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T3 Internet Speed -

T3 internet, also known as DS3 internet, is a type of connection that allows users to transmit and access the internet at an extremely secure and fast rate.

DS3/OCx Internet Provider & T3 Internet Providers-MegaPath

MegaPath's DS3/Ocx and T3 internet solution offers outstanding bandwidth for ... For the highest speed, mission-critical applications, MegaPath offers a ...

T1 and T3 Lines for Long-Distance Networking -

T1 lines and T3 lines are reserved circuits typically used by organizations to ... in some apartment buildings and hotels where they provide residential Internet ...

T-carrier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The T2 and T3 circuit channels carry multiple T1 channels multiplexed, .... to access the telephone network or the Internet through the carrier's network). Typically, the port price is based upon access speed and yearly commitment level while ...

I Love My T3 - YouTube

Aug 18, 2008 ... HOW FAST IS YOUR INTERNET? This is ... I Love My T3 ... How to make internet speed faster/download speed faster (X2 it) - Duration: 5:44. by ...

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DigiLink :: Internet T3. T3/DS3 45 mbps. Los Angeles T3, Orange ...

DS3 / T3 line allows for high speed 44.763 Mbps of internet connectivity or point to point bandwidth and is great for companies with expanding bandwidth ...

T3 | Ds3 | T3 Line | T3 Internet | T3 Los Angeles - Tierzero

High-Speed T3 Internet 20 or 45 Mbps up and down. Designed for bandwidth intensive applications like cloud computing, streaming media and Voice over IP ...

T1 Line Pricing & T3 DS3 Internet Service Provider Services

DSL, T1 lines and T3 connection prices direct from the all top local and ... DSL service is an affordable way to receive high speed Internet service; DSL can serve ...

What Is the Speed of a T3 Connection? | eHow

T3 Internet service conjures images of speed, elegance and elite service. Only large institutions can afford it, and the speeds are lightning fast -- some of the ...

T3 Line Providers - Mind-blowing bandwidth speed - Speed Test

Apr 29, 2013 ... A DS3 (T3 Line Providers) service takes speed and bandwidth to a whole new level. Get unlimited High-Speed Internet with massive ...

what is the difference between LAN DSL T1 T2, the other Ts - Askville

High Speed Internet can be provided over fiber optic (optical carrier) lines or by ... T3/DS3 multiplexes 28 T1 onto a single T3 for a data rate of ...

T1, Ethernet, DS3, T3 Line Connection Service: Internet, Data ...

T1, DS1, T3, DS3, OC3 and Dedicated Service Explanation of Terms! ... Your business can have reliable high speed internet access via T1 data line service.

Guide to T3 Internet Speed

What is T3 Internet?

T3 internet, also known as DS3 internet, is a type of connection that allows users to transmit and access the internet at an extremely secure and fast rate. T3 bandwidth is characterized by its usage from large organizations that need the capacity to support large amounts of traffic and users.

Differences between T1 and T3 Internet

There are a number of factors that distinguish between T1 versus T3 internet.  T1 internet is capable of speeds up to 2 mbps, and is commonly used for small business networks with 10 to 30 employees. The cost of T1 internet is a great deal lower, given the relatively lower plan rates and installation fees.  However, T3 internet has numerous advantages not offered by T1 internet. One of the main differences is that T3 internet is much faster, supporting speeds that can accommodate thousands of users. Therefore, T3 internet is much more suited for large corporations, hospitals, and businesses.

In short, T1 lines run at slower speeds, but are cheaper to utilize and install. T3 internet can reach speeds that exceed that of T1, but are much more expensive. Deciding which is best for your company depends on the size of your staff and the traffic requirements.  

Benefits of T3 Internet

So, your company is large enough that it would profit from implementing T3 speeds. But what exactly are the benefits of T3 internet? Why should your company pay thousands of dollars to install and maintain such a network? The following are some reasons as to why T3 speeds are best suited for you: 

1.      Speed

One of the distinguishing characteristics of T3 internet is the overwhelmingly high speed. T3 Internet is capable of reaching speeds up to 45 mbps. However, companies can choose to access various speeds, based on whether companies employ fractional or partial DS3. If your company has large data requirements, large numbers of users and a need for massive Internet accessibility, consider integrating T3 speeds to your network.  

2.      Reliability

T3 internet has shown to be more consistent and dependable than other high speed internet services. There are various options that businesses can consider with T3 bandwidth strengths and speeds, depending on the provider’s plans and rates. In addition, providers have committed technicians and support staff that ensure that their customers receive dedicated service.

3.      Range of Uses

Because of the high rate of T3 internet speed, T3 internet is capable of performing a variety of tasks. T3 internet can be used to host real time applications, such as video conferencing, transmitting large quantities of information from databases, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In addition, companies use T3 speed to access Virtual Private Networks, which are networks that allow users to connect through secure data channel without fear being publically accessed.

More and more companies are switching to T3 internet, to take advantage of the high speeds and reliable service. If your organization is suffers from slow speeds, dropped service and webpages that never load, consider switching to T3 speeds. 

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