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Manufacturers and distributors of coffee, including national and regional coffee retailers.

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Creating a Coffee Experience for Clients

Many businesses, no matter what size, offer coffee to clients or other individuals who visit their offices. The problem is that not nearly as many companies give much thought to the process.

Coffee News and Trends

Coffee is one of those goods that consumers are either passionate about or stay far away from it. The coffee industry has some of the most avid enthusiasts of any other food or beverage product out there.

Coffee Bean Direct

Roaster of coffee offers many varieties, in 1, 5 or 25-pound bags, as well as sampler packs, green beans, and bagged tea.

Coffee Wholesale USA: Shop Coffee Brewer | Coffee Equipment ...

Buy Bunn Coffee Makers, Starbucks, Folgers, Curtis, Gatorade, Krups, Crystal Light, ... Coffee Brewer, Coffee Grinder, and more at Coffee Wholesale USA - your ...

We Do Wholesale Right! - Dean's Beans - Fair Trade Coffee Fair ...

We Do Wholesale Right! Whether you have a small cafĂ©, natural foods market, food service account or a hundred store supermarket chain, Dean's Beans has ...

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Fair Trade Wholesale Coffee, Wholesale Organic Coffee

Grounds for Change is proud to offer a unique wholesale coffee program for our fair trade, organic coffee that is geared towards independent cafes and ...

Wholesale - Stumptown Coffee Roasters

When you become part of the Stumptown wholesale family, you get all of us standing in support of you, working for you. Sourcing and roasting the finest coffees ...

Wholesale Coffee - Specialty Java

After reviewing our different Wholesale Coffee Programs below, you are invited to submit your online application. Look for the Apply button below. We will review ...

Wholesale Coffee Blends - CoffeeAM

Our Roastmaster has created 16 exclusive coffee blends available in wholesale sizes that are affordable and money-saving. 2nd bag ships FREE!

Wholesale Organic Coffees - CoffeeAM is a certified Organic Coffee Handler and Processor by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association Organic Certification Program (GCIAOCP ).

Wholesale coffee, wholesale coffee roaster, wholesale coffee beans ...

Buy wholesale coffee. Delicious gourmet coffee direct from the roaster, Coffee by Color, Coffee by Blend, Organic/ Sustainable Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, ...

Wholesale - Caribou Coffee

Wholesale. ... Offer your customers the unforgettable taste of Caribou Coffee. Get the finest coffee in the world delivered to your corner of the globe.

Buy Bulk K-Cups

Get fast, free shipping on your order when you buy Green Mountain K-Cups in bulk. Save big with Quill's low prices and great deals.
Buy Wholesale Coffee in Bulk

Get fast, free shipping on your order when you buy wholesale coffee in bulk. Save big with Quill's low prices and great deals when you order today!
Buy Coffee Makers, Machines & Brewers

Get fast, free shipping on your order when you buy coffee makers, machines & brewers. Save big with Quill's low prices and great deals.
Coffee K-Cups offers a wide assortment roasts and flavors of coffee and tea k-cups from top brands, such as Green Mountain Coffee, Caribou, etc

Coffee Key Terms

There are an endless number of coffee key terms that any avid coffee enthusiast should be familiar with, but with a select few you can be talking like the pro you are in no time. In order to succeed in the coffee business, you need to know the lingo for everything from the growing and choosing of a good bean to cupping and tasting terminology. The better you can communicate with a coffee distributor or coffee manufacturer, the more successful you will be in the coffee industry.

Beef up on these important coffee key terms before going out to purchase or make a sale:

1. As a coffee distributor or a coffee wholesaler, know the coffee bean terminology that the coffee manufacturer uses.

2. Be able to talk with coffee companies about the cupping and tasting terminology that a coffee vendor may use.

3. As a coffee wholesaler or one of the coffee suppliers, know the terms for coffee drinks and other products the coffee is going to be used for in the marketplace.

Talk the coffee bean talk

A coffee supply is only as good as the beans that it comes from. As coffee distributors and coffee wholesalers, you need to be knowledgeable on both the manufacturing end of the business and the retail side. Make sure to be familiar with a coffee manufacturer's selection process of its beans. The only way to be sure is to speak the same language.

Be familiar with the coffee key terms that are used while tasting

A true coffee connoisseur will speak in detail about the aromatics and flavors of a good cup of coffee. You need to not only be able to understand what they are referring to but also to be able to use the terminology yourself. To show you are passionate about your coffee distribution, you need to show your investment in the product.

Know the various ways in which coffee can be served

If you aren't a coffee enthusiast, ordering a cup of coffee at a coffee company can be an overwhelming experience. There are terms for everything -- even one for whether or not you want whipped cream on top. Although you could probably explain -- in your own words -- how you want your coffee, wouldn't you rather speak their language? Plus, as a member of the industry, it's important that you can keep up.
  • In order for some of the coffee key terms to stick with you, you may need to grab a cup of brew and figure them out for yourself. Actually seeing, smelling and experiencing these things for yourself may help you to retrieve these terms when it is most important -- while you're with the customer.

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