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Manufacturers and providers of ergonomic desks and workstations.

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Ergonomic Desks

Desk ergonomics combine functionality with employee productivity. The marketplace continues to grow as more businesses realize long-term savings.

Ergonomic Desks Pricing and Costs

Purchasing ergonomic desks for your office requires a considerable project budget. However, the benefits of these desks may very well outweigh the initial cost.

Ergonomic Desks Key Terms

No matter what type of business you are in, you and your employees can greatly benefit from ergonomic desks. Ergonomic desks are desks that are designed to provide maximum comfort by being adjustable.

Ergonomic Desks - Herman Miller

Our line of stylish and comfortable ergonomic desks allows you to make your space work for you.

Ergonomic Desk and Ergonomic Furniture, Ergonomic Standing ...

Offers home office furniture, ergonomic and interactive desks, drafting table and computer workstation.

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Ergonomic Desks: Adjustable Height Desks, Electric Stand Up Desk ...

Come check out the best selection of electric stand up desks on the web, starting at just $549. Popular desk configurations ship in just 1 - 2 days.

Adjustable Height Desks - The Human Solution

Products 1 - 12 of 13 ... An adjustable height desk allows you to raise and lower your work surface and monitor ... Home Office Ergonomics Adjustable Height Desks ...

WorkFit Stand Up Desks & Ergonomic Workstations | Ergotron

Transform any surface or table into a personalized height-adjustable desk. Get affordable ergonomics! Change from a sitting to a standing posture whenever you ...

Adjustable Desks | Shop Ergonomic Sit Stand Workstations ...

Shop adjustable desks that allow you to perform computer tasks while sitting or elevate your workspace to work standing up. These ergonomically designed sit ...

OSHA Ergonomic Solutions: Computer Workstations eTool ...

Desk surface should allow you to place the monitor directly in front of you, at least 20 inches away. Avoid storing items, such as a CPU, under desks. Desks ...

Ergonomic Desks: Height Adjustable, Stand Up, Electric - Ergo Experts

Height adjustable ergonomic desks from $479 at the Ergo Experts. Electric stand- up desks and desktop workstations in all configurations.

Ergonomic & Height-Adjustable Desks - Features ... - Wayfair

Shop Wayfair for Ergonomic & Height-Adjustable Desks - ergonomic, home office . Enjoy Free Shipping on most Furniture products, even big stuff.

Ergonomic Desks Types and Styles

Ergonomic desks are a good addition to any office where working on the computer or doing paperwork takes up most of the day. Not only do they make working more comfortable, they also help to minimize the risk of repetitive motion conditions, including corporal tunnel syndrome.

Once you decide to outfit your office with ergonomic desks, you have to decide what desks to purchase. With a seemingly endless selection of ergonomic desks types and styles, making a decision can be difficult. Consider the following suggestions to help you narrow down your choices:

1. Consider purchasing an ergonomic adjustable desk for each employee.

2. Keep special needs employees productive with supine ergonomic workstations.

3. Think about use-specific ergonomic desks.

Invest in interactive ergonomic computer desks

Interactive ergonomic computer desks are desks that feature various adjustable components that enable the user to adjust the desk throughout the day. When you are looking at this type of ergonomic desk, it is important to consider the ease of doing the adjustments. This is especially important if you have more than one employee who will use the desk.

Consider supine ergonomic workstation models for special needs employees

Special needs employees, such as those who have back problems and certain other medical conditions like arthritis may need to lay down periodically. In order to keep these employees productive, you have to think outside of traditional office furniture. This is where supine ergonomic workstation models come in. These allow the employee to work sitting down or lying down.

Check out use specific ergonomic desks

Specialty ergonomic desks are used for a specific purpose. For example, a school may need ergonomic computer desk for kids. A hospital may be able to use a laptop computer nook for visitors, and possibly for employees. Business travelers may find that an ergonomic laptop desk is a good investment.

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