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Workers' Compensation Software - Tropics Software Technologies ...

Tropics Software Technologies is a leading provider of workers' compensation software systems that are fully integrated and multi-state capable. Our.

Workers' Compensation Management Software - Mitchell International

SmartAdvisorâ„¢ by Mitchell is the best-of-bread workers compensation claims ... Our unparalleled medical bill review software platform will ensure consistent ...

FINEOS | Claims Software for Workers' Compensation Insurance

FINEOS Claims for Workers' Compensation has been developed to address the needs of the workers' compensation insurance market by providing the industry ...

Workers' Compensation Software - StoneRiver

StoneRiver delivers insurance software solutions: workers compensation system, workers compensation software.

Software To The Workers' Compensation Industry

Valley Oak Systems, Inc., an Aon company, is an international software solutions provider to the insurance industry, providing software, technical services and ...

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Systema Software - Web-Based Claims Administration Systems for ...

Systema Software - Web-Based Claims Administration Systems for Workers' Compensation, Auto, Liability and Property.

Workers' Compensation Claims Management Software | OSHA Log ...

CompWatch® Workers' Comp Claims Management System ... It is an affordable, easy to use software program that can be used to produce First Reports of Injury  ...

Workers Compensation Software

multi-state workers compensation software systems, including policy administration, claims administration, and web underwriting.

List of Workers' Compensation Companies and Vendors in the ...

Workers' compensation software helps insurers centralize, standardize and automate workers' comp claims processing and tracking. Today's software goes ...

Workers' Compensation Case Management Software | Prevail

Increase your caseload without increasing your staff. Prevail Workers' Compensation software does a lot of the work for you with a powerful...

Workers' Compensation Software | MicroPact

Cases involving workers' compensation (WC) claims require a case management system that unites both form data and documents into a single electronic case ...

Claims Management Software | Insurance, Workers Compensation ...

JDi Data provides insurance software solutions to improve workflow ... can help turn around your claims management and workers compensation processes.

Workers Compensation Software

The successful management of workers' compensation claims requires equal attention to medical, administrative and clerical tasks. The more time your staff spends on paperwork, the less time they have for ensuring patient care or working to prevent future workers' compensation claims. Workers' compensation software automates many of these tasks, enhancing both quality of service and your bottom line. For even greater efficiency, you can buy a workers' compensation system that integrates basic features like creating documents with more advanced features like generating detailed reports.

Workers' compensation software:

1. Reduces paperwork, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks.

2. Speeds up claims processing, with workers' compensation solutions designed to automate much of the process.

3. Helps spot fraudulent and duplicate claims.

Use workers' compensation software to prevent fraudulent claims

Many workers' compensation software solutions include an online claims search function where, via the Internet, companies can enter claim information and run it through an online database, looking for possible matches. This can help companies spot duplicate claims early in the process.

Choose a workers' compensation software provider that offers training

To get the most out of your workers compensation software program, find a vendor who provides training. You'll learn from people who already the system inside and out.

Find workers' compensation software providers that offer web-based and on-site options

For greater flexibility, choose a workers' compensation system that offers both on-site and web-based workers' compensation software. You install on-site workers' comp software on your own computers, and it provides you greater control over the system. However, you're also responsible for installation and maintenance. With web-based workers' comp software, the provider's computer system hosts the program, and you can access it from any computer with an Internet connection.

Make sure you can use your workers' compensation software in multiple geographic locations

If you file claims in multiple states, you'll need a workers' compensation system that's valid in all of those areas.
  • Use your workers' compensation software program to not only manage current claims, but help prevent future ones. By analyzing the data collected through submitting claims, you can get a good idea of problem areas that could lead to future workers' comp claims, and take steps to correct them and create a safer working environment.