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Auto Insurance Business Guide: Property Coverage, Liability Coverage, and Medical Coverage

Auto insurance is one of the most important insurance policies for anyone who owns or operates a vehicle on the public roadways. In fact, automobile insurance has been made mandatory in every state under the law. The minimum coverage limits may vary from one state to another, depending on the local laws. However, every vehicle owner and driver is expected to maintain a valid vehicle insurance policy, and keep a copy of the policy document or the policy number in their vehicle whenever they are driving on the roads. Failure to purchase mandatory auto coverage and driving as an uninsured motorist is an offense under the law, and it may result in revocation of the driver’s license and even cancelation of the vehicle’s registration.


Business organizations that provide vehicles to their employees or associates, or use vehicles as a part of their business should be careful about obtaining adequate auto insurance coverage. The company may be held liable as an owner of the vehicle if any of its vehicles are found to be operating without the minimum coverage. In the event of an accident where property damage or personal injury is caused to another party, the business can be protected against financial risk with sufficient liability coverage. Professional transport service providers such as trucking companies may need comprehensive truck insurance coverage because their risk exposure is higher with multiple vehicles on the roads at most times.




Property Coverage


Business owners may need adequate auto insurance coverage against vehicle damage, vehicle destruction, and theft. Vehicles are a valuable asset of the organization, so they need to be protected against risk. Expensive vehicles should be insured for a higher amount due to their high market value. Businesses with multiple vehicles may opt for group vehicle insurance with a single insurance provider to achieve the lowest premium rates and maximum coverage benefits.


Medical Coverage


Auto insurance policies can also include coverage for medical costs that may be incurred in case the vehicle driver or other passengers in the vehicle are injured in an accident. Serious injuries may require hospitalization and prolonged medical treatment, which may cost a substantial amount of money for the business. Business owners should cover themselves against this potential financial risk, and include bodily injury coverage as a part of the insurance policy.


Liability Coverage


Liability coverage is a mandatory part of any automobile insurance policy under the law. This covers the risk of a third party that may sustain personal injury or property damage due to the fault of the driver. The business owner and driver may be held liable to compensate the damages suffered by another party because of the driver’s negligence. This risk must be covered sufficiently by every business. The Insurance Information Institute reports that hundreds of small businesses go bankrupt every year because they are sued by third parties for damages.


Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage


Professional transportation service providers such as trucking companies may require comprehensive coverage policies to cover themselves adequately against risk. Such policies may include repairs, renovation, towing expenses, overnight stay for the driver, and other such expenses in addition to the usual coverage for property damage, theft, bodily injury, and third party liability.




Rising Insurance Costs


Many businesses operate under tight budgets, and need to cut their overheads to survive in a competitive marketplace. However, the costs of auto insurance have been on the rise in the last few years, making it more challenging for a business organization to insure its vehicles adequately against risk.


Inadequate Coverage


If the business has a sufficiently large amount of assets and purchases auto liability coverage for only the minimum mandatory limits, it may not cover the business properly against risk. If the vehicle causes serious personal injury involving the permanent disability or death of another person, the business can be sued for large damages that the insurance policy may not pay.


Administrative Burden


Businesses that own multiple vehicles need to maintain proper records of various auto coverage policies and understand the terms and conditions of each policy. Timely policy renewals are critical, and changes in coverage amounts must be made, depending on the needs of the business. This places an extra administrative burden on the company, unless it outsources the insurance responsibility to a professional agency.


Legal Disputes


Vehicular accidents involving personal injury and other damages to the business vehicle or other vehicles may draw the company into undesirable litigation or lengthy negotiations with the insurance providers. This can be a drain on the business resources. Despite adequate insurance coverage, claims may be disputed and the business may be dragged into litigation.




The cost of auto insurance policies will vary according to the type of coverage sought and the extent of risk coverage. The business organization must be able to draw a moderate balance between risk and costs of insurance while purchasing an insurance policy. Businesses with multiple vehicle insurance can negotiate lower premiums with insurance providers. It is easy to do a quick comparison shopping exercise online to know the latest insurance rates of different providers.


Auto insurance coverage is very important for any business that involves the use of vehicles. Apart from the minimum coverage limits that are mandatory under the law, the business must consider its total financial net worth and insure itself against risk accordingly. A conservative and safe approach can ensure that the company survives in the long run without any unexpected situations. Serious auto accidents that can expose the company to financial risk, and adequate auto coverage is the best answer to it.

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