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Insurance coverage options first appear on the market as specialty insurance as a result of rising liability trends. More and more, businesses are wise to protect themselves from liability and loss as an increasing number of scenarios demand insurance coverage options.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance serves business executives who are responsible for the purchase and administration of corporate insurance/self-insurance programs, ...

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Running a small business involves a significant investment. Business insurance protects your investment by minimizing financial risks associated with ...

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Customized business insurance quotes from to fit your needs. We offer a range of policy and coverage options for a variety of business types.

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Business Insurance – State Farm® - State Farm Insurance

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GEICO can help you select the right business insurance coverage for your needs. Choose from three options to protect you, your employees and assets.

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Commercial liability and property insurance coverages for your business. get the business insurance policy that's right for your company.

Specialty Insurance Education and Training

Specialty insurance education and training varies from state and state. Each state has their own regulations and laws concerning insurance licenses. Anyone interested in becoming a specialty insurance provider needs to attend a program in their state. Some state licenses may transfer to other states with little to no extra training, however some require extra schooling to transfer the license.

There are two ways to receive specialty insurance education and training before receiving your state license. Online training is available for students who can not attend a college. These online classes offer help with questions and exams. Colleges offer classroom training with a teacher present to answer all questions or concerns. College training is often more expensive than online courses. State incensing regulations are available online for students to review before applying for a license.

1. Locate online training for specialty insurance companies.

2. Find a college in your state with specialty insurance policy courses.

3. Receive a state license for specialty insurance.

Find online training for specialty insurance companies

Online training schools are available to study the required courses for each state. Online training is available at any time from the convenience of your computer. These online schools also have licensing exam classes to help you study.

Attend a college in your state with specialty insurance policy courses

Many colleges offer on-campus classes for aspiring specialty insurance providers. These courses are required by the state before the student can receive an insurance license. The courses teach all the information needed to receive a state license for specialty insurance coverages.

Receive a state license for specialty insurance

Find your state's requirements for specialty insurance licenses to narrow down what you need to learn and what needs to done for renewal of the license. Requirements for an insurance license must be met before applying for the license.
  • After time, insurance licenses require renewal. Each state has its own renewal policies and regulations. These policies and regulations may change from year to year. Keep abreast of the information to be sure your license stays current.