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High-speed DSL allows users to quickly access information on the Internet. The speed of an Internet connection refers to how quickly a user can download Web pages or other downloadable files.

High-Speed DSL (HDSL) Education and Training

High-speed DSL (HDSL) education and training offers information to high-speed DSL providers that they can use on a daily basis. High-speed DSL companies use this training to educate installers, maintenance workers and customer service specialists.

DSL High Speed Internet - AT&T

Find the Internet speed that's right for you. Make AT&T your Internet provider and take your pick of broadband Internet speeds to suit every need.

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CenturyLink High-Speed Internet. Super-fast Internet speeds with connections up to 40 Mbps where available. Backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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DSL Internet Providers - Find the Best DSL in Your Area

Explore reviews, professional guides and find exclusive DSL deals. ... Get a fast, reliable and affordable Internet connection with DSL. DSL service is an Internet ...

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PeoplePC DSL Internet service gives you high-quality, high-speed Internet access and cheap low prices. Get a DSL connection up to 50x faster than dial-up.

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High-Speed DSL (HDSL)

The need for high-speed DSL (HDSL) -- whether your employees need to be able to research solutions for your next client proposal, download software to make their presentation pop or just stay abreast of all the latest news in your industry -- is a must for many businesses. But a T1 line is cost-prohibitive for most companies, often running more than $1,000 a month, and many office buildings are not wired for high speed cable internet. That’s why many business owners are turning to high-speed DSL.

Business HDSL packages are becoming more common among the HDSL providers. These packages are tailored to small businesses and offer high speed DSL at speeds and rates that business owners prefer.

When you’re shopping for high-speed DSL providers, among the key points to consider are:
  1. The average speed promised for high data rate DSL;
  2. The availability of business HDSL carriers other than the local phone company; and
  3. The payment and contract options offered by the high speed DSL providers.

Know how fast your HDSL really needs to be

It's tempting to always get the best. But the biggest, fastest business HDSL plan might not be the best for your needs. Be sure that you right-size your high-speed DSL plan based on the number of employees you have and the type of Internet activity they will be doing.

Look at options other than your local phone company

The first HDSL provider that pops into your head is likely your local phone company. But since they're the first option that everyone thinks of, they don't always offer the best deals. They simply don't have to. Instead, look to other companies that offer HDSL in your area.

Choose an HDSL contract that doesn't lock you in forever

Often, high-speed DSL providers will offer a great introductory rate as long as you sign a long-term contract. Be careful to weigh the length of the contract against the possible cost savings. If your business's HDSL needs change during that contract, you may be out of luck with some HDSL providers.
  • If you already have phone service with your local phone company, call and see if they are willing to package HDSL with your current phone services at a discount. Many only offer this to new customers, but it never hurts to ask.