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Directory of labor law attorneys. Information on employment laws and regulations. Vendors offer work law compliance and labor regulation assistance.

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Harassment Law

You as a victim are protected by harassment laws, and you may require a harassment lawyer if you fall into one of the following categories: bullying, psychological harassment, racial harassment, religious harassment, sexual harassment, stalking, mobbing, hazing, backlash, or police harassment. Harassment laws like the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its subsequent laws on harassment are what protect you.

BlackBerry 7780

BlackBerry 7780 phones offer a variety of functions for businesses. Blackberry 7780 cell phones are more than just phones, as they function as an email provider, an instant messenger, and an organizer in a handheld format.

Iowa Labor and Employment Law

Iowa labor laws are in place to protect Iowans. The state expects employers to know the Iowa work laws that apply to their business.

Kentucky Labor and Employment Law

Labor laws in Kentucky have commonwealth-specific requirements and rules. Kentucky labor law attorneys have the experience and expertise to evaluate the claims and circumstances of the full range of worker grievances.

Louisiana Labor and Employment Law

Labor laws in Louisiana help employers protect their businesses through compliance with safety standards, fair hiring practices and work environment. Louisiana labor and employment labor law helps both employers and employees have better working relationships in a more productive environment.

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Arizona Labor and Employment Law

Labor laws in Arizona help employers protect their businesses through establishing guidelines for safety standards, fair hiring practices and working conditions. Arizona labor and employment law helps both employers and employees have better working relationships in a more productive environment.

Training for Harassment Law

Harassment in the workplace is far more common than you may think. Therefore, it is in the best interest of your employees and your business as a whole to provide comprehensive harassment law training.

Kentucky Labor and Employment Law Education and Training

As a human resource professional or employer in Kentucky, you'll be expected to fully comply with the laws guaranteeing Kentucky employee rights. Finding these laws is as easy as accessing any one of the state's numerous websites, some of which provide a ready link to the statutes themselves and others, which offer help to business owners seeking to abide by these laws.

Louisiana Labor and Employment Law Education and Training

Louisiana business owners require their HR managers and staff to know how to comply with labor laws in Louisiana. This on the job training includes knowing where and how to find state statutes that relate to employment regulations and also how to implement these laws in the company's human resources policy.

New Mexico Labor and Employment Law Education and Training

New Mexico employment laws deals primarily with the relationship between employers and unions. New Mexico labor and employment law education and training includes a broad range of issues, such as hiring and firing practices, medical leave, overtime, worker safety standards and wages.

Harassment Law Key Terms

Harassment in the workplace is unlawful. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 all provide legal protections against harassment in the workplace.

Kentucky Labor and Employment Law Key Terms

The purpose of Kentucky labor laws is to make certain that employers treat their staffs fairly. State and federal agencies are bound by laws regarding labor and employment to protect the welfare of employees and promote their stable and beneficial relationships with employers.

Tribunal Claim

Tribunal Claim are specialist no win no fee employment solicitors who can assist clients in all areas of employment law including discrimination.

Our top employment attorneys in California is a specialty law firm dealing only with employment problems and labor law issues.
Walker Head

The Walker Head Lawyers team offers qualified legal expertise in civil litigation, personal injury, employment, business, and disability claims.
Whitten and Lublin LLP

Whitten & Lubin are experienced Mississauga employment lawyers offering legal counsel and consultation for all areas of employment law.
Workers Compenation Lawyers at

Find local workers compensation lawyers and workers comp attorneys. Our directory provides a great place to look up local attorneys.

Small Business Labor and Employment Law Compliance

If you're starting a business, make sure you develop a comprehensive labor and employment compliance plan. Why spend the time and expense? Because a misstep, be it in hiring, firing or other employment issues, could cost millions of dollars if you're sued by a current or former employee. Your plan should include:
  1. A current employee handbook that spells out procedures and policies.
  2. A detailed anti-harassment policy that is distributed to employees and complies with state and federal laws.
  3. A method to solicit employee feedback, including any type of harassment complaint.
  4. A method of evaluating employee job performance at regular intervals, such as every six months or annually.

Make yourself an expert - or run expert software

You never know when an employment issue will come up. Be prepared.
Employment Law Guide for small business takes you from soup to nuts, including health benefits, wage garnishment, retirement standards and union issues. The Cornell Law School gives a useful overview of labor law. Or run CompliancePro software on your PC; it generates forms for tracking every sort of employment issue, while giving expert advice along the way on how to act within the law.

Conduct background checks without violating rights

It makes sense to conduct a background check of a potential employee. You don't want the risks or the liability that come from making a bad hire. But you also don't want to violate a prospective employee's privacy rights by doing it the wrong way.

Don't discriminate

Make sure you and your managers do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, pregnancy, religion, national origin or disabilities by keeping up with the latest federal and local regulations.
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission site for fact sheets spelling out what are discriminatory practices.

Comply with wage and hour regulations

Learn what the minimum wage laws are in your state.
U.S. Department of Labor is the gateway to all the state wage regulations.

Meet the immigration laws

Immigration laws require companies to verify a person's eligibility for employment. To do so, you need an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) form, also known as an I-9 check.
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services lays out the rules on I-9.

Post state and federal labor laws

Each workplace should have a poster with the latest federal and state labor laws.
You can order both state and federal posters at the Labor Law Center or the Federal Wage and Labor Law Institute.

Consult your state's labor office

Every state has a labor office that can be a source of information about labor and employee law.
Click on this federal Department of Labor site to get details on your state's labor office.
  • Do not publicly embarrass an employee, even if he or she has made a mistake.
  • Avoid giving out negative references for former employees. Tell a reference checker that your company only allows you to verify a former worker's dates of employment.
  • Keep problem-employees issues private. Discuss them only with managers or supervisors who need to be kept in the loop.
  • Treat all employees equally.

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