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Find car insurance rates and quotes, including online car insurance quotes to insure your company cars or other business vehicles. Review various auto insurance providers to get the best auto insurance rates for your business needs.

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Car Insurance Quotes

Car insurance quotes are definitely more science than art. To calculate them, insurance companies use complicated formulas that include your age, gender and history, as well as the year, make and model of your car.

Making the Most of Car Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance rates can frustrate drivers, but auto insurance protects you from losses. From the courtroom for liability losses to replacing a stolen car, auto insurance shields your wallet under many circumstances.

Car Insurance Quotes Key Terms

Whether you're a first-timer looking for a quote to secure car insurance, you've been through the process a number of times or your business requires that you keep up with the insurance market, first understand car insurance-related terminology to find the insurance or information your company needs. The words that follow are some key terms you should know to avoid hitting roadblocks as you set out to obtain car insurance quotes.

Auto Insurance – State Farm® - State Farm Insurance

Auto insurance quotes from State Farm are fast and easy, with discounts calculated automatically. Compare your options and customize coverage to fit your ...

Auto Insurance: Get an Online Car Insurance Rate | Progressive

Get the coverage you need, for the price you want. Start a car insurance quote today with the details you know offhand.

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Auto Insurance & Car Insurance Quotes—Allstate

Customized car insurance coverage options, discounts galore and amazing features. Get a free online quote and speak to a dedicated Allstate agent.

Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison

We've made shopping for car insurance easier by creating a quote system that helps you see rates you can afford quickly online.
Auto Insurance Quotes

Get Free online auto insurance quotes! Auto Insurance provides auto insurance quotes, discounts, and savings up to 50% or more.
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NRMA Insurance

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Online Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison

Compare car insurance quotes online from multiple top rated companies to find cheap auto insurance rates and purchase your policy online in minutes.
sr22 insurance

SR22 auto insurance at affordable prices, offering quotes at no cost

Making the Most of Car Insurance Quotes

If you or your employees drive vehicles for business-related matters, one of your chief concerns will be obtaining car insurance quotes. Whether you have a whole fleet of vehicles in use every day or only a single vehicle used occasionally, you must have commercial coverage to protect your employees and your assets.

Although you may think buying commercial auto insurance is no different from buying insurance for your personal vehicle, there are important differences. When it comes to making the most of car insurance quotes, there are a few things you must know, including that:

1. Auto insurance quotes for business must take into consideration state requirements;

2. Quotes for car insurance must strictly define what commercial use is;

3. And there are many factors that determine your commercial auto insurance rates.

Research state requirements before obtaining car insurance rates and quotes

Make sure your auto insurance quotes include adequate coverage to meet state requirements--including those that are industry specific. In addition, consider adding more coverage than is required for assets that would be difficult to replace in the case of an accident.

Define what "commercial" is when getting automotive insurance quotes

Just as your personal auto insurance will usually exclude coverage for business use, commercial auto policies exclude coverage for anything considered "personal." Be sure to let your agent know exactly how you or your employees will be using your business' vehicles to ensure you have appropriate coverage.

Know how to lower premiums when obtaining quotes for auto insurance

When getting quotes, know that many things affect the price you receive, including the location of your business, your employees' driving records, the type of vehicle being covered, how high your deductible is and whether you use anti-theft and safety devices. Be sure to mention such details to your agent, and ask what additional steps you may be able to take to get a better rate.

  • One tip for lowering your commercial car insurance quote is to park your business vehicles in a garage; this can lower your automotive insurance rates and quotes by as much as 20 percent.

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