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Directory of enterprise instant messenger software. Corporate internet messaging allows companies to increase productivity and connectedness.

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Using Instant Messaging Solutions

No longer just for teens and college students, IM software has become a valuable business tool. It has become an easy, inexpensive and, at many times, indispensable form of communication.

Sports Agencies and Management Key Terms

Sports agencies now represent athletes in almost every sport. The range of services an agent provides runs the gamut from helping athletes decipher terms of contracts, all the way to managing personal finances and everything in between.

Instant Messaging Solutions Key Terms

Instant messaging, also known as IM or IM'ing, has become a favorite form of communication for teens and tweens. However, it also has its uses in the business world.

Five enterprise instant messaging systems - TechRepublic

Feb 13, 2013 ... Wally Bahny takes a look at five instant messaging systems that are designed to be used within a private corporate network.

Messaging Solutions LLC

Messaging Solutions LLC is value-added reseller of email and Instant Messaging Compliance, Management and Security solutions based in Houston, Texas, ...

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Good solutions for internal instant messaging? [Solved] - Instant ...

I had an instance at my company where several IM accounts on our network got hacked (weird IMs, obscene images popping up, that sort of ...

OneTeam - open source enterprise multi-network instant messaging ...

OneTeam - open source enterprise multi-network instant messaging client for ... By installing the solution at home, in the office and on your iPhone, you can now  ...

BROSIX - Secure Corporate Instant Messaging for companies

A powerful and easy to use Instant Messenger for enterprises and individuals to improve their communications, business productivity and relationships with ...

Secure Enterprise Instant Messaging (IM) | Global Relay Messenger

Global Relay Messenger is a secure, closed-network instant messaging system. Designed to be SEC/FINRA/HIPAA compliant, this IM solution provides ...

talkr.IM - instant messaging solution by ProcessOne

ProcessOne is a company specialized in high-performance enterprise messaging solutions. The company provides solutions for the XMPP and SIP protocols.

Instant Messaging Solutions for Enterprises - Interactive Networks Inc.

Instant messaging solutions for enterprises. Secure and private IM network. Web- based and PC client versions. Hosted and server solutions.

ProcessOne — Leading Instant Messaging and Push Solutions

From ejabberd to Boxcar, our expertise in Instant Messaging and Push will help your business grow.

Instant Messaging Solutions for Beginners

You may think all IM software should be completely banned from your office since it encourages employees to chat with friends instead of doing their work. But , if you're unfamiliar with IM systems, you may not be aware of how your company can benefit from allowing employees to communicate with each other using IM.

Corporate instant messaging can keep employees at their desks and working since they won't actively seek out others to get their questions answered. It can also allow them to quickly, and inexpensively, share ideas with coworkers at different office locations as well as with independent contractors and clients. Three ways to make instant messaging effective for your business are:

1. Choosing the proper instant message solutions for your company;

2. Securing your system so it cannot be accessed by unauthorized users;

3. Implementing a usage policy to deter employees from abusing the instant messaging system.

Research the instant messaging for business options available

There are, of course, the free IM solutions, such as AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, which can provide instant messaging solutions for beginners. However, if you plan to implement instant messaging for the long term, it's best to go with a private service.

Find out about security software to keep your Internet message service private

Once you have your enterprise instant messaging installed, you need to make sure your IMs are safe from prying eyes. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a security package that will work with your instant messaging program.

Write a corporate policy to govern instant messaging software use

Unfortunately, even if employees can only chat with each other, there is opportunity for abuse of your Internet message service. A policy that requires it to be for business talk only can help your employees stay on task instead of chatting about last night's football game.

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