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Forming an LLC (limited liability company) is not as hard as most people think. Here are the steps you need to take to make your LLC a legal reality. Choose an  ...

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To elect a classification, an LLC must file Form 8832. This form is also used if an LLC wishes to change its classification status. Read more about filing as a ...

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Forming an LLC should only be done after careful analysis. The following information has been developed to answer your questions regarding formation of an ...

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LLC (Limited Liability Company) | Form an LLC Online - LLC ...

We make it easy and affordable form an LLC online starting at only $69. Learn more about how to start a Limited Liability Company with MyCorporation today.

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LLC-1. Articles of Organization of a Limited Liability Company (LLC). To form a limited liability company in California, you can fill out this form, and submit for ...

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Jan 1, 2013 ... Instructions for Completing Form LLC-12. Every domestic and registered foreign limited liability company shall file a Statement of Information ...

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Forms, samples and fees for most business entity filings.

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Decide in what state you will form your LLC. Many business owners will need to form their LLC in their home state, however, some may be able to form an LLC in  ...

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Mar 1, 2008 ... Excerpted From Forming an LLC (Entrepreneur Press) Organizing an LLC yourself can seem daunting upon first glance, but it's actually a ...

BlumbergExcelsior: LLC Formation Services for All States

We specialize in forming LLCs. Includes LLC kit with operating agreement. Fill out our online form.

Form LLC

To form LLC (limited liability company) status, you must comply with various state laws governing incorporation practices. While people often compare an LLC to a corporation, they are two distinct business structures. The primary differences between the two are (1) a limited liability corporation has different tax requirements and (2) an LLC has another tier of liability protection that offers lawsuit protection.

The one critical disadvantage of a limited liability company is that it's a partnership, which means that it's a joint venture between two individuals. Take the following steps to form an LLC:

1. Explore benefits associated with an LLC company.

2. File your entire form LLC list of required paperwork online.

3. Find a form LLC provider to help you register your LLC.

Form LLC for your business to get extensive liability protection

The primary advantage to forming a limited liability company is that an LLC protects partners, managers and all employees. As long as everyone involved acts within the guidelines of the law and doesn't engage in criminal activity, the personal assets of all partners are protected. A professional firm skilled in setting up the various different types of businesses such as S-Corp, C-Corp and LLC can help you form LLC status for your company.

File paperwork online for a limited liability corporation

To register LLC companies, you must file a range of documents with your state and comply with all Internal Revenue Service filing guidelines. Be sure to seek professional business advice to ensure you file all appropriate documentation in a timely and legal manner.

Talk to a form LLC Provider

The primary requirement is that you must have at least two individuals participating in the LLC. Some states, however, do permit individuals to form LLC companies with just one person, but there may be different tax implications for a single-person LLC. Consult with an experienced form LLC provider for additional form LLC information specific to your state.
  • In many states, to form LLC status requires less paperwork than to establish an S-Corp or C-Corp. However, an LLC does carry additional requirements such as stating how long you plan to operate as an LLC. With a corporation, you don't have to state the duration at the time of formation.