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Business Liability Insurance

You've worked long, hard hours to build your business into a profitable enterprise. Now you need to protect it with general liability insurance that will cover such instances as the following: a customer trips on the carpet in your shop; a client injures herself using your product; an employee breaks a 17th century antique while on the job; or a coffeemaker left on overnight ignites a fire and damages your landlord's building and other tenants' property.

Making the Most of Business Liability Insurance

Businesses can protect themselves from lawsuits with proper business liability insurance. From products on the shelves to employee mishaps, insurance remains an important necessity on the business scene.

Pricing and Costs of Business Liability Insurance

Pricing and costs of business liability insurance vary by area of the country, by industry and even by how long you've been in business. Because the needs of each business vary greatly, so do the amount of insurance your business should have and how much it will cost.

Medical Liability Insurance Basics

Medical liability insurance is professional and personal financial protection for any health care professional at risk of being pursued with personal damage claims due to perceived patient negligence or error. Medical liability insurance covers settlements and financial awards to the plaintiff, which ensures your ability to maintain a practice and keep personal assets protected.

Using General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is something every business can use, but not every business has this basic security in place. If you are a small business operator who doesn't have general liability insurance added into the equation for protecting your bottom line from unexpected damages, don't panic: online suppliers can help you get coverage right away over the Internet.

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Liability Insurance Key Terms

Accidents happen. That's why it's important to prepare for the worst.

General Liability for Small Business

General liability is usually sold as part of a package of insurance and it’s just one of the many kinds of business essentials you’ll find in the Business Owners Policy (BOP) that most small to medium-size companies will need to purchase. BOPs give you big-business buying power by bundling and discounting the costs of many kinds of insurance that you need, such as property, liability and crime.

GEICO | Get a General Liability Insurance Quote

General liability insurance protects your company when you cause injury to others or damage to others' property. Get a quote to protect your business.

General Liability Insurance Can Help Protect Your Business

Get small business liability insurance from Nationwide and protect your business when you need it most. Whether you need business, professional or general ...

General Liability Insurance - Progressive

Find out how general liability insurance can protect your small business from things like accidents and other mishaps.

Business Liability Insurance | Farmers Insurance

Business liability insurance and employment practices liability insurance for corporate and small businesses.

Trade Direct Insurance

Public liability and van insurance for self-employed tradesmen including plumbers, electricians and builders; online quotes and immediate cover.

General Liability Insurance: What You Need to Know


Commercial general liability insurance is the most basic form of liability protection for business owners. For the most part, this is limited to bodily injury or property damage. Depending on your industry, business type, or location, more specific additions to general liability may be necessary to fully protect your business and employees from a lawsuit. 

Your business can be held responsible for injuries or damages incurred on or off your property, even if you are not negligent. In the event of a lawsuit, your insurance carrier will pay for your defense, including court fees, judgments, settlements, and medical expenses. 

Your Estate Plan

You should include all of your general liability policies in your estate plan.

  • The language in the estate plan concerning your business will depend largely on who owns your business. If you and a spouse or other family members are joint owners of the business, the estate plan needs to reflect this status and all related insurance policies. 

Purchase a Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive insurance plan will include umbrella liability and errors and omissions insurance.

  • Umbrella liability provides additional coverage when the client exceeds limits to a policy.
  • Errors and omissions insurance should include: legal defense costs, covered w2 employees and 1099 subcontractors, copyright and intellectual property infringement, personal injury and worldwide coverage for lawsuits brought in the US. Get a general liability insurance quote that includes these additions. 

Protect Your  Estate

Without liability insurance in place to protect your business and your personal assets, lawsuits against your business can easily liquidate your entire estate if the awards are high. Having enough of the right kind of insurance can protect your personal assets and your family's future. 

  • Lawsuits are costly. Even if you are ultimately found not to be at fault, you still need to front the cash for your defense and court fees, which can pull funds out of your business and your personal accounts. Your business’s cash cushion – and your kid’s college savings – can both be at risk.

Update to your facility

Most general liability business insurance providers offer checklists for business owners with recommendations for improving the safety of their business property.

  • This helps you and your insurance providers alike to evaluate the overall soundness of your facility.
  • Your insurance provider may recommend upgrades you should make to your facility. With these upgrades, you can qualify for better insurance rates. Without them, you may not be able to find a provider to cover you at all, so be sure to follow their recommendations.

Remember to get general liability insurance quotes from as many companies as possible to find the most competitive rate. If you're not totally satisfied with an insurance quote, keep shopping until you find the plan that's right for your business needs.

If you're interested in liability insurance, you may also want to consider home insurance and workplace safety.

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