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Insure yourself or your business against identity theft. Find vendors of identity theft insurance in our business directory.

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Zander Insurance Group – Identity Theft Protection – Official Website

Zander Insurance Group and Dave Ramsey's affordable and comprehensive identity theft insurance plan provides protection against id fraud and businesses  ...

Do You Need Insurance For Identity Theft? |

Identity theft affects millions each year, but is the possibility of fraud worth buying insurance?

Should You Buy Identity Theft Insurance? - US News

Mar 24, 2014 ... As consumers seek some security, identity theft insurance is growing in popularity. But is the cost worth it? Or can you defend yourself just as ...

Identity Theft Insurance – State Farm® - State Farm Insurance

Identity theft insurance from State Farm provides expense reimbursement and personal help to fraud victims. Learn how to add this coverage to a current policy.

Identity Theft Coverage - ID Theft Protection - Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Insurance offers identity theft coverage for as little as $45 so you can have ID theft and fraud protection, including online identity theft.

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How to Prevent Identity Theft Problems - Allstate Insurance

Allstate can help you prevent identity theft problems with Identity Restoration Coverage. Get high quality fraud assistance including proactive and resolution ...

Identity Theft Protection - Travelers Insurance

ID fraud is a real danger. Protect yourself, and your credit, with identity theft insurance from Travelers.

Identity Theft Coverage, Identity Fraud Insurance | Liberty Mutual

Identity theft coverage can project you from serious implications of identity fraud. Learn more about identity theft expense coverage from Liberty Mutual.

Is ID theft insurance worthwhile? - Business - Consumer news ...

May 8, 2006 ... Identity theft insurance is a hot product, but it may not be worth the money.

Medical Identity Theft | Consumer Information

A thief may use your name or health insurance numbers to see a doctor, get prescription drugs, file claims with your insurance provider, or get other care.

Identity Theft Insurance | III

Identity theft is the act of taking someone's personal information and using it to impersonate a victim, steal from bank accounts, establish phony insurance ...

Is identity-theft insurance a waste of money? - MarketWatch

Mar 31, 2014 ... When a fraudster drains your bank account, identity-theft insurance doesn't replenish it — your bank's zero-liability policies should take care of ...

Guide to Identity Theft Insurance

Take advantage of one of the identity theft insurance web site locations available to avoid being one of the millions of Americans who are victims of identity theft each year. Most people who discover they are a victim have no idea how their information was pirated, but once breached, your information can be used to impersonate you, steal from your bank account, rack up phony credit card charges, open unauthorized credit cards or obtain unauthorized bank loans.

Use your identity theft insurance to protect you from people who phish for your credit card information through electronic means. Also protect yourself from people who obtain your financial information the old fashion way by searching through your trash.

To find the right identity theft insurance site for you:

1. Begin by feeling out public and professional perception of an identity theft insurance investment.

2. Find out the latest identity theft insurance website news and information on the topics of identity theft and identity theft insurance.

3. Seek identity theft insurance help through a qualified service provider.

Start with general identity theft insurance information

Begin your identity theft insurance information research with the basics of policy coverage. Learn what major magazines think of the topic, and consider expert advice from other professionals who are outside of the insurance industry.

Supplement your identity theft insurance search

Keep up on the reasons why you should purchase identity theft insurance by keeping up on the latest news and information on the growing problem of identity theft.

Find the right identity theft insurance supplier for you

Many of the major insurance providers are also identity theft insurance providers as well. Seek out coverage with a trusted name, and generally you can save money if you are sticking with the agency that holds the rest of your insurance policies.

Find other means of identity theft insurance

Businesses need to protect themselves also, and using Internet business insurance is one way to get your own identity theft insurance backup in case your security lines are breached.
  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of trouble when it comes to looking into the possibility of identity theft insurance or identity protection programs. You should also take precaution with what information you carry on your persons as well as guard your credit card during transactions. Taking your receipts and not giving out personal information are additional tips as well.
  • Consider shredding all personal and business documentation up throw away.

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