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Directory of health insurance providers. Research companies offering various medical insurance packages, including small business health insurance quotes and rates. Find business health insurance plans that meet your company needs.

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Group Health Insurance

If you think your company is too small to provide decent group health insurance coverage for your employees, think again. There's an abundance of different group health insurance plans available, even for the smallest of businesses.

Alternative Health Insurance

More and more Americans are looking for ways to improve their health and increase longevity. Many are turning to Alternative medicine health care insurance, or non traditional healthcare for total health care for total wellness that treats the mind, body and spirit.

Health Insurance Consultants

Hiring a health insurance consultant can help you make informed decisions about your company’s medical insurance coverage. Healthcare consulting is a relatively new field.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield

It's never easy to try to choose a health insurance plan for your employees. No matter what you pick, someone's going to hate it for some obscure reason.

Arkansas Health Insurance

Arkansas health insurance is a top priority for many business owners and rightfully so. Employees who have Arkansas medical coverage are less likely to be sick, which reduces absenteeism and increases productivity.

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HMO health insurance is one of a number of options among managed healthcare plans. HMOs, also known as Health Maintenance Organizations, provide a structured healthcare plan that maintains patient treatment and care by establishing guidelines for healthcare providers.

Third Party Administrators of Health Insurance

Third party administrators of health insurance make up a separate entity used as a way to process insurance claims. A company outsources to health insurance third party administrators in order to have them handle claims that have been filed by one of your employees.

Health Insurance Savings Accounts in Massachusetts

Medical savings accounts in MA are available only to people with high-deductible health insurance plans (HDHPs). You can save your company a good chunk of money by offering these plans to your employees: HDHPs have lower premiums than do typical health insurance plans.

Making the Most of Health Insurance

While you no doubt want to provide group health insurance for your employee, there are many things that you can do when you are interested in making the most of health insurance. Health insurance is an important part of your benefits package and it's great to offer employees additional options.

Health Insurance Industry Overview

As an employer, a good health insurance industry overview helps you to understand your choices and responsibilities. Providing health insurance plans to your employees can be a costly endeavor, so you should thoroughly examine all of your options.

Making the Most of Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance companies offer group and individual plans that cover you and your employees’ medical expenses. With Blue Cross health insurance, you can be assured that you are protecting your staff with coverage that is widely accepted by medical establishments.

Small Business Health Insurance Basics

Staying abreast of small business health insurance basics will save you money. For example, did you know that a small business, a company with less than 50 and more than two employees, can qualify for small business group health insurance benefits?The cost of health insurance for small business owners is a growing concern.

eIndividual Health

Leading online resource for individuals, family, employees, students and children for health insurance. Compare deals from major insurance carriers.

Joppel provides a simple, unbiased solution for comparing and enrolling in Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug Plans
Now Health International

Now Health International is an award-winning, specialist international health insurance provider offering access to healthcare anywhere in the world.
1-800-MEDIGAP Senior Health Insurance

1-800-MEDIGAP is the leading toll free hotline for medical gap insurance to seniors looking for health insurance to supplement their Medicare part A&B
KM Health Quote

Km Health Quote provides heath insurance quotes within the exchange of the Affordable Health Care Act.
CCW Global Limited

International health insurance brokerage specializing in bespoke risk management and employee benefit solutions for global businesses.
BP Health Insurance

California health insurance broker. Products include medigap, individual, family, business and group health insurance.
CoventryOne Individual Health Insurance

CoventryOne is a provider of affordable individual and family health insurance coverage across 22 states. Free quotes and resources available.

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) rates available online from AARP, Blue Cross, Mutual of Omaha, and many others.
Health Insurance Sort

Compare individual health insurance quotes side-by-side, and online. It's easy.
Health Net

Health insurance plans for individuals and families, groups/companies, and Medicare beneficiaries in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington.
Johnson & Pohlmann Insurance

Independent insurance agency located in Danville, KY. Offering products such as Kentucky boat insurance, and Kentucky business insurance.
Medical Insurance is a comprehensive online resource for people looking for information on medical insurance.

Find affordable Colorado individual, group, employer and other health insurance plans from Rocky Mountain Health Plans.
Short Term Health Insurance

Temporary health insurance quotes for those who are looking for shorter protection of their needs.

Small Business Health Insurance

Any way you slice it, health insurance coverage is expensive. Major corporations can negotiate better rates because of the large numbers of employees, but small businesses with two to 50 employees don't have the clout to negotiate big volume discounts.

With costs skyrocketing, many small business owners are finding it more and more difficult to offer health insurance to employees. In turn, this makes it difficult to attract and retain quality people. There are three popular types of health insurance plans available:

  1. Health maintenance organizations (HMOs)
  2. Preferred provider organizations (PPOs)
  3. Point of service plans (POSs)

Know your HMOs, PPOs and POSs

The least expensive and least flexible plans are HMOs, which require employees to choose a primary care physician from an approved provider list. Premiums are higher with PPOs, which allow employees to visit any doctor, but charge more if the doctor isn't in their network. POS plans combine elements of HMOs and PPOs, with employees choosing a primary care physician but retaining the ability to see any doctor for a higher fee.

Explore health savings accounts (HSA)

You may be able to control health insurance costs with an HSA. With HSAs, employers and employees make pre-tax contributions to an account. Funds in the account can be used for routine and preventative medical care. HSAs are usually combined with a high-deductible insurance plan. Any funds in HSAs that aren't used by the end of the year typically roll over to the following year.

Consider using a health insurance broker

In some states, you can purchase insurance directly from a provider; in others, you're required by state law to use a broker. Even if you aren't required to do so, it may be beneficial to use a broker. Brokers are very familiar with the various plans available and can quickly determine which plans fit your needs and your budget. And since they also handle dental and vision insurance, you can take care of all your health insurance needs with one person.

Offer dental and vision insurance

Many businesses realize that one way to attract and retain good employees is to add dental and/or vision insurance to the list of benefits. The options for dental insurance can be just as confusing as those for health insurance, but vision plans are typically more basic. A broker can help you find the right plan for your business.

Decide who pays

There are a number of ways to cover the costs of health insurance premiums and each will impact your budget and your ability to attract employees. For instance, if you pay the entire cost of the premium, your budget may take a hit, but it may make your company more desirable to high-quality employee. Other options include paying the employee's premium but asking them to pay premiums for additional family members or asking workers to pay a percentage of their premium.
  • Check with superstores, such as Costco, in your area. Some have begun offering small business group health insurance.
  • Having healthier employees can help lower costs. Encourage health and wellness among your employees.
  • Be cautious when buying health insurance. If a price seems too low, you might want to check with your local states' insurance commission to make sure that company or broker has not had any complaints.
  • Be prepared for an annual rate hike. Most insurers are increasing their rates each year, so build the increase into your budget.
  • Sometimes you can find a good deal on health insurance for your small business by joining the local chamber of commerce. Most chambers are now offering group health insurance policies for their members.

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