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Find local workers compensation attorney listings, workers compensation lawyer and law firm reviews, and more legal information on

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Workers' comp lawyers charge only if they win, and the attorneys' fees they can charge are limited.

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Use the largest online Workers' Compensation lawyers directory to quickly find detailed profiles of attorneys and law firms in your area.

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Search for a local workers compensation lawyer or browse lawyers by state.

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For this reason, the workers' compensation claim process can be adversarial and difficult and will often necessitate the use of a lawyer who is experienced with ...

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Whether you need an attorney to represent you after you are injured and have a your workers' compensation claim depends on a number of factors.

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Applications & Appeals: Orlando Workers' Compensation Attorneys. Jump to: Hiring the Right Attorney; Filing a Workers' Compensation Claim; Independent ...

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Those injured on the job can file for workers compensation through an attorney. Workers comp injury claims filed by lawyers include those involving repeated ...

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FREE detailed reports on 18471 Workers Compensation Attorneys including disciplinary sanctions, peer endorsements, and client reviews.

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San Diego Workers Compensation Attorney. Unfortunately, accidents on the job are extremely common. All too often, individuals who have been involved in job ...

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The law firm of Mastagni Holstedt, A Professional Corporation has been comprised of the leading Sacramento workers' compensation attorneys for decades, ...

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From filing a workers compensation claim to finding a doctor, we help injured workers

A Guide to Workers Compensation Attorneys

Workers compensation is an insurance program that provides compensation to employees who have been injured or sick in the course of employment.  Though the federal government maintains certain guidelines for workers compensation law, each state possesses its own laws and programs for establishing workers compensation for employees. To find information on the specific laws within your state, the directory of State Workers Compensation Officials provides resources for most states in the US.

Why Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney

There are a number of reasons why employees hire a workers compensation attorney. The main reason why attorneys are employed is to protect the rights of the employees. Most employees are not experienced in the law, and what programs and benefits they may qualify for. Therefore, consulting the services of an attorney can give them valuable insight into the details of workers compensation law.

Another reason why employees utilize workers compensation attorneys is to ensure that their medical benefits will be covered. Employees who have sustained injuries should ensure that benefits cover all medical treatments, including reoccurring conditions that occur after the injury. By hiring a workers compensation lawyer, employees can gain confidence that they will be protected under the law.  

Tips to Choosing a Workers Compensation Attorney

When choosing a workers compensation attorney, it is important to consider whether the attorney and his or her law firm represents the employees or the employers. Generally, the attorney will have more experience towards one over the other, so it important to determine this before choosing a lawyer. Some other considerations when choosing a workers compensation attorney include:

Finding a reputable workers compensation attorney may be difficult. However, individuals can use a number of strategies to find an attorney that is right for them. One way is to consult co-workers, friends, and family members that have worked with or have any experience in workers compensation attorneys. Employees can also search professional organizations and ask if they provide referral services. Finally, a search on the internet can also help prospects find attorneys in their area.

An important indicator to the effectiveness of an attorney is to find out information about their background. Some methods to find out about an attorney are to visit their website or office, and examine their certificates and diplomas.

An important question to consider is how long the attorney has been practicing workers compensation law. Has the attorney worked on numerous workers compensation cases, or recently entered the practice? If individuals are unsure about the service provided, they should ask for references to ensure the quality of the attorney.

Given that the attorney will be working extensively with the employee on an important issue, it is critical to find an attorney that works well and understands the needs of the defendant. Is the attorney a good listener? Does he or she understand the issues of the case and are sensitive to your needs? In order for the case to proceed successfully, the employee and the attorney needs to have a positive relationship.

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