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Fine Art and Museums - Travelers Insurance

Travelers understands the passion that people who manage collections have for their objects. We offer unparalleled coverage and services for our fine art ...

Fine Arts Insurance in the US - ACE Group

Fine Arts Insurance provides specialized experience, financial capacity and underwriting flexibility to meet the insurance needs of museums, galleries and ...

Fine Art Insurance

However, it is a serious threat to objects of art according to AXA ART's Fine Art ... are essentially the entire art insurance industry's annual insurance premiums.

Fine Arts Insurance - Huntington T. Block

HTB provides customized fine art / collections insurance programs for museums, cultural institutions, exhibitions, universities and colleges, commercial galleries ...

Fine Art Insurance for Businesses, Museums and Art Collectors

XL Group offers broad expertise, capacity and worldwide capabilities to businesses, museums and collectors that handle fine art. - Gold Storage, Precious ...

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Should Your Art Be Insured? - Forbes

Oct 31, 2012 ... At a conference that I attended last year, Dorit Straus, worldwide fine art manager at Chubb Insurance, said that it was hard to come up with ...

Fine Art - Willis

The FAJS Fine Art team has a pre-eminent position in the insurance of fine art and collectibles, managing the largest portfolio of such business in the London ...

Fine Arts Insurance - Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

Coverage Summary. Covered Property: As listed or described on the. Schedule of Fine Arts in the policy and Unscheduled. Fine Arts. Valuation: Scheduled Fine  ...

fine arts coverage - Insurance Glossary -

fine arts coverage - Inland marine property insurance for works of art, typically written on a valued basis.

Art Insurance - Insure Your Art -

Art Insurance: Insuring Your Art ... This means reading the fine print, and asking every question about every conceivable loss or damage situation that you can ...

Fine Art Insurance - Michals Insurance

Michals Insurance has unique solutions for your specific fine arts insurance needs, offering complete insurance packages with specialized coverage. Serving  ...

FACE - Fine Art & Collectibles Enterprises | Experienced fine art ...

Your passion may be fine art, jewelry, antiques, sports memorabilia or some other type of unique collectible. Art of any sort adds beauty, excitement and interest ...

Guide to Insurance for the Fine Arts

If you are an artist, an art dealer or part of an institution with an art collection, you should have insurance for the fine arts. In almost every case, whatever other insurance you have will not even begin to cover a valuable collection of art. Whether your collection is large or small, losing fine art can create a large dent in your assets.

Working hand in hand with an insurance company specializing in fine art coverage, there are several important steps you should take. First, make detailed notes about your art (title, artist, date of creation, size, medium, serial numbers and condition) and keep photographs of each piece. Some insurance companies will also send you to a specialist who'll help you take extra steps to protect your art from theft and similar dangers. As you research fine arts insurance information, keep in mind that insurance companies often limit their coverage to certain types of individuals or groups. Broadly, these are:

1. Individual artists seeking fine arts insurance,

2. Dealers needing fine arts insurance coverage,

3. And institutions (like museums or corporations) desiring fine arts insurance policies.

Find a fine arts insurance policy for artists

Artists often don't insure their work--largely because it's difficult to put values on art that has not been placed on the market. Nonetheless, several insurance companies specialize in covering artists, working closely with art appraisers. The cost of insurance for the fine arts may also discourage you from covering your art work, but many insurance providers offer reasonable rates and policies that can save you huge losses should something happen to your art. Usually, coverage includes theft, destruction and damage.

Buy dealer insurance for fine arts

It's easier for art dealers to find coverage through fine arts insurance companies. Typical coverage includes theft and destruction by fire or natural disaster, but when you request a fine art insurance quote, be sure to find out if coverage also includes damage caused by mold or other difficult-to-control possibilities.

Purchase institutional insurance for fine arts

Whether you help run a museum, a corporation with an art collection or another type of business that is displaying fine art, it's unwise to do so without good insurance coverage. Many insurance companies provide policies for institutions, with a broad range of coverage.
  • Many people are slow to inform their insurance company when they acquire new pieces of art. This is always a mistake. Inform your fine arts insurance agent immediately upon buying new pieces, and be sure to update your records with photographs and pertinent information about each piece, too.

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