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Shelf Corporation Laws and Regulations

Obtaining information about shelf corporation laws and regulations can help you determine if purchasing aged shelf corporations is a wise investment for you. Owning a shelf corporation identity can help business owners demonstrate longevity which could in turn improve their image with clients and lenders.

Shelf Corporation Key Terms

A shelf corporation (or aged corporation) is a corporation that has been previously established. This type of corporation gets its name from the idea of the abandoned business being put on a shelf until a new owner buys it.

Shelf corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A shelf corporation, shelf company, or aged corporation, is a company or corporation that has had no activity. It was created and left with no activity ...

Aged Shelf Corporations Shelf Corp LOWEST PRICES ANYWHERE

Shelf Companies from .06 to 100 years old, the largest Shelf Company inventory available.

Aged Shelf Companies - Wyoming Corporate

Unless otherwise noted, the aged company does not have an EIN issued yet. These are clean shelf companies. They have never been used and as such have  ...

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Don't Be Tempted by 'Shelf Corporations' - Businessweek

Jul 14, 2009 ... One of those avenues could involve a vehicle called a "shelf corporation"—a corporation formed in a low-tax, low-regulation state expressly to ...

Aged Shelf Corporations - 1-800-Company

Have INSTANT corporate credibility with an aged shelf corporation. Purchasing a company that has already been incorporated that has a clean business history ...

Shelf Corporations | Business Identity Theft

Thieves use shelf corporations and trade rings to deceive, impersonate, and appear legitimate in business fraud schemes.

Shelf Corporations, Aged Corporations and Client Owned - Spiegel ...

Florida, California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Nevada and Delaware Shelf corporations or aged corps, complete list, that are registered with the Secretary of  ...

Aged Shelf Corporations — - Corporate Credit

Build Business Credit FASTER with an Aged Shelf Corporation and Credit Builder Program. Aged shelf corporations are pre-incorporated business entities that ...

Shelf Corp. -

Aug 5, 2014 ... Buy a Shelf Company Now! In minutes, you can buy a Shelf Corporation or Shelf LLC from

What is shelf company? definition and meaning

Definition of shelf company: Ready made 'paper company' that has fulfilled all requirements for legal registration, and may be bought by anyone to bypass the ...

Shelf Corporation News and Trends

There are many reason to set up or purchase a shelf corporation. Your company may be looking to bid on a contract with jurisdiction restrictions, or maybe you're looking to start a new business but want to skip all of the headaches of setting one up. Whatever your reason, a shelf corporation business may be just what you're looking for.

Whether your business is looking to set up a shelf company or buy aged shelf corporations, it is imperative that you stay on top of shelf corporation news and trends. As you begin your shelf corporation research, consider the following:

1. There are industry sites with sections devoted entirely to shelf company news.

2. Blogs and news feeds are great sources of aged shelf corp. news and advice.

3. Newsletters and RSS feed subscriptions are an easy and time-effective way to stay current with shelf corporation news and trends.

Visit sites that cover shelf company and aged shelf corporation news

Many shelf company-focused websites provide dedicated news sections directly on their sites. Such sites are great sources for not only news, but also offer many other resources related to the business of shelf corporations. If you are just starting out with shelf companies, these sites are the best places to begin your research.

Stay up-to-date with blogs and news feeds about shelf companies and aged corporations

Look to blogs for top-notch shelf corporation news as well as expert advice, in-depth analysis and insights into shelf company creation and purchasing. News feeds are also an excellent resource for receiving the most current shelf corporation news.

Subscribe to shelf corporation newsletters and RSS feeds

Newsletters and RSS feeds devoted to shelf corporation news are informative and convenient sources for staying up-to-date with shelf company news. Best of all, they're cost and time effective as most are delivered to you for free.

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