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Directory of book distributors and wholesalers of trade books and related products. Find wholesale book distributors and book distribution companies for book publishers and retailers throughout the United States and worldwide.

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Book Distributors and Wholesalers News and Trends

Book distributors and book wholesalers belong to an industry that changes rapidly and appears to introduce new distribution technology all the time. Every small business owner that stocks books needs to be up to date on the latest trends and news to have a full picture of the world of their suppliers and distributors.

Book Distributors and Wholesalers Key Terms

There are hundreds of book and publishing related terms and knowing which ones are key to the success of your business is important. Although there are numerous terms, only a few key words are necessary to initiate your relationship with book distribution companies and the average wholesale book dealer.

Saving Money on Book Distributors and Wholesalers

Writing a book and having it edited and published is just the beginning of success. In order to make money and establish a future in book writing, it must be purchased by customers.

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This is a list of book distributors, companies that act as distributors for book publishers, selling primarily to the book trade. The list includes defunct and ...

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Distributors & Wholesalers. The following is not an exhaustive list, nor is it an endorsement of any one distributor or wholesaler over another. If you have any ...

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Do your due diligence before signing with any book distributor. Talk to their customers (both publishers and bookstores) to verify they'd be a good company for ...

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Ingram Content Group is the world's largest and most trusted distributor of content to ... Connect with the largest content inventory in the book industry and then ...

Christian Book Distributors

Bibles, homeschooling products, software, videos, and other products, all at discount prices. In business as a mail-order discounter for over twenty years.

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Jun 10, 2010 ... Ingram is the largest book wholesaler and distributor in the world and if your book is not listed in their ipage ordering system, it's simply invisible ...

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If your publishing goals include more than giving away copies of your book to friends and family, book distribution is essential. Although it may sometimes be ...

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Book distributor for a large number of independent publishers throughout the USA and worldwide. Also supplies academic and Spanish markets.


Sales, marketing, order fulfullment, and credit and collections services. Provides staff profiles, list of publishers, and contact details.

Services Provided by Book Distributors and Wholesalers

Publishers and self-publishers benefit from using book wholesalers or book distributors. Many major bookstores will not stock a book unless it is available for sale through book distributors and book wholesalers. Bookstores prefer dealing with book distributors and book wholesalers for a few reasons:

  1. Book distributors and book wholesalers are usually more reliable than and tend to ship faster than publishers.
  2. Bookstores can usually get better discounts from book distributors and book wholesalers than from publishers.
  3. Bookstores can return unsold books to book distributors and book wholesalers, which they can’t do with many publishers.
Even though they offer many of the same benefits, there are some key differences between book wholesalers and distributors:

  1. A book wholesaler works for the book store and offers minimal marketing support.
  2. A book distributor works for the publisher and assists in marketing the books sold.

Find the right book distributor

Choose a book distributor that handles all of the order fulfillment and warehousing requirements. This will take the burden off you having to find storage and possibly hire staff to help fulfill orders. Most book distributors employ a sales staff that markets your books to major bookstore chains and independent bookstores. It pays to take time to research various book distributors or book wholesalers that carry books in your genre.

Sell through wholesale book distributors' catalogs

Choose a wholesaler to carry your book in a catalog. The wholesaler usually offers little marketing other than a catalog, so if you are able to do most of the marketing yourself, a book wholesaler may be your best bet.

On your own terms

Book distribution companies and wholesale book dealers offer various discount terms to bookstores. The amount you pay them to distribute your book may vary based on the net sale price, which can vary depending on the discount given to the buyers. Ask the company how the discount is figured on each sale to the book stores.

The company's backbone

Check to make sure the wholesale book dealer or the book distribution company is stable. Ask if it offers insurance on your books while they are in the warehouse. Find out how long the companies have been in business and how large the book distribution companies are before signing the deal. Also ask how many publishing companies the book distributors represent.

Shop til you drop

Request a catalog before making your decision. Browsing the catalog will tell you what genres the book distributor or book wholesaler markets. It will also tell you a lot about the company's professionalism and sales territories.

Do a background check

As you would for a potential employee, find out what's lurking in the background of a particular book distributor or book wholesaler if you're unsure if its reputation. Request financial statements if you have questions about the viability of the distribution company. Make sure it's not hanging by a financial thread. Ask other publishers and authors what book distributors or book wholesalers they use. Talk to your local book store managers to see where they buy most of their books. Some publisher forums are a good source of advice also.

Gain some independence

Most independent distributors offer distribution of paperback books and magazines, but if your budget prohibits using a larger company, a smaller, independent company may be the ticket.

A list of the top independent book distributors can be found at Bookmarket.
  • Use Ingram Book Company. Ingram Book Company is one of the largest privately owned book wholesaler to independent bookstores. Ingram Book Company is located in LaVergne, Tennessee.
  • Use Baker & Taylor. Baker & Taylor is another major wholesaler. This company does not stock books; it orders directly from the publisher.

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