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OC48 Broadband Providers | Facebook

OC48 Broadband Providers. 50 likes. Business and Residential Broadband, Ethernet, Network, Cloud, Colocation, Mobile Management, Telephone Services  ...

Verizon Global Wholesale | IntelliLight Broadband Transport (IBT)

IBT is designed to establish high bandwidth connections at OC3/OC3c, OC12/ OC12c, OC48/OC48c, OC192/OC192c rates and offers International SONET ...

Bandwidth Chart -

Bandwidth Chart. ... Logo1.gif (2863 bytes). Bandwidth Chart ...

Configuring the Cisco uBR10012 OC-48 DPT/POS Interface Module ...

Support for the Cisco OC-48 DPT⁄POS interface module introduced on the Cisco uBR10012 universal broadband router with Performance Routing Engine ...

OC48 Internet Connections - Special Pricing - Worldnet Solutions Inc

An OC48 is a large T1 configuration that is a high-speed digital connection for voice and Internet. The OC48 is for very large applications where large bandwidth ...

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T1, T3, OC3, OC12, OC48 and OC192 Research Information

T1, T3, OC3, OC12, OC48 and OC192 Research Information. ... Dedicated line broadband speeds and prices. T-1 - 1.544 megabits per second (24 DS0 lines) ...

Optical Transport Services | Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities ...

MBC has implemented the Ciena 6500 platform as our core regional node device , providing OC-48 and OC-192 rings in our regional network. These SONET ...

OC3 service -

OC48 / STS-48 (2488Mbps), OC24 / STS-24 (1244Mbps), OC12 / STS-12 ( 622Mbps), OC3 ... Find the best plan for your business bandwidth connectivity needs.

AT&T - ISP Solutions

BCS Broadband Circuit (grandfathered). SONET Circuit ... Add/drop Multiplexing - allows an OC-3, OC-12, or OC-48 line to add/drop a lower speed channel.

Take Strategic Advantage of Reduced OC-48 Prices - GigaPackets

High speed SONET optical carrier service at the OC48 level has experienced recent price reductions, which make this high bandwidth service suitable for more  ...

Verizon deploys OC48 router to router | Broadband News

Nov 14, 2007 ... Verizon Business has deployed one of the first router-to-router 40Gbps (OC-768) circuits carrying live traffic using Juniper Networks ...

National Data/Voice/Integrated OC48/OC96/OC192/OC768 ...

National Business Data/Voice/Integrated OC48/OC96/OC192/OC768 line broadband internet services. Take advantage of our lowest price guarantee for ...

Making the Most of OC-48 Broadband

Making the most of OC-48 broadband requires that you understand the purpose of this level of Internet service. OC48 broadband frequently serves as the backbone for many regional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and may also be used by larger ISPs for transit purposes. The only common connections that surpass a OC-48 connection are OC-192 and 10 gigabit Ethernet.

OC-48 stands for Optical Carrier 48 with the number specifying the multiplier of the base rate of carrier level, which is 51.84 million bits per second (Mbit/s). The speed of an OC-48 fiber optic network conforms to the Synchronous Optical Networks (SONET) standard. There are three additional methods of describing the OC-48 carrier service:
  1. Synchronous Transport Module (STM-16); This is a multiple of the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) fiber optic network transmission standard STM-1 which has a bit rate of 155.52 Mbit/s.
  2. Synchronous Transport Signal (STS-48); This is a multiple of the basic unit of measure STS-1 used by SONET.
  3. A network line that carries data at a maximum rate of up to 2488.32 Mbit/s; A maximum of 2405.376 Mbit/s for an OC48 internet connection may be payload.

Learn technical information about OC 48 speed

There is a great deal of technical information available on transmission protocols. A thorough understanding of the technology involved will aid in your search for a service provider for your business. It is especially important to know the relative transmission speeds of these different technologies.

Access data sheets for equipment used by OC48 service providers to create WAN connections for ISPs

Service providers frequently need OC-48 equipment to incrementally expand existing infrastructures in a cost-effective manner. These units should have features that will allow diverse deployment options that include DS1, Ethernet and optical services delivery to their subscribers.

Look for current news that informs OC48 providers about increasing T-1 lines

ISPs frequently resell their telecommunications capacity to their subscribers in the form of T-1 service. Many websites keep regular blogs and posts that offer helpful news and information about OC-48 equipment and ISPs.
  • Many OC48 service providers offer this level of broadband service in burstable or fractional rates. A burstable line has a minimum transmission speed although the exact throughput is variable. Fractional service is a fixed percentage of the full rate.