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Find Workers Comp Insurance for your small business and get the benefits of our premium services we bring to you and your local business insurance agent.

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See how workers' compensation insurance is an essential part of protecting your employees and your business.

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Workers compensation insurance with State Farm can help protect your business and employees in the event of an injury. Click here to find an agent.

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compensation insurance? Workers' compensation insurance is good for workers and good for business. You know it's in the best interest of your employees.

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Wells Fargo Small Business provides workers compensation insurance.

What You Should Know About Workman’s Comp Insurance

Any worker that gets an injury or illness as a result of conducting an employer’s business or performing one’s job is eligible for workman’s comp insurance. Workman’s comp insurance is a form of state-regulated, no-fault liability insurance that covers employee medical expenses, rehabilitation services, death, and lost wages resulting from a work-related injury or illness. An injury or illness that qualifies someone for workman’s comp insurance can be caused by a single accident or repeated exposure to the hazard. Having workman’s comp insurance is a necessity for any business owner. While some states prohibit employers from buying workmans comp insurance from a private insurer, if your state is competitive, you can get workman’s comp insurance quotes from multiple providers. To keep your business and employees safe, it is critical to compare policies and select the workman’s comp insurance provider with the best price and benefits.

All laws require that workmans comp insurance companies provide the following four benefits:

  1. Coverage for medical expenses.
  2. Physical and vocational rehabilitation.
  3. Benefits in the event of any loss-of-life.
  4. Indemnity payments for temporary and permanent disability.

What Benefits do Employers Receive?

In addition to ensuring your employees are protected in the event of any accident, workman’s comp insurance will also protect the employer from any legal disputes. Injured or ill employees are compensated through the insurance program and cannot sue the employer for personal injury or negligence. More importantly, workmans comp insurance provide employers with a way to facilitate the return of employees to work. In many states, employers have the right to assign their employees a physician to diagnose their occupational injury or illness and determine treatment. In some states, employers can dispute workman’s comp insurance claims if they believed there to be circumstances involving self-inflicted wounds, intoxication, failure to follow safety rules, or failure to use safety devices.

Employee Responsibilities

Every workman comp insurance law requires employees to notify their employer of a work-related injury or accident within a specific time frame. Failure to do so may result in a loss of workman’s comp benefits. Injured or ill workers must accurately complete the necessary injury reports and claims forms to be eligible for workman’s comp insurance benefits. While Florida workmans comp insurance differs from California workmans comp insurance, in some states employees must obtain written permission from the insurer or employer before changing medical physicians. Finally, employees claiming workman’s comp insurance benefits must notify the insurer if they are considering a new job or have a change of income.

How to Control Workmans Comp Insurance Cost

The best way to avoid employee injuries is to safeguard against them. Invest in safety training and require employees to wear the proper safety gear on the job. Post warning and safety instructions around your workplace. Taking measures to prevent work-related injuries may take money, but overall it will reduce your long-term costs. Communicating with injured employees will also lower the cost per claim and encourage your employees to return to work faster.

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