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Advice and Ratings on E-Book Publishers

If you're considering writing an ebook, the first thing you must have is advice and ratings on e-book publishers and tools. Although the task of getting an ebook published may at first seem daunting, it's actually quite easy.

E-Book Publishers for Beginners

Figuring out how to deal with e-book publishers can be a time-consuming endeavor; when it's time to think about getting that first book into digital format, a beginning professional has a lot to think about. Getting the facts straight on the ins and outs of this very new medium takes some work for those who are interested in either authoring or investing.

E-Book Publishers Key Terms

Many businesses and authors are choosing to create e-books, which can be viewed on computers and mobile devices. With the cost advantages and ease of distribution, e-books seem practical.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: Self-publish your book to ...

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a fast, easy and free way for authors and publishers to keep control and publish their books worldwide on the Kindle ...

eBooks Publishing & eBooks Distribution | How to Publish an eBook ... allows you to publish and sell ebooks online. We make ebook publishing easy. Set your own price and royalty.

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BookBaby: eBook Publishing and Distribution - Kindle, iPad, Nook ...

Publish your book worldwide on Amazon's Kindle, iPad, Barnes and Noble's Nook, and many more. We make it easy. Get published today!

Booktango: Free E-book Publishing Online

Booktango offers free e-book publishing online. Publish your e-book with Booktango for the best royalties, widest sales distribution, and easiest, fastest ...

Top Five Ebook Publishers In 2013 - Forbes

Dec 30, 2013 ... If you've worked in the book business, you know how hard it is to have even one best-seller. The publishers that are most successful have ...

Smashwords – Ebooks from independent authors and publishers

from Indie Authors and Publishers ... Read your books on any e-reading device ( Kindle, iPad, Nook, iPhone, Sony Reader, Kobo, etc), or read online in your ...

E-Book Publishing Agents | Trident Media Group

Trident Media Group's e-book agents work in the best interest of our e-book authors, rather than as a publisher.

Book News: 'Big 5' Publishers Absent From Amazon's New E ... - NPR

2 days ago ... The daily lowdown on books, publishing, and the occasional author behaving badly. The so-called Big Five publishers — Penguin Random ...


BookBaby digitally distributes eBooks from independent authors, poets, memoirists, and publishers, making their works available to digital retailers.

E-Book Publishers

Your book is written, and you want the world to have access to your prose as quickly as possible, so consider electronic book publishers. E-books haven't caught on as quickly as predictions forecasted, however, they are a viable alternative for readers and the market is growing.

Think how much easier it is to carry twenty full-length novels on a small handheld unit instead of the physical novels in your arms. Vacation reading just became a lot more convenient. If your goal is to be published, there is no downside to e-book publishing:

1. There are book lovers of all types, so you will have an audience if you publish an e-book.

2. If your book is also published traditionally, you will have an extended audience if it's available through e-book suppliers.

3. Reading a book on a screen takes some getting used to, but more and more people are becoming comfortable with the conveniences of handheld technology.

Use e-book publishing tools for e-book self-publishing

Finding e-book publishing software is becoming easier as the market needs increase for the technology. Finding a free e-book publisher is well within the realm of possibilities, too. Publishing e-books can be as simple as creating PDF or EXE versions of your book and making them available via your website.

Choose from a growing list of e-book distributors

As the list of e-book distributors continues to grow, so do the number of available e-books. Although most available readers are free and can adapt to any e-book format, you will want to consider the reading platform when distributing your e-book.

Find an e-book publisher to do the work for you

Turning your manuscript over to a professional who can format your manuscript into an e-book may be what you're looking for. You can find professionals who will assist you in any step of the process from initial design to final publication.
  • Many Web-savvy marketing folks offer e-book generators, which is great on the surface. However, they require your name and e-mail address be added to their marketing database before they share any information. Avoid these unless you want a lot of junk mail.
  • If free e-books are an important marketing tool for you, using the rebranding EXE formats (versus PDF) is a key to success. People will be more inclined to promote your free e-book if they can customize it with their personal affiliate links.