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Providers of virtual private server hosting services and VPS hosting plans. Review listings to find links to business VPS hosting vendors offering multiple domains, firewall, and monitoring services.

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Virtual Server Hosting News and Trends

Do you need to research virtual server hosting news and trends? You do if you have a successful business and now you want to sell your services online. The problem is which virtual server hosting company do you use? There are many you can find online, in your local newspaper, or in the yellow pages.

Making the Most of Virtual Server Hosting

Making the most of virtual server hosting is important to running your online business. Because of the Internet, you have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to making the most of virtual server hosting.

Virtual Server Hosting Key Terms

In order to get your website live on the Internet, you need to use some type of virtual server hosting. Like most things related to the Internet, you have some choice in the type of server you use.

Virtual private server - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and ...

VPS Hosting: your Virtual Server - OVH

Starting from $2,99/month! ... Enter the Cloud with your VPS: fast, flexible and cost-effective! Root access, 16 GB RAM, 100 Mbps, 200 GB Raid 10 HDD!

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Virtual Private Server, VPS Hosting, Linux Vserver, Best Virtual ...

DreamHost provides the complete customizable VPS hosting package with Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Storage and 24/7 Tech Support!

VPS Hosting Plans & VPS Servers | InMotion Hosting

VPS Hosting Plans and VPS Servers by InMotion Hosting. Our top rated Virtual Private Servers are reliable, powerful, and affordable.

DigitalOcean: SSD Cloud Server, VPS Server, Simple Cloud Hosting

Deploy an 512MB RAM and 20GB SSD cloud server in 55 seconds for $5/month. Simple, fast, scalable SSD cloud virtual servers.

Virtual Server for great value performance from 1&1 -

Great value and powerful features make 1&1 Virtual Server the perfect choice for ... stable and efficient web hosting · WordPress HostingProfessional WordPress ...

VPS Hosting | Affordable & Configurable VPS plans - GoDaddy

VPS Hosting gives you more power than traditional hosting. Our VPS hosting solutions are affordable and easier to manage than a dedicated server.

Fully Managed VPS | Virtual Servers for Web Pros - GoDaddy

If you're outgrowing your web hosting or simply want more control, a managed or fully managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the next logical choice for your ...

Linode: SSD Cloud Hosting

Instantly deploy and manage an SSD server in the Linode Cloud. Get a server running in seconds with your choice of Linux distro, resources, and node location .

Web Servers

If you ever had to point to a physical object and say, "There is the Internet," you would end up pointing to a squat, undistinguished electronic box known as a Web server. Inside would be a series of narrow, horizontal or vertical components and some basic hardware that look a lot like the guts an ordinary PC, stacked like stereo equipment in metal rack and cooled by lots of tiny fans.

It's those slices of technology that listen to the thousands, sometimes millions, of simultaneous requests to see a given Web page, decide how quickly to respond, then administer the resources it takes to make Web e-mail, a favorite shopping site or your own company's home page appear on those distant screens around the world.

Many small businesses outsource the work of buying, maintaining, updating and administering Web servers, but there are good reasons, too, to buy and own them. Covered in this guide:

1. What Web servers do and what Web servers do not do for you
2. Buying and using Web servers for hosting
3. Web server software options
4. When to avoid Web servers entirely and use Web server hosting

A quick guide to Web servers vs. other servers

It can get confusing on the buying side if not really sure what you need. For instance, a "server" can mean any central computer that controls data shared by several individual users on ordinary desktop computers, for managing e-mail or storing company-wide files, for instance.
Web server vendors and Web servers by brand at

Choosing from types of web hosting servers: blades and racks

Web servers have been shrinking over the decades. The first was much like a large-ish PC, while the latest iteration -- known as a "blade" server -- allows for vertical stacking of many blades since memory, cooling, power and other functions are separate and built instead into the enclosure.
rack Web servers and blade Web servers at

Once you choose a server, Web hosting means software

Web servers are really just hardware, plain and simple. What makes Web servers run, in fact, is software that interprets the commands from around the Web and manages your Web site's pages.

Run away from your Web server with dedicated server Web hosting

Making the choice to buy, operating and maintain a Web server is not to be taken lightly. At minimum, your company will have to have compelling reason -- information security, proprietary Web services, paranoia, whatever -- to justify the ongoing expense.
dedicated Web servers at

  • Web servers are not complex devices, but their care and feeding can be a real drain. Always price the five-year cost of a Web server against simpler Web server hosting, feature for feature.
  • If your online business is likely to spike tremendously you will need the capacity to deal with the additional hits. Be sure to review traffic over the past few years and consider capacity carefully. A crashed Web site might be the result if your Web servers are not ready.
  • Just like ordinary PCs, Web servers are prone to attacks. In the case of Web servers, though, the risk is usually denial of service: So many hits that real users cannot reach you. Talk with your vendor or about security and traffic management techniques that help offset these risks.

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