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Directory of life insurance information and providers. Review listings to life insurance companies and life insurance solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.

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Product Liability Insurance

If you’re a small business that manufactures or sells any type of product, then you should consider taking out product liability insurance. With product insurance, you’re assuring protection in the case of injury as a result of a person using your product.

Training for Life Insurance

Life insurance companies provide many good jobs for those who can get the right kind of life insurance information and training. While entry-level jobs are relatively easy to get, the better paying jobs at life insurance companies in sales and management require certifications, licenses and advanced training for life insurance.

Life Insurance News and Trends

Life insurance companies face a changing field as technology and the economy change and fluctuate. Stay on top of the trends in life insurance information so that your operations can be prepared to handle new business as efficiently as possible and serve current customers armed with the most recent news.

Making the Most of Life Insurance Rates and Quotes

Life insurance quotes for business owners are available through many online services. Those businesses offering these services to employees will want to spend extra time researching all their options.

Life Insurance Rates and Quotes Basics

Life insurance quotes are available online by many of the country's top insurance providers and from third-party companies. As a business owner, learn about life insurance rates and quotes basics prior to investing in this benefit to employees.

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Life Insurance Agents Education and Training

Becoming a life insurance agent requires more than knowing the difference between term life insurance and whole life insurance. Before you can start to work at a life insurance agency, you'll need life insurance agents education and training.

Advice and Ratings on Virginia Life Insurance

Looking for a life insurance company that will offer services to your employees? When selecting a company, you need to look not only at rates and coverage but also at the individual company's rating. The rating gives a clear indication of the financial viability of the company, letting you know whether the company can stand behind the policies it writes.

Life Insurance Key Terms

Life insurance is important for many individuals, but how many truly understand the specifics of their policies, let alone the industry at large? By becoming well-versed on life insurance key terms, individuals are more accurately able to understand the industry, as well as what companies and policies are able to offer consumers. In addition, those who are interested in a career within the life insurance field should be especially dedicated to learning the industry's key terms, concepts and terminology used when it comes to the vast field of life insurance.

Life Insurance Agents Key Terms

The role of life insurance agent is to assist you with your life insurance planning, but there are many different kinds of life insurance agents and they can work in different ways. It is important to learn about common terms used to describe life insurance agents and their role in helping you with your insurance needs.

Life Insurance Rates and Quotes Key Terms

Life insurance rates and quotes are important to understand as you research life insurance for yourself or for a loved one. As life insurance rates vary due to different factors, having a general knowledge of rates and quotes is essential to ensure you receive the best rates for your needs.

Virginia Life Insurance Key Terms

Virginia life insurance offers financial protection to the families of policy holders in the event of death. There are many different types of life insurance products.

Product Liability Insurance Laws and Regulations

Businesses that manufacture or sell any type of products should always ensure that they comply with product liability insurance laws and regulations. Under product liability laws, manufacturing firm owners are held responsible for ensuring that their products are safe and don’t pose risks to the general public.

Canada Life

Canadian life insurance company offering easy and affordable solutions to help keep your family protected.
Roger Stevens Insurance Agency, Inc.

Independent California insurance agency located in Sonora, CA. Offering products such as California life insurance & California worker's compensation.

Life Insurance for Small Business Owners

Small business owners need to protect their businesses and assets in the event of death or disability with business life insurance. Many small business owners are sole proprietors, which leaves their families vulnerable to business debts.

Be realistic when choosing life insurance companies and benefit amounts; make sure the debt for your business is covered with business life insurance. Many small business owners also include adequate life insurance benefits to allow their small businesses to operate for at least a year after their death.

Disability insurance can be included in life insurance policies, especially for the business owner. Disability insurance will cover either a permanent or temporary disability and will supplement income lost due to the disability.

Life insurance policies vary by the life insurance company and the amount of monetary benefit you choose. Life insurance rates and quotes are based on:
  1. Your age and overall physical condition at the time you apply for the life insurance;
  2. The occupation that’s considered the main function of your business, and the danger rating of the occupation; and
  3. The benefit amount and type of insurance you choose, the payment selected and the base rate of the insurance company.

Determine how much life insurance you need

Make a list of your business expenses that must be paid off in the event of your death. Include mortgages, property taxes, liens, business loans and vendors owed. Make a list of the minimum amount of money needed, then include your annual salary from the business. Calculating this life insurance information helps you determine the amount you need.

Choose the type of life insurance you need

Term life insurance is the type of life insurance most small business owners buy. Term life insurance offers good value for the money but doesn't have any cash value other than the death benefit. Key Man insurance is used to insure the life of a key employee whose death would cause financial hardship to the small business. Whole life insurance is more costly but it does have cash value that you can use while you own the policy. Universal and variable life insurance policies are investment driven. Premium payments can be made from interest earned on the investments, but remember these types of life insurance policies can also lose investment money. If you are considering this type of life insurance, make sure the actual face value of the policy isn't affected by investments.

Compare prices and get life insurance quotes online to save time

Check the rating of the insurance company you are considering. Life insurance companies are rated by their financial stability, as well as their credit and debt rating. A sound insurance company is a sound investment for your life insurance premiums. Compare apples to apples. If you are considering straight term life insurance, make sure the insurance company comparisons also compare straight term life insurance, while others provide you with life insurance rates and quotes for whole life insurance. Get online life insurance quotes from several companies at once. There are several insurance companies that offer a multiple quote service. You save time by using a multiple quote service because all your information is only entered once.

  • Check with the Insurance Commissioner of your state to verify the company is licensed to sell insurance in your state.

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