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Home insurance quotes and coverage advice. Homeowners, Flood, Umbrella and other protection.
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Renters insurance quotes and policy advice. Guidance and resources for all rental insurance needs.

Home Insurance

Purchasing home insurance, usually referred to as homeowner’s insurance, is a way to protect the largest investment that most people make. In addition, homeowner’s insurance is almost always required by banks before a mortgage can be completed. This protects them against a catastrophic loss as well. Because this insurance protects your home, it is critical that you make an informed decision regarding which company you choose and what type of policy you purchase. An uninformed decision in this matter could be very costly. Ensure that you consider all aspects of your purchase decision and carefully weigh the benefits, pitfalls and pricing of home insurance.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, burglaries and larceny accounted for more than 8.8 million home property crimes in 2008. Crimes, fires, accidents, and natural disasters can all do damage that you may simply find impossible to handle based on your personal finances. This is why home insurance is so beneficial.

Protection of investment

Each time you buy something you naturally worry about how long it will last, or how much it make cost to repair if something goes wrong. Buying a home is a big investment that can be stressful, but in the long run it is expected to improve your financial worth tremendously. Home insurance guarantees that this investment remains protected. Therefore, by extension it protects your dreams of financial stability.

Peace of mind

You never fully forget that at any minute the work you put into decorating or renovating your home could be lost; however, if you have good insurance, you will worry a lot less about the possibilities. The problem many have when they consider losing their home is that it signifies starting over, which is a process that can be extremely expensive.

You cannot always stop damages or destruction, but you can be prepared. If chosen wisely, an insurance plan will cover the cost of the damages. Instead of worrying about where to find the money, you get to focus of rebuilding or repairing.

It helps you save

This is tied into the previous point. Depending on the type of house, its age, location, and size (among other factors), you could pay $1,600 annually for a $300,000 home or $550 annually for one costing around $180,000. Compare that to the actual cost of rebuilding or buying a new house in the event that your home is completely destroyed. In the unfortunate event that the policy needs to be used, you will realize just how much money you end up saving.


With new competition constantly emerging and older providers making changes to stay relevant, policies are now offered a lot more for less. This means that now is a great time to buy insurance. You may find that as low as your budget is, there is a plan that offers great protection, even at your price.


Perhaps you have bought a new home, and you are excited to move in and begin your new life. Do not overlook your home insurance. Homeowners insurance protects you from the unexpected and can prevent financial disaster.

Adequate Coverage

Due to the ever-present chance that some disaster could befall your home, you should be certain that your home insurance coverage is enough to actually replace your home. In the event of a catastrophe, such as a fire or storm, you must be able to either rebuild or fully replace your lost home. If you cannot, then you and your family will just be left out in the cold. Too many homeowners opt to insure their home for its value and not for its replacement value, which can be a very different number.

Don't Lie

An all-too-common mistake that homeowners make when signing up for home insurance is lying. This is a huge mistake. This may net you a reduced premium while no disasters befall you, but the minute something bad happens to your home, you are at risk. Lying is like asking for complications with your insurer. During the claims process, your lie may be uncovered, leaving your ability to financially recover in jeopardy, maybe even causing you to lose all the money you could have received. Therefore, try to be honest.

Flood Insurance

You never know what might happen to your home. Too many homeowners opt for the bare minimum coverage, which may not protect them in the event of the unexpected. If you live in an area near a body of water, it is probably a good idea to invest in some flood insurance. Depending on your location, you may be required to purchase earthquake insurance as well. Also, you will never know when a fire might start, so make sure that you are covered. Wind and storm damage coverage differs with various agencies and their numerous plans. It is vital that you understand their coverage in your policy.

Don't Rush It

Home insurance is not the most interesting topic to spend your time on, but do not let that deter you from finding the best policy for you and your home. Never accept the first offer you get from insurance agents. It’s not their job to sell you insurance, it is their job to sell you the most expensive insurance that you will buy. Talk to them. Try to convey your needs and do not back down from your standards and price. They can and will work with you, or they will not get paid. More than one home insurance provider exists. Shop around for the right one with adequate coverage and good customer service. Taking your time means that you get to interact with numerous agents over a long period of time and see how they continue to treat you as you are on the wall. You want to know that you are getting the right coverage and that your provider is going to be hospitable.


Home insurance protects you in the event that your belongings or home are damaged. The periodic cost of home insurance is well worth the investment.

Your Home's Value

The cost of home insurance depends on the value of your home, or the cost to replace your house and any additional items that you wish to insure. The more your home is worth, the higher insurance cost you are likely to pay.

Lowering the Cost

Taking efforts to make your home safer and more secure from threats can reduce your insurance costs. For instance, according to the Insurance Information Institute, discounts of about 5% can be received for dead-bolt locks and a smoke detector, while other additions, like the more sophisticated alarms systems and a sprinkler system could reduce costs by as much as 20%.


Buying a home is a huge decision both personally and financially. Buying insurance to protect your new home is every bit as important. Home insurance is fairly inexpensive and covers most losses related to natural disasters, burglary and lawsuits. The initial paperwork may seem daunting, but it is worth your time to compare agents, compare policies and make an informed decision. Home insurance is something you hope to never have to use, but if you do, you will be happy if you are with a good company. Prices will vary widely based on the value of your home, your geographic area and your risk tolerance. Fortunately, most agents can give you a quote within a few minutes. As with any financial decision, if you are unsure, seek the advice of a competent professional. 

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