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Supplies for Computer Printers

Unlike a decade ago when only a few brands dominated the printer market, computer printers these days are available in a variety of brands and an equally varied range of prices. Similarly, supplies for computer printers are also available in an expansive range of types, formats, prices and functionalities.

Pricing and Costs of Computer Printers

There are over 30 different brands of computer printers available. Though they all provide the same basic functions, some brands are definitely better in their quality, durability and the various features available. Printers - Printers & Accessories: Office Products ...

Results 1 - 24 of 19310 ... Online shopping for Office Products from a great selection of Laser Printers, Inkjet Printers, Receipt Printers, Dot Matrix Printers, ...

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Shop direct from HP® with free shipping, upgrades & savings on selected products. Compare --0-- with customer reviews and ratings. See customer reviews and ...

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Technology of printers, copiers, scanners and other office machines frequently improves. Increase office efficiency with a new machine from Office Depot.

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Printers have evolved to offer services beyond basic printing. Unless you have an exact make and model in mind, selecting a new printer among hundreds of ...

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Networked or shared printers are "designed for high-volume, high-speed printing. " They are usually shared by many users on a network and can print at speeds ...

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Reviews, specifications outline, price comparisons & editor's ratings to help you pick out the best printer for your home or business needs, from

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Computer printers, copiers and scanners. Get a new computer printer, copier or scanner for less. Save money. Live better.

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Printers, Laser Printers, and Color Printers : Xerox Office

View Xerox's award winning laser printers, solid ink printers, and color printers that transform your office to deliver impressive results.

Xerox Office Supplies

Offers office toner supplies, solid ink and printing solutions including monochrome and color laser printers and multifunction printers.

Selecting the Right Computer Printers

Whether you churn out nothing but black-and-white text documents, or you want to print your own high-quality color letterhead, brochures and newsletters, you can find the right computer printer for the job. Knowing exactly how you plan to use your computer printers and how much volume you'll be printing are the first steps to selecting the best ones for your business.

Basic computer printer features to look for include adequate print quality, speed, paper-handling capabilities and memory as well as compatibility with your computer and a price within your budget. Before hitting the printer sales, consider if you'll be printing:

  1. Text
  2. Color graphics
  3. Photos
  4. High volume

Inkjet computer printers

Inkjet computer printers are ideal for printing color photos and graphics, but they may not produce razor-sharp text. If the photos and graphics you're printing are mostly for in-house use, select a basic inkjet computer printer. If you need to print high-quality photos, or want to print your own brochures and flyers, choose a more advanced model. These affordable desktop printers start at about $150, but upkeep can be pricey since the ink cartridges are costly.
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Laser computer printers

Laser computer printers can turn out crisp text as well as high-quality graphics, but don't measure up to inkjet printers for photos. If black and white text makes up the bulk of your printing needs, monochrome laser desktop printers may be the best choice thanks to their speed and ability to accommodate different paper sizes. Expect to pay about $300; color laser PC printers start at about $500.
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Portable computer printers

If you're constantly on the road and need a computer printer with you, consider a portable model that runs on battery power and can fit in your briefcase. Costs start at about $150.

Multi-function devices (MFDs) as desktop printers

If you want a space-saver that's also cost-cutter, shop for an MFD, a combined computer printer/copier/scanner/fax. MFDs are popular among small businesses as computer printer alternatives.

Computer printers for workgroups

If several people in your office will be sharing the same desktop printers, choose ones that can handle a high volume.

Expertise from printer manufacturers and computer sellers

HP sells more printers to small businesses worldwide than any of the other printer manufacturers of computer sellers.
  • Batteries not included: If you're thinking about portable PC printers, be aware that the battery may not be included in the price of the printer.
  • Include upkeep costs when comparing prices. The price of ink cartridges or toner over the lifetime of the device could easily amount to more than the original cost of printer sales.
  • Take the noise factor into consideration. In a small office environment, noisy desktop printers can easily become annoyances
  • Take your measurements for desktop printers. Check the amount of space you have in your office for your computer printer before going shopping.
  • Beware of speed claims. Printer manufacturers rate speed on PC printers based on the simplest of pages. Their speed claims may be two or three times faster than what you'll get from a computer printer installed in your office.
  • Check printer manufacturers’ specs for features. Some desktop printers can print double-sided pages and can staple, collate or fold pages.