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Providers of colocation hosting services offering colocation servers. Research colocation hosts and data center colocation facilities that provide reliable server colocation services. Select a colocation web hosting firm that fits your business needs.

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Colocation Hosting Education and Training

Colocation hosting education and training is actually easier than the actual job of managing your own server. Your job is to learn enough to choose a host that can keep your server safe and secure and connected to the Internet.

Colocation Hosting Key Terms

Colocation can be a smart move for your business if you need higher bandwidth or want to be assured of adequate backup power. There are other reasons for colocation that may make sense for your business, such as securing data from hackers or data recovery in the event of a power outage or hurricane.

Colocation centre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Virtual private server · Dedicated hosting; Colocation centre; Cloud hosting ... A colocation centre or colocation center (also spelled co-location, collocation, colo,  ...

Colocation Hosting | PEER 1 Hosting

PEER 1 brings a fresh energy and commitment to the Colocation model, offering a space-setting new Green Data Centre in the UK and a service regime that ...

What is Colocation? | PEER 1 Hosting

Colocation refers to the practice of housing your servers and devices in a professional datacenter in order to access economies of scale, advanced infrastructure ...

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Colocation Server, Platform and Managed Hosting at Rackspace

We took colocation and made it infinitely better. By better we mean you no longer have to take on everything—including the capital expenses—just to keep ...

What is colocation (colo)? - Definition from - SearchSOA

A colocation (colo) is a data center facility in which a business can rent ... Hosted, Outsourced, and Cloud Data Centers - Strategies and Considerations for .

What Is Colocation and Why Choose It for Web Hosting?

If you're looking into getting a new hosting system for your Web sites or domains, you should look into colocation. There are many benefits to co-lo and this ...

AT&T Colocation Hosting - Enterprise Business

AT&T Colocation Hosting services provide a highly-secure, reliable and scalable foundation for your hosted IT infrastructure needs.

CenturyLink Technology Solutions

Formerly known as Savvis, CenturyLink Technology Solutions provides a wide selection of IT solutions, managed hosting, and colocation services.
Colocation Data Centre

Deltalis is a secure, bunker data centre.It offers colocation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery using sustainable, carbon neutral energy.

Offers colocation, managed hosting, and cloud computing service provider quotes.

Colocation Hosting

A colocation hosting facility is where a web server is housed, along with the resources to keep the server up and running. Between the amount of power web servers require and the difficulty of an individual business to take care of all levels of redundancy, many businesses are turning to colocation servers to manage their web server needs.

The tricky part is choosing between the multitude of colocation hosts out there. After all, moving your company’s website from server to server isn’t an easy task. So it’s natural that you only want to do it once and get your web server colocation right the first time.

When choosing a colocation data center for your business, among the key points to consider are:
  1. Location of the colocation facilities;
  2. Redundancy plans of the colocation hosting company;
  3. Reputation of the colocation host.

Choose colocation service providers near your IT team

When administering colocation servers, it's the responsibility of your business, not the colocation service providers, to maintain both the hardware and software for your servers. If you choose a company that locates your server colocation at a distance from your IT team, you will either have to pay for the colocation web hosting company's IT team to work on your servers or pay travel expenses for your own IT team. Both come at a stiff premium because server problems don't tend to happen at convenient times.

Ensure the colocation servers meet your redundancy needs

"Redundancy" is one of those hot topics that IT people love to buzz over. It's a business owner's worst nightmare to have their servers go down for an extended period of time. These downtimes are often preventable with the right backup plans.

Check a colocation company's references before signing on the dotted line

Always ask the colocation hosting company for a list of references for clients who have similar solutions to yours, and make sure that you get the real scoop about the company and its service.
  • It is possible to have too much redundancy in your server colocation. Remember, you're paying for every little extra (whether you see it on the bill or not).

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