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Articles of Incorporation, or Certificates of Incorporation, are written when a business desires legal corporate status in a particular state. Articles of Incorporation portray the basic information of the company, which includes the name of the business, the people (or board) who are responsible for drafting and upholding the articles of incorporation and the corporate purpose.

Articles of Incorporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The "Articles of Incorporation" (sometimes also referred to as the Certificate of Incorporation or the Corporate Charter) are the primary rules governing the ...

ARTS-GS Articles of Incorporation of a General Stock Corporation

2014 California Secretary of State. ARTS-GS (REV 03/2014) business/be. ARTS-GS. Articles of Incorporation of a. General Stock Corporation.

Articles Of Incorporation Definition | Investopedia

Articles of incorporation must contain pertinent information such as the firm's name, street address, agent for service of process, and the amount and type of stock ...

Articles of Incorporation legal definition of Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation. The document that must be filed with an appropriate government agency, commonly the office of the Secretary of State, if the owners of ...

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Get Started - Articles of Incorporation for Florida Profit Corporation

Articles of Incorporation for Florida Profit Corporation. (This option creates a Florida Profit Corporation. You cannot use this option to form a Limited Liability ...

Articles of incorporation | Establishment | Nonprofit Management ...

Articles of incorporation is a legal document that is filed with the state to create a corporation. Nonprofit articles contain the organization's basic information ...

Articles of Incorporation -

Welcome to the On-line Articles of Incorporation filing system. Please review the following instructions before proceeding. CORPORATION NAME: The corporate  ...

Writing and Filing the Articles of Incorporation - FindLaw

What are the Articles of Incorporation? Your corporation's articles of incorporation act as a charter to establish the existence of your corporation in your state,

Sample Articles of Incorporation

Sample Articles of Incorporation. ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF (name of organization) I. The name of this corporation is ...

Corporation Articles of Incorporation - CyberDrive Illinois

BUSINESS SERVICES. Corporation Articles of Incorporation. Guidelines. The corporation name must include one of the following words or abbreviations: ...

Articles of Incorporation |

In most states, the document is known as the articles of incorporation, and in most states it needs to be filed with the Secretary of State. However, your particular ...

Article of Incorporation Pricing and Costs

An article of incorporation, which is sometimes referred to as a certificate of incorporation, article of formation or a corporate charter, contains the rules that have been established by an organization in order to organize the rules and management governing the corporate entity. It is necessary for articles of incorporation to be filed with the state or other legal regulatory agency. Article of incorporation help can be provided by an article of incorporation consultant or by utilizing article of incorporation information on the Internet.

Article of Incorporation pricing and costs will vary. This is because not all filing entities need the same amount of assistance when it comes to the recording process. Consider the following when trying to determine article of incorporation pricing and costs:

1. Utilize the free articles of incorporation information that can be found on the Internet.

2. Hire a professional article of incorporation consultant or article of incorporation lawyer.

3. Learn the price for just filing an article of incorporation.

Determine what articles of incorporation information you can get for free

So much information is made available to the public free of charge, if they just learn how to access the information. This includes article of incorporation information help. There are many websites online that can assist businesses in the structure, organization and presentation of their articles of incorporation. It is possible for businesses and organizations to begin their certificate of incorporation paperwork without dipping into their budgets by finding legitimate sites with this information.

Budget for the cost of an article of incorporation consultant or article of incorporation lawyer

Even though a lot of free information is available, many businesses will want to ensure the legality of their articles of incorporation. This is where an appropriate lawyer or consultant would step in to preview the paperwork or help with the creation of a draft. The costs and prices of these individuals and their work will vary.

Learn how much it will cost just to file Article of Incorporation paperwork

There is a cost for filing article of incorporation paperwork. By learning these prices, businesses can budget the cost into their finances.

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