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Vendors of network firewall routers and servers. Suppliers of internet firewall hardware to protect business computers from viruses, adware, and other computer security problems.

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Making the Most of Firewall Hardware

Firewall hardware is extremely important for any size business that requires a secure network and backup products to save company data. You should find the best business firewall for your needs.

Firewall Hardware News and Trends

Network firewall hardware is becoming more sophisticated all the time. As hackers and unwanted network spies continue to pose a threat to business, the firewall hardware manufacturers and Internet firewall providers will keep looking for better ways to protect you.

Firewall Hardware Key Terms

Firewalls provide security to all users on a network. They are available as software -- that run on servers -- or hardware -- like a server or appliance.

Firewalls - Cisco

Firewall solutions from Cisco offer integrated security to help safeguard various network environments. ... Featured Products, All Products, Benefits, Learn More ...

Next-Generation Firewalls - Dell SonicWALL, Inc.

SonicWALL Security Products. My Account Sign Out. (Sign in) ... The Network Security SonicOS Platform Next-Generation Firewalls. Dell™ SonicWALL™ ...

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Firewall Software Blade - Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

Products / Services ... The Check Point Firewall Software Blade builds on the award-winning technology first offered in Check Point's FireWall-1 solution to ...

Enterprise Firewall - Next Generation Firewalls by Palo Alto Networks

Products. Our enterprise security platforms are available in both hardware and virtualized form-factors, supporting the exact same next-generation firewall ...

Network Firewall - McAfee Firewall Enterprise | McAfee Products

McAfee Firewall Enterprise is a network firewall that offers unprecedented levels of application control and threat protection.

UTM & Next-Gen Firewall | Network Firewall Appliances | Sophos UTM

Powerful Next-Gen UTM Firewall from Sophos Makes Security Simple, Providing Complete Unified Threat Security Across Networks for All Devices.

Next Generation Firewall, UTM Network Security Products | Fortinet

Products. Fortinet delivers High Performance Network Security Solutions that help you protect ... Data Center Firewall, NGFW and UTM - FortiGate Appliances.

Barracuda Networks - Barracuda Firewall

Main Menu. products ... Barracuda Networks. products ... The Barracuda Firewall provides all next-generation application control and user identity functions in an ...

Firewall Hardware

Computer security threats jeopardize your data as well as your ability to comply with corporate governance privacy regulations. Software firewall products are vulnerable to hacking, as is any software code. Firewall security products, such as firewall routers and firewall servers, are the key to securing your data especially as your company becomes more dispersed with multiple locations and remote devices.

When buying and deploying firewall hardware, consider the following:

1. Deploying firewall hardware to protect all points of access.
2. Using firewall routers as an integrated solution.
3. Understanding the pros and cons of firewall servers.
4. Using firewall security products and consultants.

Deploy firewall hardware to protect all points of access

Most companies today have multiple access points to their networks, exposing critical boundaries, such as the LAN/WAN edge, the public/private edge and internal points like switches and back-end servers. Firewall products, especially firewall hardware, needs to be deployed at each point of access throughout the enterprise, including branch offices and the points at which remote devices enter the network.

Use firewall routers as an integrated solution

Routers control access for multiple computers within a network, inspecting information packets and forwarding them to authorized ports, making them natural firewall hardware.

Understand the pros and cons of firewall servers

While servers, which house network resources for sharing purposes, seem like natural firewall hardware, don't assume that every server on the market acts as its own firewall. When shopping for a server, ask if it is configured as a firewall. If not, make sure the server itself has a firewall.

Hire consultants for advice on firewall hardware

If you don't have the in-house expertise to assess your security profile and install firewall products, it is critical that you hire a properly qualified person to secure your systems.

  • Before buying firewall security products, determine if your current hardware configurations include firewall products at any point.
  • Analyze your network to determine all its access points and make sure each one is protected with firewall hardware.
  • Make sure all of your remote locations and devices are protected with firewall products.
  • Don't rely on software firewall products to protect a dispersed network.
  • Configure your firewall hardware to protect against internal as well as external threats.

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