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Directory of vendors offering assistance in getting new business inventions to market. Find resources for inventors, including kits for new inventions and links to invention submission corporations.

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Getting an Invention to Market

Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates. All had great visions, but more importantly their hard work turned their idea into a reality.

New Inventions Basics

You have a great idea for a new invention. .

Pricing and Costs of New Inventions

The costs of creating new business inventions isn't inexpensive. One of the major pricing and costs of new inventions, however, can be determined fairly easily in advance: the cost of obtaining a U.

Invention - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An invention is a unique or novel device, method, composition or process. The invention process is a process within an overall engineering and product ...

Invention - Merriam-Webster Online

a : something invented: as (1) : a product of the imagination; especially : a false conception (2) : a device, contrivance, or process originated after study and ...

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History of Famous Inventions A to Z - Inventors -

Research the history of famous inventions both historical and cutting edge contemporary with thousands of detailed articles, biographies, photos, and timelines.

Inventor Help For Invention Prototype, Invention Patent, Sell ...

Invention help with invention patents, prototypes, licensing and sales. Submit inventions. Sell new invention ideas and patents. License invention. Inventing 101.

Invention | Define Invention at

U.S. Patent Law. a new, useful process, machine, improvement, etc., that did not exist previously and that is recognized as the product of some unique intuition ...

invention - definition of invention by The Free Dictionary

The act or process of inventing: used a technique of her own invention. 2. A new device, method, or process developed from study and experimentation: the ...

Inventions - Facts, Figures, Pictures & Stories -

Find out more about the stories behind the inventions and inventors that shaped history. Explore interesting articles, facts, pictures, videos and more on ...

Lemelson Center presents Invention at Play

Learn about the importance of play at the Lemelson Center's Invention at Play exhibit.

Lemelson Center's Invention at Play: Invention Playhouse

Play in the Invention Playhouse at the Lemelson Center's Invention at Play exhibit.

InventHelp Invention & Idea Services

One of America's largest inventor service company can help you try to submit your invention to industry and obtain affordable idea patent services.

New Invention Key Terms

Inventions are always being created for all industries, and eventually they lead to new products for businesses and consumers. And, while the process of creating an invention may be tedious, going through the proper channels to secure patents and copyrights ensures that only the best will go from the drawing board into the hands of the consumer. Many government offices and regulatory organizations also help bring them to life.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

The Patent Cooperation Treaty is an agreement between contracting states that offers national and international patent protection for inventions with a reduction in the cost of filing multiple applications.


A copyright is issued on a piece of intellectual property. This gives the copyright holder exclusive rights to use and distribute this property for a specific amount of time.
U.S. Copyright Office provides all of the laws and policies regarding filing for a copyright, what type of property can have a copyright and how violators of copyrights can be punished.

Design patent

A design patent is a patent on the specific shape and size of an object.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property encompasses the creations of the mind, including music, literature, ideas and designs.
Intellectual Property Owners Association offers resources and information on intellectual property laws and court rulings throughout the United States and abroad.

Patent royalties

A royalty is a specific amount of money issued to the holder of intellectual property. This money is earned through licensing of the intellectual property to an entity for a specific amount of time. Patent royalties are paid when an infringement on the patent is apparent.

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

The United States Patent and Trademark Office is the government agency that reviews invention ideas and issues patents based upon a number of standards.
United States Patent and Trademark Office provides general information on obtaining a patent from its office.

Get everything you need to grow your business

Receive tips, tools, and case studies with the Advisor, our weekly email newsletter

Thanks! We just sent your first issue

306,241 Subscribers