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Coffee & Coffee Supplies for Home & Office | StaplesĀ®

For the coffee lover, keep your office or home stocked with coffee supplies like coffee makers, sweeteners, stirrers, and K-Cups. We carry coffee brands like ...

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Shop our coffee shop supplies to find the right coffee shop equipment for your commercial business needs. Wholesale prices, fast shipping and superior service.

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Cupping Supplies. One of the most important processes in executing a great roast, is continually cupping your coffees, to dial in the perfect roast profile. We want ...

Coffee and Coffee Supplies at Office Depot & OfficeMax

If you love coffee, you have plenty of company. When you shop for coffee, coffee makers and supplies at Office Depot, you have lots of choices! That's true if you ...

Barista Pro Shop: Coffee Syrups & Coffee Makers For Home or ...

Coffee syrups, supplies, and equipment for your home or business at Barista Pro Shop. Fast shipping and low prices on everything.

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Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting

Suppliers of green coffee, home coffee roasting supplies, and brewing equipment .

Accessories - Seattle Coffee Gear

Items 1 - 24 of 366 ... We have a huge selection of espresso machine and coffee maker accessories. Let us help you make better coffee at home!

Wholesale Coffee Supplies | Coffee Supplies | Office Coffee Supplies

Items 1 - 25 of 136 ... has all your coffee supplies for all types of coffee brewers and commercial beverage dispensers. See our complete line of coffee ...

Coffee Shop Supplies | FSW

Looking to brew a little excitement in your coffee shop? Click here to shop FSW's freshly ground prices on tea, coffee, and all your supply needs.

Barista Coffee Supplies -

Shop Coffee Accessories, Espresso Accessories, Cleaning Supplies and Accessories, Extra Coffee Shop Supplies, Coffee Drink Supplies and more restaurant ...

Coffee Supplies - Office Coffee & Coffee Machines | Standard Coffee

Standard Coffee provides employers with delicious coffees and teas as well as custom brewed-beverage solutions, coffee supplies and coffee brewers.

Wholesale Coffee Supplies - CoffeeAM

We have everything you need to run your coffee shop - from fresh roasted coffee, to gourmet tea, to specialty drink mixes.

A Guide to Coffee Supplies

For many companies, a cup of coffee is essential for employees to properly start their workday. However, there are endless varieties of coffee and specialty drinks, so much so that most individuals develop a preference for a specific type of coffee. Therefore, it is important that businesses install and offer coffee services that match the needs of their staff.

Considerations before Purchasing Coffee Supplies

1.      Frequency of Coffee Consumption:

For companies that have a large number of employees, they may want to rely on commercial coffee makers. These machines provide large quantities and glasses of coffee on hand, so employees will always have access to coffee. However, single cup brewers can also work well with smaller businesses. These machines can be specialized, and allow employees to choose from an option of beverages, such as specialty coffees, tea and hot chocolate.

2.      Types of Coffee:

There are a variety of possibilities when it comes to coffee preferences. Some employees prefer to drink simply brewed coffee, which comes in a variety of different roasts, ranging from light to extra dark roasts. However, others like to partake in specialty coffee drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes and mochas. Based on the preferences of the staff, business owners should purchase a machine or coffee service that best addresses these needs.

3.      Maintenance:

Besides choosing a coffee machine that is affordable and provides quality coffee, purchasers should also consider the operations costs behind a coffee machine. Most coffee machines should include a warranty and a maintenance option in the case of repairs. In addition, employers should consider purchasing a machine that is relatively easy to operate, as employees need to be able to quickly access coffee and carry on with their work.

The Components of Coffee Supplies

1.      Coffee Machine

A coffee machine is an electronic appliance that is able to brew coffee. There are a number of coffee machine options that are available to install in your office. Standard drip coffee machines are able to make about four to twelve cups of coffee, and are able to brew standard coffee roasts. Single use coffee makers use a pod or a capsule that hold various flavor options. These coffee makers can only make one cup at a time, but are able to make a variety of specialty coffees and drinks. Espresso machines are also a viable option for offices that are looking to integrate espresso drinks into their kitchen menu.

2.      Coffee

Coffee comes in a variety of types and tastes. Standard coffee is brewed from roasted beans, and different beans can produce different tastes and aromas. Specialty coffee drinks require espresso, which is a concentrated drink made from forcing boiling water through finely ground espresso beans. With espresso, machines can create drinks such as Americanos, lattes, and macchiatos. For more information on the various types of coffee, the Specialty Coffee Association of America offer resources on topics related to coffee.

3.      Creamers and Sweeteners

Coffee is a naturally bitter drink; by adding creamers, sweeteners, and other sugar products into coffee, it becomes more appealing to the taste. Coffee sweeteners come in different varieties, distinguished by flavor, size, and caloric count.

Get everything you need to grow your business

Receive tips, tools, and case studies with the Advisor, our weekly email newsletter

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306,241 Subscribers