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Quickly find broadband internet service for your company from our directory of business broadband internet solutions. Review broad band internet providers for options including wireless broadband internet and satellite broadband internet.

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Pricing and Costs of Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet can make your online business transactions move faster, but at what cost? The cost/benefit aspects of business Internet access should take not just dollars into account, but other business assets like mobility, speed, and network stability, as well. The pricing and costs of broadband Internet depend, more than anything else, on what kind of Internet access you're shopping for.

Broadband Telecom's wholesale voip carrier solutions, Domestic ...

Founded in 2005, Broadband Telecom Inc. (BTI) is a leading wholesale carrier of international voice traffic with FCC 214 Licence. Our superior service and state ...

Broadband Telecom Services

Broadband Telecom Services is a comprehensive cable and construction contracting company. We are growing at exciting rates and have great plans for growth ...

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Join Spark broadband and do heaps online. Choose the speed, data and Internet package you want and we'll hook you up from only $75, anywhere in New ...

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Founded in 2005, Broadband Telecom Inc. (BTI) is a leading wholesale carrier of international voice traffic with FCC 214 License. Our superior service and state ...

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broadband-personal | SLT.LK - Sri Lanka Telecom

Enjoy new packages with download speeds 2 Mbps, 4 Mbps, 8 Mbps and 16 Mbps.Now you can obtain Broadband service with the maximum speed of 16 Mbps ...

Broadband | SLT.LK - Sri Lanka Telecom

Check your Broadband usage · Change your Broadband password .... Get ahead of the rest with SLT Broadband's new rocket-speed WWW packages.

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Broadband and telecom ... Broadband statistics update: Subscription growth stable for fixed; still high for ... The development of fixed broadband networks

BTCPower (Broadband TelCom Power, Inc.)

Clean Energy Solutions, Products and Applications, BTCPower (Broadband TelCom ... supplies and converters for the telecom and internet infrastructure market.

Telecom Giants Drag Their Feet on Broadband for the Whole Country

Mar 11, 2014 ... Despite the billions in surcharges to pay for it, the telecom giants have decided they don't want to bring broadband to the entire nation.

Broadband | Products | Home Telecom

Home Telecom's Broadband service provides you with the fastest speed available as well as totally unlimited downloads (This means there is no fair usage ...

How big telecom smothers city-run broadband | Center for Public ...

Aug 28, 2014 ... Municipal broadband boosts business, but often stops at city limits thanks to lobbying muscle of telecom giants.

Broadband Speed Test

Easily check your broadband speed and compare against broadband speeds achieved on other broadband packages in the UK.

Compare broadband providers in the UK and find up to date reviews and news on broadband in the UK.
Business Broadband Packages

Provides help and support to small and medium sized business to find the best broadband services.

Getting the Most from Broadband Internet Service

Chances are, when you signed up your office for high speed Internet service provider, you chose the least bandwidth you thought would deliver reasonable broadband Internet, and let it go at that.

The Web has become an indispensable tool for many office jobs (along with, admittedly, an enormous time waster), but if you thought the competitive advantage of broadband Internet stopped at e-mail and a bit of instant research, think again. High speed Internet service can be a business tool, too, with the right software and some simple training.

Covered in this guide:

1. Understanding what a high speed Internet service provider can do for you
2. Checking your current business broadband speed and choosing from broadband Internet providers
3. High speed Internet service and telecommuters
4. Hosting a Web site and Web phone calls using a broadband Internet provider
5. Collaboration over the Web using high speed Internet service

Understanding what high speed Internet service really means

It can be a bit slippery, because what is fast for e-mail can seem Jurassic if you're trying to download images and impossible for Web telephone use or videoconferencing. And, of course, five people online use less broadband Internet capacity, or bandwidth, than 50 at a time. But, there are a couple of rules of thumb.

Check the speed of your current business broadband Internet

No matter what your service level agreement (SLA) says, your actual broadband Internet speed will vary dramatically. Take a look at the speed of your current contracted high speed Internet service from time to time and if huge discrepancies appear, call up your sales person.

Broadband Internet service keeps teleworkers' connections secure

So you have a grip on your actual capabilties. So what? Well, one of the advantages of business broadband is connecting to work from home or on the road. You'll need a virtual private network (VPN), a kind of secure tunnel between the external PC and the office network, and high speed Internet service to make it work best.
VPN contractor from the directory.

Using your broadband Internet service for Web and e-commerce

Most business broadband companies will try to sell you what's called a static IP, a kind of permanent address on the Web. This allows your company to host its Web site on your own servers, taking hits from outside the company, as well as manage your own e-mail. A static IP address also allows your company to make long-distance phone calls using broadband Internet service, more cheaply.
broadband Internet providers.

High speed Internet service can make you your own Ma Bell

Doing your own thing with Web based phone calls, known as Voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, can be a big savings compared to making calls through a normal phone carrier. It's more trouble, too, to administer, but if your company is already running lots of servers for other reasons, a pricier high-speed connection can actually save you money.
VoIP telephone services at

Broadband Internet providers and sharing data

The Web is moving quickly to integrate telecommuters and far-flung offices with the main office. Part of the equation is with Web conferencing software and virtual white boards, along with broadband Internet service.
Web conferencing can be found at
  • Most business broadband Internet providers give you a much faster download speed than upload, since downloading is what most Web users do. However, a faster upload speed from your high speed Internet service is worth paying for if you handle lots of images or video.
  • To get the most out of your business, broadband speeds must be high enough to accomodate both the peak use and the number of users. Your broadband Internet service sales person will help you estimate this figure.
  • Set policies on Internet use to keep broadband bills under control. Internet radio stations, while soothing, kill broadband connections if everyone is dialing in a station.

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