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Manufacturers and distributors of copiers, including color copiers and copier supplies. Research office copier vendors offering new and used copy machines. Select copier manufacturers offering photocopier products that suit your business needs.

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Color Copiers

Many professional office businesses need dedicated color copiers, whereas some can get by with going to a copy store on occasion. If you regularly print color presentation materials for multiple clients, the investment in a good color copier may be worth the expense.

Copier Rentals

Copier rentals provide an economical option to upgrade to newer copier technology without paying the price to purchase new equipment. Rental copiers also allow flexibility if you have peak seasons of the year when you need extra copy services.

Supplies For Copiers

Even in this day and age of computers and faxes, copiers are still an important part of your office equipment, and having the right copier supplies on hand will keep business flowing. Whether you're copying written documents, making color copies or even copying photos, you know how crucial it is to have sufficient copier supplies in stock to prevent any possible down time.

Pricing and Costs of Copiers

Copiers have come a long way in the past decade or two. Of course, with higher quality often comes increased cost.

Making the Most of Office Equipment Rental

Making the most of office equipment rental monies should be a part of your business plan. While leasing office equipment may seem like an easy task, there is more to it than signing an agreement with one of the many copier leasing companies vying for your business.

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Office Equipment Rental News and Trends

As more and more businesses take advantage of office equipment leasing, providers of office equipment rentals are changing with the times to keep up with customer demands. If you rent office equipment or if you are contemplating renting office equipment for the first time, you should follow office equipment rental news and trends so you can get the best deals for your company.

Pricing and Costs of Copier Distributors and Wholesalers

Most businesses need at least one copy machine, so choosing the right copier distributors and wholesalers is important if you're working with a tight budget. Copiers are essential for companies that need to make copies of important documents for files or for customers.

Refurbished Copiers Basics

If your company is shopping for a copier, knowing refurbished copiers basics helps you think "green" and save money. Refurbished copiers are fully tested and restored to work like new.

Making the Most of Refurbished Copiers

Refurbished copiers can save you the expense of a new copy machine purchase, but they can also bring you unwanted problems. A refurbished copy machine may not have all the features of a new copier, it may have been overused by its previous owner and its warranty may be expired.

Copier Rentals Types and Styles

If you're like most any other office, it's likely you're making dozens of copies per day, so you might consider a copier rental. There are many copier rentals types and styles to choose from, so you'll have no problem finding exactly what you need for your particular business.

Copier Distributors and Wholesalers Key Terms

For a new purchase, or when it's time to replace an ailing copier, businesses talk to copier distributors and wholesalers about how to get just what they need to keep churning out critical documents. Useful copiers save time and help a business function.

Refurbished Copiers Key Terms

Certain refurbished copiers key terms can help you choose the right money-saving copier for your business. The high price of brand-new copiers for the office steers many people in the direction of refurbished copiers.

Business Guide to Copiers

The wide availability of independent copy shops and services might make you think that copiers are a piece of office equipment that you can do without. However, fulfilling your copy needs in-house can save you money, because the cost to outsource copying can be greater than operating your own machines. It is also more convenient to have copiers available at your business location, and the convenience cuts out the turnaround time involved in sending copy jobs out to a shop. Copiers can also lend an air of professionalism to your office operations. Employees and clients can infer a level of success from your ability to process work in-house.


Cost Savings

Some business owners avoid buying a copier because they think it will cost them money. While the copier itself is an expense, buying a copier can actually save you money. Purchasing copies at an office supply store or copy shop costs anywhere from five to 15 cents per page. If you make 100 copies, this is a total expense of $5.00 to $15.00. If you have a copier, you can purchase 500 sheets of paper for as little as $4. This reduces your cost to less than a penny per page.

A multi-function copier that copies, prints and faxes can save you even more money, especially if you change your printing habits. Just changing your font can help you save thousands of dollars each year. Diane Blohowiak, the director of computing and information technology at The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, switched the campus default font from Arial to Century Gothic. Century Gothic uses 30 percent less ink, so Blohowiak estimates the campus will save several thousand dollars per year.

