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Guidelines on Developing Intellectual Property Policy for ... - WIPO

address, design and develop intellectual property policies. This will ... The objective of this booklet is to explain the intellectual property policy (IPP) needs of .

Intellectual Property Policy - Harvard Office of Technology ...

These challenges are further affected by federal policy and legislation relating to intellectual property (including patents and copyrights) as well as the funding of ...

Intellectual Property Policy - Carnegie Mellon University

Editor's notes: POLICY TITLE: Intellectual Property Policy of Carnegie Mellon University. DATE OF ISSUANCE: This policy was originally issued to campus on  ...

SAE Intellectual Property Policy - SAE International

Intellectual property is SAE's most valuable asset. Individuals who participate in SAE technical committees and related activities may, from time to time, where ...

Intellectual Property Policy - Arizona State University

6-908 Intellectual Property Policy. The Arizona Board of Regents, and the three universities which the Board governs, are all dedicated to teaching, research, ...

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Statement of Policy on Intellectual Property - New York University

This Statement of Policy on Intellectual Property should be considered together with other pertinent NYU policies, including the NYU Policy on Academic Conflict  ...

UT System Intellectual Property Policy in Plain English - University of ...

Official Policy Available at. Regents' Rules and Regulations, Series 90000: Intellectual Property. Regents' Rules and Regulations, Series 90000: Intellectual  ...

Intellectual Property Law and Policy

Feb 20, 2013 ... The USPTO is committed to promoting awareness of and providing leadership in the area of Intellectual Property Law and Policy. Two offices ...

Intellectual Property Policy - Office of Research - University of Florida

The University of Florida Intellectual Property Policy is meant to encourage and enable ... property encourages the creation of such intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Policy - Compliance & Policies | Washington ...

Washington University has established this Intellectual Property Policy ("Policy") for the management of intellectual property to: Promote, preserve, encourage ...

Intellectual Property - Association of American Universities

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. As major ... AAU provides policy leadership for its members and the higher education community in these areas. In this section ...

Intellectual property | UCOP

Research Policy Analysis and Coordination ... Policies & Guidance ... research for the public benefit, RPAC provides intellectual property policy guidance on the  ...

Intellectual Property Policies

If you've hired employees to create anything for you, whether it's pharmaceuticals or running shoes, you'll need an employee intellectual property policy to ensure that anything they create on company time remains under company ownership. You've probably taken measures to prevent theft or infringement from competitors or other outside sources, but have you considered who your employees might share sensitive company information with?

An employee intellectual property policy:
  1. Ensures that all employees understand that everything they design, create or innovate belongs to the company.
  2. Binds current or former employees from selling, disclosing or using as their own idea anything created while on the job.
  3. Helps your company comply with federal intellectual property law.

Start with an understanding of intellectual property law

Before you can draft a comprehensive and legally binding corporate intellectual property policy, you need to know the laws regarding patents, trademarks and copyrights.
U.S. Copyright Law laws governing copyright law, for everything from sound recordings to designs. You can also keep an eye on the latest copyright regulations. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website includes a comprehensive law and policy section, which features international intellectual property information, federal laws and regulations, and patent and trademark policies, procedures and regulations. And at the World Intellectual Property Organization, find out what category of intellectual property your company's work falls under.

Use a sample intellectual property policy as a guide

To understand what goes into an intellectual property policy for business, it helps to look at sample intellectual property statement, either one in use by another company, or a basic sample intellectual property disclaimer you can adapt to your own organization.

Hire a patent lawyer or other intellectual property attorney to draft or review your policy

The surest way of protecting your company's intellectual property is to enlist the expertise of an intellectual property attorney. They can review your existing policy, or help you create one from scratch. They'll likely have created dozens of policies for other companies, and will be well-versed in federal intellectual property regulations as well as anything specific to your state or you industry. In legal documents, wording is crucial, so you don't want to risk losing the rights to a potentially lucrative invention because of a legal loophole.
U.S. Patent and Trade Office site.
  • Intellectual property law differs among countries. If you have offices or employees in other countries, research international intellectual property law regulations, and make sure your employee agreement takes those into consideration.

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