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Manufacturers and providers of T3 (also known as DS3) internet equipment and services. Review business DS3 broadband internet carriers offering various DS3 pricing options. Identify a T3 internet provider offering T3 pricing that fits your needs.

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Making the Most of T3</strong> / DS3 Broadband

Making the most of T3 / DS3 broadband requires that you understand the purpose of this level of Internet service. T3 / DS3 lines are primarily used between telephony carriers and require 75 ohm cables and connectors.

T3</strong> / DS3 Broadband Key Terms

In the ever-changing world of telecommunications, remembering and understanding the lingo gives you an edge over competitors who might now be so up-to-date. Learning T3/DS3 broadband key terms helps you communicate with others in the industry in an effective manner.

T3</strong> / DS3 Broadband

If your company has suffered significant slowing of your service from an overload of voice or data traffic, you may consider upgrading to DS3 broadband. With the constant flood of information available to and coming from businesses, a DS3 Internet connection may give your company more than enough bandwidth for your systems to handle any amount of voice and data flow.

Digital Signal 3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Digital Signal 3 (DS3) is a digital signal level 3 T-carrier. It may also be referred to as a T3 line. The data rate for this ... "Guide to T3 / DS3 Broadband Basics".

DS3</b>/OCx Internet Provider & T3</strong></b> Internet Providers-MegaPath

MegaPath's DS3/Ocx and T3 internet solution offers outstanding bandwidth for customers who want to ensure cost-effective connectivity during peak usage.

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Data Voice Solutions, T1 / DS1, T3</strong></b> / DS3</b>, OC3 / STS-3 or OCx / STS ...</b>

Compare over 20 big-name data - voice, T1 / DS1, T3 / DS3, OC3 / STS-3 or OCx / STS-x ... Find the best plan for your business bandwidth connectivity needs.

Why Use DS3</b> - Comparing T1, T3</strong></b>, OC-3 and DS3 bandwidth</b> - T1 Rex

T1 Rex explains the telecommunication terms DS3, T1, T3 and OC-3 and helps you choose a service based on bandwidth and pricing.

DS3</b> Circuits and T3</strong></b> Lines Defined - DS3</b> Today

Companies that have outgrown their T1 lines often upgrade to DS3 bandwidth. Let's take a look at what DS3 has to offer, how it relates to T3 lines, and recent ...

Broadband</b>.com – DS3</b>/T3</strong></b>

Leverage the strength of's 12 years of demand aggregation to get the lowest price and highest levels of support on a DS3 circuit from the top ...

T3</strong></b> Connection VS Ds3</b> Connections -

When you're considering a T3 circuit , that means you need a lot of bandwidth or/ and your business is growing.A Digital Signal (DS) is a system for classifying ...

T1, Ethernet, DS3</b>, T3</strong></b> Line Connection Service: Internet, Data ...</b>

Dec 5, 2012 ... T1, DS1, T3, DS3, OC3 and Dedicated Service Explanation of Terms! ... For options available at your home address, see Home Broadband ...

50 Mbps Business Ethernet vs DS3</b> - Ethernet Buildings

Let's see why DS3 has become such a popular bandwidth service and why it will likely be replaced by Carrier Ethernet. A DS3, sometimes called a T3 line, isn't ...

T3 / DS3 Broadband Basics

T3 / DS3 broadband basics include the fact that this acronym stands for T-carrier level 3 (T3) / Digital Signal 3 (DS3). A T-carrier is a generic designation for a digitally multiplexed telecommunications signal that has been developed by Bell Labs.

T3 / DS3 lines are primarily used between telephony carriers and require true 75 ohm cables and connectors. The signal loss on this connection varies by the type of cable, so the maximum distance is variable as well. In order to learn more about T3 / DS3 service you will need to know the following:
  1. The data rate for a DS3 signal is 44.736 million bits per second (Mbit/s).
  2. A DS3 carrier can transport 28 DS1 signals which have a data rate of 1.544 Mbit/s.
  3. A DS3 carrier can transport 672 DS0 signals which have a data rate of 64,000 bits per second (Kbit/s).

Learn more about a T3 connection

The technology comprising telecommunications can be extremely complex and uses many terms that may be unfamiliar to business professionals. There are many white pages available, in addition to articles that provide valuable information about T3 / DS3 connections.

Measure the actual speed of a T3 Internet connection

The rated speed of an Internet connection is the theoretical maximum speed the connection can achieve. There are many reasons for an T3 / DS3 connection to have a throughput less than 44.736 Mbit/s including latency, loss of signal and bit stream errors.

Select providers that offer competitive T3 / DS3 pricing

T3 pricing is important, but these carriers should be able to offer stable and reliable connections for businesses. Additionally, the local loop cost for DS3 service can be extremely varied. DS3 service providers may also offer a range of actual throughput speeds that users can expect to achieve.
  • Users can obtain their choice of T3 / DS3 equipment independently of the T3 / DS3 service provider. The Synchronous Optical NETworking protocol allows interconnection between network providers regardless of the brand of equipment, so the provider can purchase equipment from one vendor and interface with equipment from another vendor.
  • Tips & Advice for T3 / DS3 Broadband

    While some may have the impression that T3 and DS3 broadband are two different Internet connections, they are actually one in the same. In the most simplistic terms, T3 broadband is known as DS3 broadband and vice versa. T3 / DS3 broadband lines are ultra high-speed connections that are easily capable of transmitting data up to 45 Mbps. To understand the true speed of 45 Mbps via an Internet connection, you could compare the speed of one of these lines to that of nearly 700 regular telephone lines. Internet connections of this high-speed nature allow users to experience full-motion transfer of real-time video and extremely quickened data exchange over large, busy networks.

    T3/DS3 broadband connections are mainly used in commercial applications. DS3 lines are often installed as the major network for large businesses and corporations, as well as universities that have a high-volume of network traffic a majority of the time. Other commercial applications of DS3 lines are large call centers, IP PBX systems, Internet service providers, research laboratories, video conference centers and many others.

    For businesses and companies, T3/DS3 broadband choices have many advantages over other Internet connection and networking options. As the second-fastest Internet and networking connection known, it is a great option for large and small business owners. is an excellent resource for further T3 / DS3 broadband information.

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