrouProtector group accident medical insurance assists your event participants with the expenses incurred from an injury, accidental dismemberment or ...

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Supplemental Insurance - Free Insurance Quotes - AIG

Supplemental insurance is great way to help manage out-of-pocket medical expenses in ... Fill in the healthcare insurance gaps with accidental injury Insurance ...

Accident & Sickness - Combined Insurance

Combined Insurance's Accident Protector and Accident & Sickness Protector policies ... Accident Protector can pay you cash in the event of an accidental injury.

Supplemental Accident Benefit | Golden Rule Insurance Company

You may choose an optional Supplemental Accident benefit to reduce your out-of -pocket expenses for unexpected injuries. supplemental accident insurance for ...

Accident insurance coverage | Employee Benefits | Financial Products

[acc] - Lincoln accident insurance gives you cash benefits if you suffer an accidental injury. Learn more about the benefits of accident insurance.

Accident - Unum

Accident insurance pays a benefit directly to you if you have a covered injury and need treatment. You can get coverage for your spouse and dependents, too.

Accident Insurance | Assurant Health Insurance

Accident insurance pays benefits when you're injured. The plans we offer can help pay for expenses that your health plan may not fully cover, like deductibles.

Personal Injury Protection Insurance | Allstate Car Insurance

Personal injury protection (PIP) can cover expenses related to injuries you sustained in a covered accident. These expenses can include medical and hospital ...

Military Tanks

Army tank manufacturers work to produce weapons of war that not only hold their own in battle, but also protect the people in them. US armed forces began using military tank vehicles in World War II, and technology continues to advance these vehicles.

A business owner can use army tanks to draw people to his business. Ways to do this include using a military tank as a statue in front of the place of business to attract attention, opening a military tank museum to help people learn more about the vehicles or driving around in a tank with your business name and logo advertised on it. Before you purchase a tank, you might want to:

1. Determine what type of tank you want.

2. Find military tanks for sale.

3. Look for used military tanks for sale.

Evaluate the types of military tanks for sale

While the battle tank is the king of tanks, military tank manufacturers produce a variety of tanks, including 4-wheel, 6-wheel, 8-wheel, battle and light tanks. The sheer size of a tank will draw attention to your business, but you might find you prefer one type of tank over another.

Promote your business or make a movie with military tank vehicles

Many military tank vendors specialize in providing tanks for promotional purposes. Depending on your goal, you might need to look outside the US to get an authentic tank from another country. Make sure you understand all the aspects to the transaction before you agree to utilize the services offered by the company.

Work with a military tank seller to get what you need

When it comes to buying a military tank, a person probably won't be able to get the latest model due to security purposes. For this reason, most military tank sellers specialized in used tanks. In many cases, tanks available for sale date back to World War II.

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