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Properly Insuring Your Business

Insurance policies come in different varieties with a tangle of wording, definitions and exclusions. You need to understand what you want to protect and be certain that you get the right amount of security from your insurer.

Health Insurance Software

Medical and health insurance professionals are always seeking better ways to serve their patients and clients. Health insurance software is key to this process because it simplifies insurance claims and other business issues, freeing up resources that can then be devoted to improving client relations and developing products and services to better meet these clients' needs.

Agricultural Insurance

Your farm is probably the single biggest asset you have and provides your livelihood and security for your family. Farm insurance can repair or replace your farm buildings, equipment, livestock and crops in the event of a disaster.

Maritime Insurance

Maritime insurance and ocean freight insurance are critical necessities for any business that has cargo or employees on the sea. Covering your assets as well as your people is imperative in case the unexpected becomes your reality.

Reinsurance Jobs

Those with careers in reinsurance provide insurance to insurance agencies. This helps insurance agencies to issue larger policies to their clients.

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Insurance Consulting for Inspection and Investigation

With vast resources, insurance inspection consultants offer experience, knowledge and skills to provide effective risk management and insurance solutions for your business. Insurance inspection consulting firms assess and design programs to meet each client's specific risk management and insurance goals.

Aviation Insurance

If you’re involved in the airline and aviation industry, then you’re going to have to look into an aviation insurance policy. Aviation insurance companies can offer many different types of policies, including aircraft, airplane, helicopter, pilot, FBO and airline insurance plans.

Insurance Adjusters News and Trends

Insurance adjustment services change with the times. As the landscape surrounding insurance adjusters continues to evolve, following technological and financial forces, you have to keep up with insurance adjusting trends to remain competitive and make sure you’re getting the most up to date information.

Training for Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjustment services are always interested in talking to qualified candidates who have completed the training and obtained an insurance claims adjuster license for that state. Many of the state licenses include a reciprocity clause for use in other states as well.

Pricing and Costs of Insurance

Understanding how pricing and costs of insurance is determined will help you choose the best policies for your business. Businesses can purchase insurance to cover nearly any risk.

Maritime Insurance Education and Training

Separate yourself from industry professionals at other maritime insurance agencies by enrolling in and completing maritime insurance education and training programs. Continuing your education will enhance your qualifications, increase your credentials and help you retain and attract clients.

Agricultural Insurance Education and Training

In a world where practically everything and every physical asset is now insured against different kinds of risk, it makes perfect sense that agricultural insurance should be a part of the modern equation. After centuries of being entirely dependent on the environment around them (and a good dose of chance), farmers can now opt for crop and farm insurance as a safeguard against some kinds of financial loss.

Doolfee Seguros

Articles, advice, tips and information about insurance, including information on insurance fraud and insurance company ratings.
AffordableOne Insurance

Founded on the principles of excellent customer service and quality insurance coverage.
Boat Insurance is a comprehensive online resource for boating and boat insurance related information.
Choosi Insurance

Based in Australia, Choosi are a specialist provider of car insurance, life insurance, home insurance and travel insurance.
Clark Insurance Group

We offer quotes for umbrella, auto, healthcare disability, and homeowners insurance located in Marion, IN.
Click4quote Insurance

Providers of standard and bespoke home, property, landlord and travel insurance policies and the latest industry news and related information.
Connor-Helring Associates, Inc.

Independent Insurance Agency serving the state of Pennsylvania. We specialize in personal line insurance and are part of the Keystone Group.

DirectAsia offers Car, Motorcycle, Travel and Term Life Insurance. Cheap online insurance for Singapore. Excellent customer service.
Free Insurance Quotes

Get free insurance quotes online without entering any contact information. Compare auto insurance quotes by insurance company and get cheap rates.
GEFS Insurance & Investments

Home, Auto, Boat and Commercial Properties as well as Life, Health and Dental Insurance on your Person(s) at the best rates available!
Health Insurance Quotes Individual & Family Private Coverage

Medical insurance quotes for individuals, families and the self-employed. Get quotes from major US carriers. Auto, home and health for all states.
Insurance Brokers

Chartered insurance broker specialising in business, commerical and private insurance for high net worth clients.
Insurance Hero

Insurance Hero is an online insurance brokerage offering auto insurance and home insurance options that are efficient, affordable, and secure.
International Citizens Insurance

International Citizens is a specialized insurance agency offering international health insurance from the world's top insurers. Quote online today!
My Insurance Broker

Offers multiple insurance options at affordable and competitive rates.
My Insurance Broker

Provides affordable insurance options from all of Canada's leading insurers.
NRMA Bicycle Insurance

No matter what your needs, NRMA Insurance has bicycle cover to suit your lifestyle and budget.
NRMA Boat Insurance

Protect your boat on and off the water with great value cover. Get a quote for Boat Insurance from NRMA Insurance, SGIO & SGIC online.
Private Medical Insurance in the UK

One of the UK's leading PMI providers helping consumers to find the right medical insurance specialist, and save hundreds of pounds.
Professional Indemnity Insurance

For specialist advice on professional indemnity insurance & other types of business insurance cover, visit Hiscox now for a quote.
Provident Firefighter Insurance

Provider of accident and sickness, AD&D and group term life insurance to volunteer firefighter associations and emergency services organizations.
Seniors Funeral Plan

Based in Australia, Seniors Funeral Plan are a leading insurance company specializing in funeral insurance, funeral cover and funeral plans.
Specialized Marketing Group Inc.

Learn about insurance and get free quotes from leading providers and save on Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, etc.
Stevenson & Hunt Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Stevenson & Hunt Insurance Brokers Ltd. offers personal and commercial insurance and financial and consulting services. Visit .

Business Insurance Basics

Knowing the insurance basics will help you choose the best policies for your business. Businesses can purchase insurance to cover nearly any risk. With so many options available, it’s often difficult for businesses to fully understand how and why they should obtain business insurance.

There is a range of business insurance policies available to insure company operations, products and services. These include life insurance for business employers and employees, health insurance, commercial auto insurance, liability insurance and property/casualty insurance. Consider the following tips to learn more about the commercial insurance basics:

1. Determine the benefits of obtaining business insurance.

2. Explore your business insurance coverage options.

3. Obtain a small business insurance quote to weigh the cost of business insurance.

Protect your assets with business insurance

Business insurance is designed to protect your company's assets. In this sense, it's viewed more so as a necessity rather than a luxury. Business insurance is a wise investment to limit your liability and to help your company survive financially.

Consult with providers of business insurance

Business insurance isn't one size fits all. Talking to insurance providers will help you determine which types of insurance you need for your company. Plans are customized to meet the specific needs of companies and provide coverage for a range of risks including property damage, professional liability, commercial auto accidents and many other occurrences that could affect the longevity and success of your company.

Learn more about how business insurance is priced

Business insurance quotes are based on a variety of factors. For health insurance, providers will inquire about the age and number of individuals you plan to insure. To obtain a small business liability insurance quote, you may be asked to provide information about the types of products/services provided by your business. There is a range of other factors considered by business insurance providers, such as business location.
  • Because business insurance can be costly, it's wise to budget for insurance premium costs and expand your options by reviewing quotes from several insurance companies. As a general rule of thumb, price should never be your sole reason behind choosing one provider over the other. You should also strongly consider claims, reputation of the provider and whether or not the insurer can accommodate your business if it grows.