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Interactive programs to estimate insurance requirements.

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Insurance Calculators Education and Training

When agents, buyers, or anyone else is adding up insurance costs, insurance calculators can be a great resource. But how are these tools used, and what do they do? Different kinds of insurance are calculated in various ways, and each insurance calculator is uniquely designed for a specific end result.

Coverage Calculator - Geico

Coverage Coach, our interactive auto insurance calculator, will help estimate the right coverage for your situation.

Auto Insurance Coverage Calculator | Liberty Mutual

Use our Auto Insurance Coverage Calculator to see how these and other factors can be used to help you choose the right coverages and policy limits for you.

Insurance Calculators --'s insurance calculators can help you figure out how much you can afford, what type to get and more.

Life Insurance Needs Calculator - Life Happens

When purchasing life insurance, the question really isn't how much you need, but how much capital your family will need at the time of your death, which ...

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Life Insurance Calculator – State Farm® - State Farm Insurance

Issued by: State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY, or WI). State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in NY and WI).

Car Insurance Calculator Online - Get Free Estimates

Car insurance calculator online will help you calculate your insurance for free. Enter your zip code and get started!

Auto Insurance Calculator | Car Insurance Calculator - The Hartford

The Hartford's auto insurance calculator for AARP members can save you a bundle on car insurance coverage. Get instant, customized estimates now!

Subsidy Calculator | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

This tool illustrates health insurance premiums and subsidies for people ... With this calculator, you can enter different income levels, ages, and family sizes to ...

Monthly Car Payment Calculator - Allstate

Use our online calculator. ... Allstate Insurance Company Logo ... This calculator helps you to determine how much your monthly vehicle payments may be.

Insurance Calculator - How Much Life Insurance Do You Need ...

CalcXML's Insurance Calculator will help you determine how much life insurance you need to protect you and your family.

Calculate estimates for your car insurance price in a matter of minutes. You can also learn about different coverage options and safety guides.

Insurance Calculator Key Terms

Whether you're using an auto, life, homeowner's or other insurance calculator, knowing the information you need and understanding the basics is important. A basic knowledge of the insurance category you are researching can help you save time researching the information when you start your calculating process. Determine what information you'll need to understand, and learn the basic terms associated with insurance calculators now.

Dwelling coverage or market value

Dwelling coverage is not the same as the market value of your home. This amount is important to understand when calculating possible homeowner's insurance. The dwelling coverage is the amount a policy would pay to replace your home. Market value is based on your home and the land it is on, while the dwelling coverage is solely based on the home value.


When considering insurance, you'll need to include all dependent information in your calculations. A dependent is defined as anyone who counts on you to support them. This can include children, elderly parents living in your household and others you support.

Disability income gap

The disability income gap is an amount of money you may still need to pay bills and other expenses not covered by the disability insurance you receive through a work, health insurance or government paid disability program.

Term or full

There are two main types of life insurance-term and full. A term life insurance policy will pay a set sum if the policyholder dies within a certain period. A full policy is set in place for the policy holder's entire life.

Return on investments

Return on investments is the amount of money you plan to earn from interest on accounts.

Chargeable loss

Chargeable loss is an amount assigned by auto insurance companies after an accident. All insurance companies must assign a percentage of fault amounts for all the drivers involved in any accident. The Federal Insurance Act sets the standards for determining the chargeable loss amounts.