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Tech Terminology for Business Owners

While an assortment of consumer electronics gizmos, hardware devices and software applications have supposedly made life easier, they've also brought with them a whole new language. Here are some tips that will help you keep up: Learn a few key phrases every week, especially ones that are relevant to your business.

Universal Messaging

In today's world, emails, phone calls and text messages can add up in a hurry, taking up precious moments of your time while you go from device to device to get all of your messages. Universal messaging services eliminate the need for having to log on to your email, voicemail and other messaging services as all of your messages are gathered into one place.

Bulletin Board Software

Business message board software can be a key tool for your site if you want to allow users to have any kind of discussion. You can use a web bulletin board to encourage customers or clients to discuss your service or products and even share information with them as well.

In-Room Internet Solutions

As a business traveler, you can either select a hotel chain with the same hotel Internet access nationwide or pick a WiFi company that offers Internet solutions for hotels. When you are on the road, the last thing you need is an Internet connection you cannot use.

Arkansas Real Property Law

Arkansas real property law governs the ownership of land rather than personal property. The associated rights and obligations of real property have their origins in the common law of Medieval England.

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EDI Consulting Services

Electronic data interchange (EDI) consultants assist business owners with creating and implementing strategies for a paperless flow of information, both internal and external to their business environment. EDI consulting services typically act as a one-stop-shop for their clients.

Firewall Hardware News and Trends

Network firewall hardware is becoming more sophisticated all the time. As hackers and unwanted network spies continue to pose a threat to business, the firewall hardware manufacturers and Internet firewall providers will keep looking for better ways to protect you.

Making the Most of Free Internet Access

As a business owner, you probably don't use a free Internet provider as your main Internet service. However, there are still ways you can take advantage of free Internet using many business models.

Making the Most of Trojan Horse Defenses

As a small business owner infected with a Trojan horse, you want the quickest and cheapest route back to functionality. You probably have McAfee or Norton, and have had some scary pop-up that keeps coming up over and over.

Wireless Internet Service Providers News and Trends

Wireless Internet is one of the fastest growing technologies available today. It used to be that if you wanted to access the World Wide Web, you would have to be at a stationary location with a computer, but things have changed.

Making the Most of T3 / DS3 Broadband

Making the most of T3 / DS3 broadband requires that you understand the purpose of this level of Internet service. T3 / DS3 lines are primarily used between telephony carriers and require 75 ohm cables and connectors.

Wireless Internet Providers in Maine

Wireless Internet providers in Maine are considered life-savers for many business professionals due to the convenience they have been afforded by wireless Internet. Whether you need to receive wireless Internet on your cell phone or laptop, you can make your life easier and your work day more productive by obtaining wireless Internet anywhere you go.

Internet Security Software Reviews & Discounts: NextAdvisor

Compare internet security software and read reviews. Detailed reviews of the best internet security software including discounts.

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Every business organization needs to understand the significance of a security system. Quite often, small businesses do not make this a priority because they do not perceive themselves to be targets. The reason for this is that they do not consider themselves big market players. This line of thinking can be risky, and it should be avoided at all costs. There are many reasons why someone would target a small business. Many large corporations have expensive and modern security systems. This makes smaller businesses a more likely target because they do not have the resources to cope with a potential security break-in.


Worker Safety

With an on-site security team, you can guarantee the safety of your workers while on your business’s property. This allows for workers to concentrate on what they were hired to do rather than on their own personal safety. This increases productivity, which increases potential profit. When workers feel safe, they will usually stay with a company longer, creating a long-lasting business/employee relationship that results in loyalty. The U.S. Department of Commerce states that employee dishonesty can cost business owners an average $50 billion per year. This statistic can be drastically decreased by installing security equipment.


Reduced Product Loss

Having security deters many types of people and situations that could cause problems or steal products. When a criminal sees the presence of a security officer, it decreases the chance that the criminal will commit a crime around that property. This is because that person knows there is trained opposition who will try to stop any type of criminal activity, particularly theft. Most criminals won’t even attempt their original plans if a security officer is present.


Customer Safety

Not only does security provide worker safety, but it provides a sense of safety during a customer’s potential shopping experience.

Security officers, cameras and metal detectors are all forms of preventative security that will catch crimes in progress and/or deter them. When a customer sees these types of systems implemented, it encourages a peace of mind that is invaluable when securing a return shopper.


Reduced Property Vandalism

The presence of any type of security will also reduce the amount of possible vandalism to your property. A lack of surveillance may encourage vandals to attack and possibly destroy the property. When it is obvious that cameras or security officers are present, many vandals will not even attempt to hurt or vandalize the property.


If your company handles sensitive, confidential information on a regular basis, securing your business is a must to protect its contents and employees. Implementing a high-level security system can significantly deter theft, vandalism, and other acts of crime but should not be relied on to provide a completely secure environment for you and your employees.

Amount of Equipment

Your business may require an extensive security system to help protect the building, employees, and hardware and equipment, including computers. Doing so is not a simple task, and depending on the size of the business and building, a complete security system may involve hundreds of cameras, lighting, access points, and even security personnel to patrol the building around the clock.

Cost of Equipment

While prices for video surveillance, alarm systems, access control systems, and other features are continuously improving along with their quality, the cost for a total security system can run some businesses tens of thousands of dollars. Some systems such as alarms and patrolmen require an ongoing financial investment for their continued use. A new business may not have a large enough budget to provide for every aspect of a thorough security system.

Susceptible to Human Damage

While the sight of video surveillance and other security equipment is usually enough to deter most people, more brazen trespassers may ignore the risk of being caught and attempt to damage whatever equipment they can get their hands on. Alarm keypads and video cameras are especially vulnerable to attack, and intruders can simply smash them to cause permanent damage. This will require you to pay for repairs or replacements.


While it is rare for video surveillance and alarm systems to fail completely, they may need periods of maintenance or a complete overhaul of their systems to ensure proper working order. Each system should be checked over occasionally to make sure there are no glitches or malfunctions. For alarm systems, you will most likely need to keep your service provider updated with any changes, like the switching of telephone lines. Staff members will need to be trained to use the new security system, which can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour. When new employees are hired you’ll have to repeat the process. Along with the obvious expenses, maintaining a security system also requires an investment of your time.


The numerous types of security available for your business vary greatly in price. Your business and the security company will agree upon the exact price, which will be based on your specific needs. Given that, according to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, “employee dishonesty [alone] costs business owners around $50 billion a year,” it is easy to understand the merits of the high cost of security.

Alarm Systems

Setting up an alarm system for your business can cost from $100 to over $4,000 for both installation and equipment. The more expensive systems are more complex and offer additional features. A monthly fee should also be expected.

Card Access

Card access systems can vary significantly in price and are harder to predict. Typically, for a single door, the price ranges from $1,500 to $2,500. As additional doors are added, the fee per door tends to lessen.


Video surveillance system costs will include both camera and storage. Cameras can cost from a few hundred dollars to as much as $600 or more, depending on your needs. Storage devices will be required as well. DVR equipment ranges from $500 to over $1,000, while VCRs can be used with less complex systems for around $200.



There are many reasons why a security system is important for your business. It not only protects your workers from potential harm, but also your customers too. These customers should be given the utmost care because they are the group that drives your business’s growth. If they don’t feel that your business is secure enough, then they simply won’t come back. Despite this fact, security systems can be quite expensive, making it hard for small businesses to invest in one. Additionally, security systems will require regular maintenance checkups to ensure that everything is functioning properly.