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AT&T Internet Service - High Speed Internet Providers

U-verse High Speed Internet is the IP-based Internet service provided by AT&T. This new fiber optic technology allows us to offer more speed options, more ...

High Speed Internet Service from XFINITY® by Comcast

Find great deals on high-speed Internet service with XFINITY® Internet by Comcast. High-speed Internet ... What are Internet Service Providers? How to Choose ...

Connect with EarthLink, the award-winning Internet service provider ...

Get reliable, low-cost dial-up Internet service, high-speed broadband Internet access, Web hosting & more. Connect with us for savings, support & satisfaction!

Internet service provider - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Internet access is provided by ISPs that employ a range of ... Many access providers also provide hosting and email ...

Broadband Providers for this Area - - National - Search Results ...

If you entered a zip code or city name, the list below only displays the broadband providers offering service in the Census Block that is in the center of that zip ...

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Internet Service Providers | Compare Internet Providers | Verizon

Experience Verizon FiOS as your internet service provider. Use our interactive tool to compare internet provider speeds and discover why FiOS rocks the ...

High Speed Internet Service- High Speed Internet Providers | Verizon

Verizon High Speed Internet service is the best value in broadband internet. Get Verizon High Speed Internet today!

DIRECTV Bundles: Internet & Phone Service - 877-333-4108

Savings amount will be lower with certain providers. ... the ultimate triple play bundle with the best in phone and Internet service from AT&T, CenturyLink, Exede, ...

Internet Service Provider Review 2015 | Best ISP | Compare Internet ...

To find the services available in your area consult our list of providers and once you narrow the list down to the internet service providers (ISPs) in your general ...

Google Helps FCC Make Its Case on Internet Service Providers | TIME

Jan 2, 2015 ... Comcast, Verizon and AT&T have claimed for years that if the Federal Communications Commission lumps broadband service providers into ...

Why Suddenlink Internet? - Suddenlink

We offer speeds up to 150 Mbps service in selected markets, and it's nice to know ... Suddenlink was one of the most recommended Internet Service Providers, ...

Chicago High-Speed Internet Service From RCN

No matter how you use your Internet services, with RCN the options are limitless. RCN has the fastest connection in Chicago, so you can download songs in ...

Internet Service Providers

Having a fast, reliable Internet service provider is essential for business consumers who need to regular, consistent access to email, the internet, and cloud-based business programs. When assessing a particular Internet service provider (ISP), you should weigh the benefits and pitfalls associated with ISPs and choose the best Internet service provider to meet your budget.

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According to the FCC, the total number of internet connections in the US grew from 9 million in 2001 to 87 million in 2011. As a result, the market for Internet service providers has evolved to meet new demands –such as appropriate service levels, reliability and customer service.

  • Appropriate Service Levels: Businesses have varying requirements for Internet services. From the one-person business that requires a small website, to the international corporation that requires extensive web, customer and data management services, appropriate service levels can be provided by a large array of Internet service providers.
  • Reliability: Internet service providers have been able to provide more reliable service in recent years due to innovations in transmission, equipment and bandwidth capability. These innovations have provided more reliability for the exponential growth in Internet use among businesses and individuals.
  • Customer Service: From automated service options to live chat support technicians, Internet service providers have increased the speed, flexibility and problem solving capabilities of their customer support.

Important Considerations

There can be many hidden costs involved with obtaining and maintaining internet access for your business. For example, ISP’s may charge you for equipment and installation, and companies may not let you use routers or modems that you have procured from outside sources. Other important considerations when shopping for internet service providers include:

  • Advertised Speeds: Most ISPs will rate their Internet speeds by bits per second (bps) – as opposed to how your computer will display this as bytes per second (Bps). These differences can be very confusing if the difference in letter case is not immediately noticed.
  • Delivery Types: Cable is the best solution for most users since it provides a constant connection with high bandwidth capabilities. While DSL is still an option, the data limits of traditional phone lines are starting to be realized. Wireless satellite internet can be an option for some, but be aware that the hardware comes with speed limitations.
  • Home vs. Business Service: If you are buying for a business, make sure to opt for the business-class connection with its higher bandwidth capabilities.

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Depending on the quality and range of services offered, the prices of different Internet service providers can vary. Make sure that you’re getting all the features your business needs at a price your budget can handle.

  • Services: Depending on the amount of bandwidth you require, you could easily pay $50 - $300 monthly. These plans tend to be flexible to meet your needs and often include free customer service.
  • Be aware that free ISPs charge minute-to-minute rates on their customer service lines. They also don't offer the same speeds that are available through the monthly paid ISPs.

ISPs provide a fundamental service to businesses. The technological advances since the birth of the Internet have allowed ISPs to deliver highly reliable and fast Internet connections. However, equipment rentals can be expensive, advertised speeds are not always equal to actual customer experiences, and consumers cannot always take advantage of competition for the best ISP deals in their area. Compare the prices and services of the ISPs in your area to be sure you choose the right one for your business.

If you’re interested in internet service providers, you may want to consider working with an internet consultant, as well.
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