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IntelliDrive ® Fleet Safety Solutions - Travelers Insurance

Fleet safety and vehicle telematics solutions for your company. Get safe driving solutions to keep your workers safe and costs lower from Travelers Intellidrive.

Commercial Fleet Insurance Contact Us | Travelers Insurance

For more information on telematics and the Travelers IntelliDrive® Fleet Safety Solutions, please contact your insurance agent/broker or use our "Find an Agent"  ...

Fleet safety - Allied Insurance

Allied commercial auto insurance customers enjoy the benefits of our fleet safety program. The program aims to help you decrease the number of injuries from ...

Fleet Safety | HUB International Limited

Risk Services. Home / Business Insurance / Risk Services / fleet safety ... Fleet Safety Program Development and Training. Driver qualification file requirements  ...

FleetAhead | Fleet Safety, Telematics and Risk Management - The ...

With FleetAhead from the Hartford, you can improve fleet safety, lower vehicle operating costs and boost customer ... Save on Auto Insurance with FleetAhead.

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Fleet Safety Insurance Providers:

Business resources for Fleet Safety Insurance. View relevant Insurance company listings, tips & advice, or describe your project and get matched with top ...

Fleet Safety Discounts - Nationwide Insurance

Backed by the expertise of industry-leading professionals, the Enterprise Fleet Safety Management system delivers unmatched convenience and results by ...

Fleet Safety Training - Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Agribusiness Fleet Safety Training can help reduce injuries, control costs and enhance your profits.

Telematics Drives Big Savings on Commercial Auto Insurance ...

Not all insurance companies offer telematics programs to fleets — which can tell fleet managers and insurance companies how safe drivers are on the road ...

Fleet Safety Policy Assistance - EMC Insurance Companies

Fleet Safety Policy Assistance. EMC offers a variety of loss control services for fleets of autos or vans and even the big rigs. These items can increase the safety  ...

Fleet and Driver Safety - EMC Insurance Companies

EMC Insurance Companies, Count on EMC. Login · Agents · Investors ... EMC Insurance Companies. Home > Loss Control > Topics > Fleet and Driver Safety.

Fleet Solutions

Fleet management solutions for all fleets - including maintenance and fleet insurance for your cars & trucks.

Fleet Safety Insurance

If you own a trucking company or other business that uses commercial drivers, then fleet safety insurance is an absolute must. Fleet safety insurance companies base insurance rates on several factors, including the risk your drivers pose when they get on the road. Fleet insurance premiums are a major part of the operating budget for any company that runs fleet vehicles, whether you deliver packages across town or across the country.

To receive reasonable fleet insurance quotes and keep truck fleet insurance rates affordable, implement a concise risk management program that tells fleet safety insurance providers that you are committed to keeping not only your drivers safe, but also other motorists. If you are looking for ways to control fleet expenses, there are three key things you can do:  

1. Have drivers complete corporate fleet driver safety courses.

2. Analyze fleet usage and accident patterns to improve fleet management.

3. Compare fleet insurance quotes from different fleet insurers.

Get affordable fleet insurance rates by having properly trained drivers

Having an effective risk management program will get you a discount on truck fleet insurance premiums. These practices include making sure drivers are properly trained and checking driving history and accident reports for all prospective drivers. Also, have all of your drivers participate in noted driver safety courses. For one, these courses will help you have better drivers and for another, many insurance companies offer discounts for participation.

Compare quotes from several different fleet safety insurance companies

Shopping for truck fleet insurance is like shopping for a car--you never want to go with the first offer you receive. Fleet safety insurance providers base their fleet rates on a number of factors, including the driving history of your drivers and the number of accidents in which your drivers have been involved.

Purchase other services to help lower your fleet insurance premiums

Finding an affordable fleet insurance rate is only one aspect of protecting your business fleet. It's a wise investment to purchase other services that monitor your fleet, as these services help you obtain and retain an even better fleet insurance coverage rate. By spending the money upfront to maintain an experienced and safe fleet, you save money in the long run in the form of less accidents, lower fleet insurance premiums and lower risk of loss. These fleet management processes work hand-in-hand with maintaining consistent and affordably priced insurance premiums.
  • Fleet safety insurance companies will not renew your policy for excessive accidents and traffic violations, so be sure to regularly monitor fleet driver accident and violation reports to maintain a good record.