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Quickly find satellite internet service providers and satellite internet companies for your business needs. Review satellite ISP and broadband internet satellite providers for your company in our business directory.

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Satellite Internet Providers News and Trends

Satellite Internet companies continually undergo changes that you must keep up with to compete. New technology is constantly being introduced and government regulations are updated regularly.

Training for Satellite Internet Providers

While many satellite Internet service providers (ISP) jobs are administrative and field installation positions, there are other opportunities in satellite Internet employment that you can get with additional training. The first thing you need to step into an installer's role is to become a Certified Satellite Installer (CSI) through a training course approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Satellite Internet Providers Key Terms

Connecting to the world wide web is possible no matter where you are, and it's all thanks to satellite Internet. Satellite Internet is a two-way Internet system that's transmitted via a satellite dish.

Satellite Internet, HughesNet Gen4 High-Speed Satellite Internet ...

HughesNet Gen4 satellite internet is fast and secure. Call (877) 438-5679 now or browse ... Over 600 dealers. HughesNet service may only be a few miles away.

dishNET High-Speed Satellite Internet | DISH

I don't live in a metropolitan area, and my Internet options are limited to dialup and very slow DSL/cable. Is dishNET Satellite a good solution for me?

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Exede Satellite Internet - High Speed Broadband Anywhere ...

Affordable, high speed broadband satellite internet anywhere in the U.S. Find a service provider in your area PLUS order now and save $100.

Home | WildBlue | Fast Satellite Internet

Whether in the city, the suburbs or in a more rural area, you shouldn't have to endure slow Internet service. Exede satellite internet gives you the freedom to be  ...

Satellite Internet Reviews in 2014 - Top 5 Service Providers

Satellite Internet reviews of the top 5 satellite Internet providers in 2014 and see which company is the best fit for you. Details on pricing, speed and.

Satellite Internet from StarBand - Broadband, High-Speed Internet ...

StarBand high–speed satellite Internet service is available nationwide. Our broadband Internet options are great for customers seeking dramatically faster ...

Satellite Internet Review 2014 | Best Broadband Satellite Internet ...

Apr 2, 2014 ... Looking for the best satellite internet service? We have easy-to-read, expert unbiased reviews and feature comparisons of the best and ...

EarthLink Satellite Internet - download up to 1Mbps, 2-way satellite ...

No DSL or cable Internet available? Get Satellite Internet service for access up to 18x faster than dial-up. Nationwide availability.

HughesNet® | Call 1-800-807-1293 for Internet Deals!

... Satellite Internet Service: Part of Satellite Internet History. HughesNet satellite Internet service uses some of the most advanced satellite technology available.

HughesNet High Speed Satellite Internet

Sign up for HughesNet broadband satellite internet online. Internet via satellite for home, business, and areas with slow connections.
Nationwide Satellite

Get high speed broadband internet for your business with HughesNet, America's satellite internet provider. Nationwide installation and service.
Satellite Broadband UK

Our fastest satellite broadband service yet, with speeds of up to 20Mbs from Tooway
Satellite Broadband

2-way high speed satellite broadband and internet service throughout the UK and Europe.

Satellite Internet Providers

The Web is technically agnostic, easily transmitted over the air, via radio signal, down telecom copper line or cable-company coaxial. Less well-known is the satellite Internet option, which sounds exotic but is no more complex than having a dish for TV on your roof or wall.

Satellite Internet service providers (also known as a satellite ISP) come in two flavors: corporate and consumer. Choosing a satellite ISP usually means you will be bundling with another satellite Internet service, like satellite TV, satellite telephone or both.

Covered in this guide:

1. Choosing from major satellite Internet providers.
2. Business accounts and satellite Internet ISP.
3. How to get service in rural locations.
4. Avoiding scams and improper fees for Internet service via satellite.

Satellite Internet for consumers is easy to buy

Satellite Internet providers are, not surprisingly, few. Mostly, it's the existing satellite TV companies trying to bundle another service into their dish offering. There are some basic comparison points between satellite Internet service and traditional cable or telecom Internet, but cost is usually the main factor.

Business users are an increasing slice of the satellite Internet provider market

For quite a while, satellite ISP providers were seen as just keeping telecoms honest. But they have made increasing inroads to the corporate market, where budgets are fatter and reliable high-speed Internet is integral to the business.

In some cases, a satellite Internet service could be the only choice

The big thing about Internet service through a satellite is that you need only have a clear view of the southern sky to get a strong signal. In many parts of the country, cable isn't easy to get, and broadband via the phone company isn't much better. Enter the satellite ISP.
satellite ISP phone services, satellite Internet antennas, and satellite radio services like XM and Sirius.
  • Like most terrestrial systems, the downloading speed from a satellite ISP is much faster than uploading, but you can often buy faster uploads from satellite Internet providers for an additional monthly fee. It rarely matters for consumers, though.
  • When doing a cost comparison, ask satellite Internet providers about "up-front" discounts for pre-paying the quarter, half-year or full-years fees of your Internet service.
  • Beware of packages that seem to offer free hardware but then jack in "installation fees" instead. Deal with reputable resellers of satellite Internet service. It doesn't hurt to get references.

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