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Directory of cable internet services and high-speed cable internet solutions. Review listings to find links to cable internet providers who can get your business online with broadband cable internet service.

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Cable Internet Basics

Cable Internet is a fast, reliable way of accessing the Internet with a computer network of almost any size. If you have cable television in your place of business or waiting room, you can probably add cable Internet relatively easily and might even be able to save on fees.

Pricing and Costs of Cable Internet

While almost every cable television company offers some sort of cable Internet service to its providers, not all of them specialize in providing cable Internet for businesses. That's just one of many factors that's going to influence what you pay for your cable Internet services.

Cable Internet Key Terms

Cable Internet is one of the fastest ways to connect to the Internet. With speeds faster than dial-up and DSL, cable Internet can help your business use the Internet efficiently.

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Local Exchange Carrier (LEC). Offers long distance, data, and Internet services as well.

Cable Internet access - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In telecommunications, cable Internet access, shortened to cable Internet is a form of broadband Internet access that uses the cable television infrastructure.

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Cable Internet Services

Until recently, cable-based broadband Internet service was considered mostly a residential option. Availability of cable Internet service is much higher in homes than in businesses, and businesses remain more likely to get their broadband Internet service through one of several flavors of DSL or a T1 line. But cable Internet's mix of low cost and high performance is beginning to push it into the small business mainstream, and is worth a look for cost-conscious companies. Keep in mind:
  1. Cable Internet service is supplied through the same lines that carry cable television. It is managed by cable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that have cut deals to use the lines. Cable Internet service delivers fewer ISP choices to a given address than does DSL.
  2. Although cable Internet is, in theory, faster than DSL, in practice cable Internet performance can vary widely throughout the day, depending upon the amount of traffic carried by all subscribers on the line.
  3. Even if your business address can receive cable TV, it may not be able to receive cable Internet. Your local cable company can tell you.
  4. Rate plans differ in the number of email addresses supplied, default speed, additional services (Web hosting, managed storage, etc.) and the number of IP addresses a cable Internet provider will assign to your company. In most cases, the number of IP addresses doesn't matter, although it can simplify management of your Web site or email.

Discover which cable Internet service provider can serve your company's address

Your vendor choices will be limited to those cable Internet service providers who have made a deal with your local cable company.

Compare rates and services

Compare broadband Internet providers’ rates and services
broadband Internet provider rates and services.

Don't ignore other broadband Internet options

T1 lines are widely considered the most reliable broadband Internet service for business but also the most costly. DSL comes in a variety of speeds and configurations that make it easier to balance your access broadband Internet needs and your budget.
broadband Internet service options from various broadband internet providers.
  • Buy more bandwidth than you need from your broadband Internet provider now so that you're ready for company growth.
  • If you can, lease equipment rather than buying it. Make maintenance the broadband Internet provider's problem.
  • Get the shortest broadband Internet service contract you can. Rates drop, so you don't want to be locked into a higher rate for too long. And if you're unhappy with your broadband Internet provider, you don't want to be stuck — there are stiff penalties for terminating a contract early.
  • You'll typically find DSL and T1 options on broadband Internet providers' "business" Web sites; cable Internet service info is available under the residential pages. Home vs. business doesn't really matter, except that the business broadband Internet providers may offer more email addresses, IP addresses and other goodies.

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