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Companies offering business web hosting and hosting applications such as: domain hosting, collocation, ecommerce, and dedicated hosting. Vendors may be sorted by industry specialty and location.

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Dedicated Server Hosting

For most small businesses, the confines of shared server hosting become limiting fairly quickly. And that’s understandable, because shared hosting is meant to be used for small pages and not business applications.

Virtual Server Hosting News and Trends

Do you need to research virtual server hosting news and trends? You do if you have a successful business and now you want to sell your services online. The problem is which virtual server hosting company do you use? There are many you can find online, in your local newspaper, or in the yellow pages.

Making the Most of Virtual Server Hosting

Making the most of virtual server hosting is important to running your online business. Because of the Internet, you have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to making the most of virtual server hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting News and Trends

Do you need to produce a report for your boss on dedicated server hosting news and trends? Your boss wants to know some of the features that dedicated server hosting providers offer. Your boss may also want to know if customers are satisfied with using dedicated server hosting.

Managed Service Providers Key Terms

Managed service providers (MSP) are becoming more in demand in the business world. Their popularity is due to the enormous amount of updates and changes in the IT (information technology) world.

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Web Hosting Managment Education and Training

Web hosting management education and training is easy to find, and that can be a good or a bad thing. There are many websites out there, telling you how to choose a web host -- so how do you choose which one to read? While some may offer valid and useful information, some websites may provide unreliable information.

Colocation Hosting Education and Training

Colocation hosting education and training is actually easier than the actual job of managing your own server. Your job is to learn enough to choose a host that can keep your server safe and secure and connected to the Internet.

Dedicated Server Hosting Key Terms

Dedicated server hosting offers you the ability to host your website on its own private, stand-alone server. With a dedicated server host, you control the hardware, the applications and the services specific to your business needs.

Virtual Server Hosting Key Terms

In order to get your website live on the Internet, you need to use some type of virtual server hosting. Like most things related to the Internet, you have some choice in the type of server you use.

Colocation Hosting Key Terms

Colocation can be a smart move for your business if you need higher bandwidth or want to be assured of adequate backup power. There are other reasons for colocation that may make sense for your business, such as securing data from hackers or data recovery in the event of a power outage or hurricane.

Shared Business Hosting with SSDs | InMotion Hosting

Web Hosting Plans by InMotion Hosting. Top rated Business Class Web Hosting solutions for Small and Medium Business now with solid-state drives included ...

Business Web Hosting - A Small Orange

Designed for e-commerce, yet flexible enough for anyone with a high traffic website, Business Hosting from A Small Orange takes shared hosting to the next  ...

We offer 250 + unique c-nets throughout 18 different countries. Find the optimal C-Class IP web hosting solution for your multiple websites today!

Features advice, how-to's, and news on the web hosting industry from a team of programmers and experts.
Arvixe Review

Detailed review of Arvixe, a web hosting company. In depth review of features. Business users shopping for hosting will find this review useful.

European web hosting services, including quality 24/7 support, all-inclusive website hosting, free web site building tools, blog, and CMS.
Find Best Web Hosting Companies

Find reliable web hosts. Good articles to help you choose a reliable web host.
Find Best Web Hosting

Find and compare web hosting companies. Successful websites start with a reliable web host. Compare web hosts and choose the best one for your needs.

Provides reliable website hosting, an easy-to-use website builder, affordable SSL certificates and domain registration services.
NCM Online

NCM Online provides web hosting reviews, speed and uptime test results, coupon codes, BBB ratings, rankings, renewal rates, guarantee info and more...
Top 10 Web hosting

A reliable web host is the backbone of a successful website. Find the best web hosting company by comparing best web hosts.
Web Hosting Reviews and Discounts:

Compare web hosting and read reviews. Detailed reviews of the best web hosting services including discounts.

WebHostingBuzz consistently wins awards for best customer service. Established in 2002, WebHostingBuzz offers the full suite of hosting services.

Web Hosting Services for Small Business

In today's business world, a Web site is a must-have marketing tool. Whether you need a simple site that describes your services, or you're launching a full-blown e-commerce store, you'll need a Web host. These Internet service providers rent space on their computers and allow access to your Web pages. To find the best Web hosting service for your business, you need to choose one that fits your site requirements and your budget. But don't forget to factor in the intangibles, such as reliability and customer service.

Despite the potential cost savings, businesses should avoid free hosting. These free services routinely place banner ads on your site, offer limited security and database support and don't provide you with a unique domain name.

Three other types of hosting that are suitable for small businesses are:

  1. Shared (virtual). Pay a monthly fee for a powerful server to host your site, along with hundreds of others. Widely used and low cost, this offers good support and your own domain name (Web address). But speed suffers at peak traffic times, and security isn't as tight due to multiple sites on one server.
  2. Dedicated. The costliest form, this gives you a server dedicated to your Web site -great if you have lots of e-commerce or thousands of visitors a day.
  3. Collocated. You own your server, placed in the data center of the service provider, which provides a fast Internet connection. Advantages: High band width, up-time, and security, plus unlimited software choices. You pay for maintenance and band width.

Discover the range of options online

Get rapid, reliable service that's existed for years, has a physical address, doesn't overload its servers and has plenty of available bandwidth.

Get what you need in one place

Many Web hosting services cater to companies that require large-scale solutions. But for many small businesses, especially those that aren't involved in e-commerce and don't expect high traffic, a modest hosting package will suffice.

Look for reliability

Pricing is important, of course, but remember that lower fees may mean lower technical support. A cheaper host may go out of business soon, and you don't want to move to another host later. Be certain the host backs up server, Web site and database files daily.

Look for live support

Call the tech support phone number, not sales, and see how quickly you get to a technician. Try it at 3 a.m. A real person needs to answer the phone 24/7.

Use a host with solid financials

If you're depending on the Internet to sell products, partner with a host that won't shut down in six months. A financially shaky host could hurt your business. Ask for and read the financials.

Find a host that grows with you

When your business grows, you'll need to upgrade – and that means more than just increased storage and bandwidth. Does the host offers e-commerce products, SPAM filters, anti-virus protection and marketing software?

Get help with site creation

Many hosting services also offer Web creation tools that will help you get your Web site up and running quickly. Look for design templates and easy online store set-up tools.

Avoid host networks that have been blackholed

Some networks will host any Web sites, including porn sites and spammers. If a network gets blackholed – or blacklisted for spamming – that will affect your customers, too.
  • Get specific about charges. Which are free versus fee-based?
  • If you're selling products, choose a host that will link you to PayPal, Amazon or eBay.
  • Try a service for a month before you lock into a one-year contract.
  • Look for a refund on any unused hosting, if you cancel before the contract expires.

Get everything you need to grow your business

Receive tips, tools, and case studies with the Advisor, our weekly email newsletter

Thanks! We just sent your first issue

306,241 Subscribers