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Lecterns & PA Systems | Staples®

Shop Staples® for Lecterns & PA Systems. Enjoy everyday low prices and get everything you need for a home office or business. Staples Rewards® members  ...

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Results 1 - 24 of 2449 ... Online shopping for Lecterns & Podiums from a great selection at Office Products Store.

Podiums & Lecterns at Office Depot and OfficeMax

Office Depot and OfficeMax have a variety of Podiums and Lecterns available for your office presentation!

Lecterns & Podiums | BizChair.com

Lecterns and Podiums at BizChair.com. Large selection of speaker's lecterns, mobile lecterns, tabletop lecterns, and presenter's podiums for all your lectern and ...

Lecterns - Da-Lite

Providence Lectern. Cambridge_Lectern. Cambridge Lectern. Lancaster_Lectern . Lancaster Lectern. Yorkshire_Lectern. Yorkshire Lectern · Pedestal Lecterns.

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Lecterns - KI

Lecterns. VIEW BY: Category | Application | Collection | Name | Price Lists · Instruct All Terrain Mobile Lectern. This mobile teacher desk lets instruction happen ...

Podium and Lectern Store

Shopping for Lecterns, Podiums, Pulpits and more? We have FREE SHIPPING on all styles of podiums, lecterns and pulpits! We offer a large selection so visit us  ...

Lecterns and Podiums in Modern and Traditional Styles

Podiums and lecterns help speakers stay organized and reach audiences effectively. A great addition to any church, stage or classroom, our lecterns have ...

Lecterns & Podiums | B&H Photo Video

Items 1 - 24 of 2434 ... Shop and review an enormous array of Lecterns & Podiums from top brands like Da-Lite, AmpliVox Sound Systems, Sound-Craft Systems ...

AvinED Technical Furnishings: Multimedia Lecterns, Podiums, AV ...

Hi-Tech furnishings manufactures quality multimedia presentation lecterns, rack cabinets, and technical furniture for the technology industry. Products for the ...

Lecterns - Middle Atlantic Products

What makes Middle Atlantic's lecterns unique is the Frame to Furniture™ foundation. This concept reverses the age-old saying “where form meets function ” and ...

Church Pulpits | Teachers Lecterns and Podium Stands for Sale

Buy church pulpits today for your boardroom, lecture hall, or place of worship. Displays2go is the USA's premier lectern supplier with 100s of podiums for sale ...

Business Guide to Lecterns

If you have ever given a presentation for a class or business meeting, you have probably used a lectern. Lecterns a good to use because they enhance the speaker’s visibility and help the audience focus on the presentation. Lecterns are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and styles, so you can be sure to purchase the lectern that is right for your needs and your pocketbook. There are also many optional features available, such built-in microphones and clocks. While following sections will help you buy the lectern that will best suit your business, be sure to research your options while lectern shopping.


Lecterns have many benefits, which is why they are often used in settings where speeches will be given.

Visibility and Support

The primary benefit of using a lectern is for visibility. When people come to see a speech, the lectern provides the audience with a visual cue, so they know where to focus their attention. A lectern can also provide the person giving the presentation with space for notes and papers, a microphone, or even a television with a script built into the lectern. These functions reduce distractions making it easier to give a speech or address.


Lecterns can be purchased in a variety of materials. This can suit the style of any event. Some lecterns are made with stone or marble, metal, acrylic, or wood. Some lecterns are very modern, providing a microphone or electrical hookups. Others are simple and built as stands. Lecterns may be adjustable, making them great for speakers of different heights.


Depending on the materials selected and price range a business can afford, a lectern can usually be found to fit most budgets. Traditional or contemporary styles can be chosen depending on the needs of the organization. Traditional wooden lecterns can be purchased for less than a contemporary metal lectern, so organizations on a budget may wish to purchase this type of lectern. All styles are either built to fit the needs of the client or can be purchased with preexisting specifications. According to Displays 2 Go, many lecterns are created with recycled materials and are 100 percent recyclable. Some of this company’s outdoor lecterns can withstand drops of over 60 feet without any major damage.


Lecterns have potential add-ons that make presentations easier. For example, ergonomic arm rests, microphones, writing utensil holders, and other conveniences can all easily be installed when and if needed. The color of the paneling on the lectern may be removable in some cases, allowing it to be customized for events.


Ergonomic Issues

Ergonomics is a scientific discipline tasked with fitting workplace conditions with the job demands of the workforce. This helps reduce the risk of injury and increases worker satisfaction. One of the ergonomic issues associated with the use of lecterns is the risk of musculoskeletal injury. If you select a lectern that cannot be adjusted for the height of the speaker, those who are very tall may have to hunch over when using it. This increases the risk of muscle strains and pain.


The cost of a lectern depends on its size and the materials used to make it. If you select a large lectern made of solid wood or other expensive materials, the cost could exceed your budget. If you select a cheaper version just to stay within your budget, you may have to pay to repair or replace the lectern if those less expensive materials do not last.

Technology Issues

If you plan to use a lectern in a classroom or training room, you will need to think carefully before making your purchase. Many teachers, professors and trainers use projectors and other technology to enhance their presentations. The lectern you select will need to accommodate these items. The lectern should also have ample space for electrical plugs, remote controls and other items needed to use technology in the classroom.

Speaker Inhibition

Using a lectern may affect how a speaker delivers his presentation. Speakers may be tempted to grasp the front of the lectern, which changes their body language and hand gestures. If a speaker is unable to make her normal hand gestures during a lecture, it could cause verbal stumbling and other problems with the presentation. Dynamic speakers tend to move around the room, so a lectern may also inhibit their movements and make presentations less exciting.

Visual Issues

Tall lecterns hide the speaker from the audience, which could make it difficult for audience members to interpret the speaker’s body language and gestures. This could reduce the effectiveness of the presentation.


Lecterns can be created with various materials, such as woods, metals, and stone, which can cause the pricing of each type to vary significantly. Lecterns are available for almost every budget.

Range of Pricing

Basic lecterns are called a “stand” type. These are normally made with metal or wood. Lecterns may cost anywhere from $100 to $10,000. If the lectern has no electrical outlets, microphones, or other items, the pricing will be lower. The most expensive type of lectern is one that is customizable. This type of lectern conforms to the specifications set by a client. Custom lecterns can cost anywhere from $4,600 to $10,000. Another influencing factor is whether the item has recycled content. For example, the Safco table top lectern is created with 80 percent recycled material and costs under $100, while the Oklahoma Sound presentation lectern has zero recycled content and costs over $700.


Because there are so many options to choose from when you are lectern shopping, it can seem intimidating.  It may be easier if you keep in mind how the right lectern will benefit you. The right lectern will provide you, or any other speaker, with the visibility and support needed to comfortably keep your audience’s attention.   Also, a variety of lecterns are available, so you can pick the one that’s best for you—furthermore, you can customize your lectern with a variety of add-ons. You can even choose the quality, whether you need a one-time-use lectern or one to last you years. However, there are some issues to keep in mind. Make sure the lectern is ergonomic to ensure your presenter is safe and comfortable. In addition, the price of a lectern can be restrictive, so make sure you pick one that fits your budget. Finally, the presence of a lectern may negatively affect the speaker’s presentation skills or block the audience’s view.

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