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Business insurance is a necessary precaution for protecting your business and employees from an accident, lawsuit, or other forms of unexpected damage. Be sure to purchase enough insurance to keep all of your bases covered while keeping your premiums low.
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Commercial Crime Insurance Key Terms

Commercial crime insurance is a type of policy that protects a business in the case of theft, embezzlement, fraud and other white collar crimes. You choose the coverage amount and can rest assured you will be reimbursed if any of these acts are committed against your company.

Specialty Insurance

What is specialty insurance? All businesses will have general business insurance that covers your business premise in the event of fire, vandalism and theft. Basic car insurance covers your business vehicles for accidents caused by your employee or the other driver.

Insurance Calculators

Insurance is a part of every aspect of life. However, how much insurance do you need and how can you determine some of these costs in advance? Figure insurance the way your agent does by using commercial insurance calculators, mortgage insurance calculators, life insurance calculators and auto insurance calculators.

Commercial Crime Insurance

Your business needs commercial crime insurance. Criminal employees cost U.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

To protect your assets in the case of a lawsuit, you may want to decide to take out directors and officers liability insurance coverage. The insurance is paid out to the directors or officers of a company to cover damages in case they are sued.

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Small Business Insurance News and Trends

Insurance for small businesses is available in so many different packages that you have to keep up with the industry to ensure that you are getting the best coverage for your business. Watch for new plans that offer updated risk products and the best protection for your assets.

Training for Small Business Insurance

Both large corporate and single-owner small business insurance companies will bring on an agent with the right training. Small businesses typically represent the fastest growing sector of employment, and small business owners are always looking for small business insurance quotes for their health, property, and business insurance needs.

Surety Insurance News and Trends

Staying up to date on surety insurance news and trends can prove to be a full time job but, when your company has to have the insurance, it may be necessary to stay current on the issues. Although some surety insurance agencies will alert you when things change, it is a good idea to get information on your own so you can have unbiased information to base your decision about coverage on.

Specialty Insurance Basics

Specialty insurance is necessary for items not covered by your ordinary home owners or automobile insurance. This can include but is not limited to flood coverage, identity theft insurance, mobile home coverage, motorcycle insurance, personal watercraft coverage, boat insurance, pet insurance, private mortgage insurance, travel insurance, title insurance or renters insurance.

Making the Most of Insurance Agents and Brokers

Insurance brokers and agents can be instrumental in helping you find cost-effective insurance for your company. Calculation of insurance pricing for businesses can be a complex issue.

Commercial Property Insurance Basics

Commercial property insurance is a must for your business. It is important to protect your property, equipment and supplies from potential hazards and loss.

Commercial Property Insurance Education and Training

Demonstrate your expertise and competence in providing commercial property insurance quotes and insurance rates for commercial property by participating in professional education courses and training. These additional qualifications will assure your clients that you can accurately compare commercial property insurance rates and strategically advise for the welfare of their personal and business interests.

Business Insurance-Insureon

Insureon provides business insurance to over 550 different commercial industries. If you're a small business looking for liability insurance we help.
Professional Concepts Insurance Agency

Managing risk and negotiating insurance to drive dollars to our customers. Specializing in business insurance solutions for smart professionals.
Professional Insurance Agents Ltd.

Professional Indemnity Insurance, Directors & Officers Insurance and Public Liability Insurance quotes in the UK and Worldwide.
Steven Graves Insurance Agency

Independent Insurance Agency - All types of business insurance, Health, Professional Liability, Workers Comp., Occupational Health, and more.

Business Insurance: An Overview

All small businesses face a number of risks, just like any other established business. Property or financial losses, lawsuits, workplace accidents, technology issues, and product liability claims are all detrimental but natural aspects of running a business.

Small business insurance can help to lower the risk level for your company and help protect you if an unexpected accident occurs. Though many accidents are unavoidable, you can still take the measures necessary to protect your business by investing in enough small business insurance to cover your potential losses.

Develop a Plan for Risk Management

Though some industries naturally carry more risky operations than others (think construction versus office work), be sure that your business is equipped with a comprehensive risk-management plan in case of an emergency.

  • Risk management software like MethodWare’s Enterprise Risk Assessor and Risk Wizard can give you a complete report on your business’s risk probabilities.
  • You can also work with a professional risk-manager in person. The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) or the Professional Risk Managers Association can provide you with more information.

Once you have determined you business’s overall level of risk, you can begin to determine what types of small business insurance you will need. There are a number of different types of insurance coverage available for small businesses.

If safety is an issue in your business, consider hiring one of our workplace safety vendors.

Types of Liability Insurance

One of the most fundamental measures a small business can take to protect itself is by investing in liability insurance. General liability insurance provides protection against legal hassles associated with accidents, injuries, and claims of negligence against your company by your clients or customers.

  • Product liability insurance is necessary if your business is distributing a product that could potentially cause harm to your customer, including product defects or financial loss as a result of the product.
  • Professional liability insurance protects your business in the event of claims of negligence, malpractice, or errors and omissions in your service to your clients.

Protecting Your Property

Property insurance is also important in protecting your business property. “Property” refers to all of the equipment and materials you have invested in to keep your business running.

  • Property Insurance covers your physical space of operations in the event of damage due to fire, vandalism, severe weather, etc.
  • Commercial auto insurance covers whatever automobile you use for business purposes, or fleet your business uses for delivery or transport.
  • Home-Base business insurance is of the upmost important for small-businesses that operate out of a place of residence. Homeowner’s insurance policies generally do not cover business losses, so if you are running things from home, be sure your business is covered in some way.

Protecting Your Employees

If you are an employer, it is required that you provide some sort of insurance coverage for your workers. In 2012, the average employer costs for insurance benefits were $5.02 per hour, or 12.1% of total compensation.

  • Workers Compensation varies in coverage depending on the area you are located in, but some form of it is always required from employers. Worker’s comp covers medical expenses or wage replacement due to injury while on the job.
  • Unemployment Insurance tax provides employees with some sort of wages if they are laid off. Unemployment tax also varies by region.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers free on-site consultations for small businesses about safety hazards in the workplace.

Small business insurance requirements may vary depending on your location, but nonetheless you should invest in enough business insurance to keep your company fully protected. Liability, property, and worker’s comp insurance are all fundamental types of coverage that could determine whether or not your business survives in case of an emergency.

If you’re in need of business insurance, you’ll want to purchase worker’s comp and liability insurance, as well.