Increased Productivity

If you do not have a copier for your business, you must spend time traveling to a local copy shop and stand in line waiting to make copies. If you make several trips to the copy shop each week, you are spending a lot of time making copies. Having a copier in your office eliminates the need for these trips and makes it possible to copy documents within a matter of minutes. Some copy shops are so busy that you have to wait several days to pick up your copies. When you have your own copier, you eliminate these delays.

Professional Output

Purchasing a copier allows you to produce professional documents that present your business in the best possible light. When you write documents by hand, it may be difficult for customers and colleagues to read your handwriting. It also looks like you did not care enough to take the time to format the document nicely and print it so that it is easily readable. Having a copier allows you to print documents in a uniform size and font. If you have a color copier, you can also add pie charts, bar charts, graphs and photographs to your documents, which enhances their appearance.

Environmental Impact

Selecting the right copier can even help you reduce your company’s impact on the environment. Duplex copiers allow you to print on both sides of a piece of paper, which reduces the amount of paper you use each day. The Environmental Protection Agency says that adding the ENERGY-STAR® label to every copier, as well as setting your copier to default to the duplex setting, would reduce paper usage by more than 200 billion sheets. These efforts could save approximately 20 million trees.


Misjudging Capacity

Copiers are a familiar type of office equipment. You may be tempted to leave the model selection decision to staff members, since they are likely the ones who will be using the machine most often. Copiers can be a significant operational expense, however, and the selection of the right model for your business involves certain pitfalls that you should try to avoid. One of the initial problems with choosing a copier is misjudging your business needs. Copiers have capacity thresholds. If the copier you select cannot accommodate the amount of copy work your business generates, it may malfunction repeatedly due to overuse. You must match the machine's capacity to your heaviest expected use.


In-house copiers are not always the right solution for every business. If your company only makes copies periodically, it may make more sense to send the copy jobs out to a copy shop. The expense involved in maintaining a piece of equipment that your staff uses occasionally may seem like an innocuous luxury, but it ultimately affects your company's profitability.


Copiers sport a wide range of functionality. Some copiers are so complex that they require special training for your staff to operate the equipment properly. In some contexts, it can also be true that a piece of equipment that does many things does nothing particularly well. It is an insidious pitfall to choose the most advanced copier with the most bells and whistles if your company only needs a machine that can simply copy a document.

Operational Costs

Copiers require supplies. The cost of supplies increases with the complexity of the equipment. One of the problems with locating a copy machine in-house is this unavoidable operational expense. You can easily lose control of this expense if your staff starts to use the machine in wasteful ways.


The widespread use of computers has caused an increase in the copier market. Ricoh Americas Corporation, a popular office equipment supplier, is 2011’s top selling supplier of black and white and color copiers. There are many types and styles of multi-functional copiers on the market, and the amount you pay for your copier will depend on the functions it can perform. Copiers are generally quite expensive because they are typically large, bulky and energy intensive. However, there are many new styles of copiers available that are less bulky and more energy-efficient. Traditional copiers tend to be less expensive, but copiers that save energy and have multiple features can be quite expensive.

Energy-efficient copiers can reduce electricity costs by 60 percent yearly, and these copiers generally cost between $400 and $800. Desk copiers range in price from $30 to $150, and most models do not include ink cartridges. Industrial copiers, which are generally used in large office settings, can cost $2000 or more.


In-house copiers are convenient and can allow your staff to quickly produce copies whenever needed. If you select the right machine, it can be a more cost-effective option than outsourcing your copy jobs to a shop or service. The copiers you select must be equipped to handle your regular copying needs. Overuse can cause the equipment to malfunction, leading to a loss in efficiency. You should also be careful to select machines that have a level of functionality that is appropriate for your office. Copiers have a wide range of functionality. Picking a model that has more features than your staff will use may create confusion and result in underutilization.

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