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foreign liability coverage - Insurance Glossary - IRMI.com

The commercial general liability (CGL) policy provides coverage for incidental exposures—for example, when an executive who lives and works in the United ...

Foreign Commercial General Liability | Momentous Insurance ...

Opening foreign markets to U.S. products and services is an important part of sustaining America's economy. According to government statistics* , international  ...

Commercial General Liability Coverage for International Advantage ...

Make international commercial general liability coverage the first line of ... Domestic General Liability policies may only cover lawsuits brought within U.S. borders only. ... Insurance provided by insurance companies within the ACE Group of ...

Foreign Commercial General Liability Insurance - Church Mutual

Foreign Commercial General Liability Insurance. Chartis WorldRisk® provides third-party coverage for foreign injuries and any related foreign suits.

Foreign Liability Insurance - Northern Insurance Group - Auto, Home ...

When should your company purchase foreign liability insurance? ... Make international commercial general liability coverage the first line of defense against ...

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Foreign Insurance - Cavignac & Associates

The most common is a “Foreign Package Policy,” offered by a number of insurance companies. These policies typically include general liability, auto liability, ...

Global Products & Services - Travelers Insurance

Global Insurance. Coverage for domestic organizations with foreign exposures ... General liability; Automobile DIC/Excess liability; Employers liability; Accidental ...

Global Business Insurance | Liberty Mutual Group

Excess Liability Insurance · General Liability Insurance · Group Programs ... If you need to protect a new foreign location or employees at an international ...

Foreign Casualty - Insurance from AIG in the US

WorldRisk Foreign Commercial Package. Foreign Commercial General Liability. Foreign Business Automobile Liability. Foreign Voluntary Compensation.

Foreign liability insurance | UCOP

Foreign general liability ... UCOP Risk Services has partnered with a global insurance carrier who has the capabilities to issue a general liability policy in most ...

Foreign liability: Frequently asked questions | UCOP

If a department leases or purchases space in a foreign country, do I need to instruct it to procure general liability insurance coverage for this location?

Foreign Liability Coverage - Business Insurance - About.com

Foreign Liability Coverage - Who Needs it? ... Business Insurance Categories ... It will also provide a brief overview of foreign general liability coverage. Ads.

A Guide to Foreign General Liability Insurance

If your company does any business outside the country, an important decision you’ll have to make is what foreign general liability insurance you should invest in. As a company with employees or offices in another country, liability insurance will cover any problems that can occur. Foreign countries have different laws and customs. In the case of a bad situation, you want all parties to be fully covered.

Some particulars to consider include coverage of employees in the foreign countries which you operate. If facing immediate medical attention from an on-the-job injury, you’ll need it taken care of in a prompt and cost effective fashion. Other possibilities such as potential hostage situations or emergency travel services could turn into a nightmare without foreign general liability insurance. Finding a foreign liability insurance carrier is necessary for the immediate response to these possibly dangerous circumstances.

As a company that manufactures overseas, your US insurance policy would not be sufficient. In the case of an incident, it would only cover lawsuits filed in the US. It is also often the case that foreign jurisdictions require policies that can only be provided by foreign coverage. If a lawsuit is filed in another country, and you are not covered by the proper foreign carrier, the ramifications can be significant. You risk losing your assets to that country and you could be banned from continuing business there.

In a foreign country, language barriers can be a problem between the company and its employees, if they are also from the foreign country. For a company that may have US employees spending a significant amount of time travelling, this can become a problem for that employee as well. In this case, it would be important to know the local language.  In addition, risk management training could be effective as well. Some companies will offer these preventative services. This can be helpful to a company that is new to foreign business practices, or a company that doesn’t interact with the foreign country on a regular basis.

If already with an agency that offers this coverage, you might receive a discount on your overall insurance with the inclusion of foreign general liability coverage. Putting your foreign affairs in the hands of a trusted insurance company is perhaps the most important precaution you can take. You need someone who is well versed in dealing with another country’s rules, culture and language.

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