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Office Coffee Systems and Services

All employee benefits don't have to cost a fortune. Sometimes simple is just fine, and for many people, few things are as rewardingly simple as a hot cup of coffee.

Office Coffee Services

Ever since its discovery as a drink in Ethiopia during the 9th century, coffee has continued to rank high in beverage choice. The number of companies offering coffee services attests to that.

Coffee News and Trends

Coffee is one of those goods that consumers are either passionate about or stay far away from it. The coffee industry has some of the most avid enthusiasts of any other food or beverage product out there.

Supplies for Commercial Coffee Machines and Tea Supplies

Supplies for commercial coffee machines and tea supplies are similar to those that you would purchase for home use. Some of the basic supplies to purchase for a restaurant or hospitality service are a coffee grinder, filters and commercial grade cleaners.

Making the Most of Wholesale Coffee

When you spend money for wholesale coffee, you want to make sure it's the best quality for your coffee connoisseurs. Buy from reputable coffee wholesalers to ensure you get the best wholesale coffee beans at the best price, but consider some other options for your coffee business to keep customers coming back for cup after cup of your delicious brew.

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Pricing and Costs of Commercial Coffee Brewers

Industrial coffee makers are an essential part of the budget for businesses that serve coffee. Rigorous budgeting addresses expenses that effect pricing and costs of commercial coffee brewers.

Making the Most of Commercial Coffee Brewers

Making the most of commercial coffee brewers may require taking a calculated risk to maximize the equipment purchase. Offer free coffee as a marketing strategy to boost sales and drive new business.

Wholesale Coffee Education and Training

In order to sell wholesale coffee to coffee distributors, it is important to have specific wholesale coffee education and training. You will be in the position of selling coffee to the nation's coffee experts and you can't risk being caught off guard by a question you can't answer.

Saving Money on Office Coffee Services

Although, at first blush, it may seem do-it-yourself coffee is the most economical choice for your business, many companies find they are actually saving money on office coffee services. Most of us realize having coffee on hand for employees boosts productivity, can reduce stress (research shows the scent of coffee has a calming affect), improves morale and helps keep employees in the office.

Commercial Coffee Machines and Tea Supplies Key Terms

With such a wide variety to choose from, finding the best products for your coffee machine and tea supplies can be tricky. Learn these key terms to help your coffee shop run smoothly.

Commercial Coffee Brewers Key Terms

Commercial coffee and espresso machines have become key ingredients to a successful food service business for many people, but learning the terms you need to navigate the many types of coffee brewers available is no easy task. Because coffee brewing has a long and international history, there are many terms reflecting the various ways coffee can be brewed and served.

Office Coffee Services Key Terms

Office coffee services can save you time and money on your breakroom coffee and other assorted supplies. They help you to determine how much coffee you'll need based on the number of employees and visiting clients you have, which ensures that you don't buy too much.

Office Coffee

Offering coffee to office workers can help boost morale and a sense of togetherness.I It can also encourage employees to stay in-house during breaks instead of seeking snacks elsewhere. If your employees look to you for their coffee fix, they can see this as an additional job perk. This perception may be well worth the minor cost per year associated with offering in-office coffee and supplies to employees.

Deciding if office coffee is a good choice for your business is a matter of determining the impact the beverage station will have on employee morale and the cost to keep the area supplied. Researching the costs, benefits and pitfalls of offering in-office coffee will help employers make an informed decision about creating an office beverage station.


Meeting Expectations

Office environments benefit the most from available coffee, as employees generally come in early, leave late and remain seated throughout most of the day. The National Coffee Association has released statistics indicating that 54% of the adult population within the United States drinks coffee on a daily basis. Because of this staggering percentile, it is safe to conclude that coffee drinking within the office environment is included within those figures. Coffee is a part of most adult’s daily lives, and coffee is generally expected to be available within an office space. Those that do not offer coffee create an added expense for their employees.

Increases Productivity

As employees within an office environment tend to be sitting most of their day, coffee provides an opportunity to stretch their legs and have a break. These moments away from the desk can actually increase productivity in the long run. If employees are bored or tired, they will tend to lag in their work. Coffee also has caffeine, a natural stimulant that can increase productivity. It will push employees to work faster with a higher attention span.

Positive Employee Environment

Coffee breaks are one of the best ways for coworkers to meet, socialize and relax during a stressful work day. The added socialization can increase office morale and create a more comfortable work environment. Having positive and unified employees can increase collaboration between departments and create better team building. It also increases the chances that your employees will stay for longer periods of time, creating a further savings in potential trainees and new hires.  If the office does not include coffee, employees will need to leave the office building. This will deplete the available time to socialize with their coworkers and increase their daily living cost.

Services Provide Convenience

Rather than having a designated coffee maker in the morning, or handling a rotating calendar, office services are available. Conveniently providing coffee, tea, hot chocolate packets and coffee equipment, there is no need to worry about when to shop or if you will run out.  Whether in a small break room or in a large break room, coffee services take all of the hassle associated. The service generally costs between 60 to 100 dollars per employee each calendar year.



One of the biggest drawbacks of having office coffee supplies is that someone has to be responsible for making the coffee each day. This is an added task for employees, and it may end up being ignored. Although some people will want coffee, they may not want to take the time to make it. You may have to create a schedule to ensure someone makes a new pot each day. At the end of the day, the pot and surrounding area must be cleaned for the next day’s service.


By providing your whole office with coffee on a daily basis, you are adding an expense to your daily operations. This can become a problem if you are a small office that is working under a tight budget. You may also have to purchase more than one type of coffee, such as regular and decaf, in order to serve everyone who drinks it. Serving multiple types requires the purchase and maintenance of additional pots.  Depending on the brands you choose, coffee and equipment can also be expensive. Other costs to consider include creamers, sugar, filters, cups and napkins, some of which may go to waste.

Equipment Maintenance

Properly working equipment is important to the safety of your employees. Coffee pots and machines should be checked regularly for cracks and leaks. The water filter should also be changed regularly for optimal taste. If you do not maintain the equipment, the machine could stop working and require costly repairs. If you rent equipment and it becomes damaged, you run the risk of paying for something that you can no longer use.


Supplying office coffee machines can be counterproductive if individuals spend their time chatting around the coffee machine. It can also hurt productivity if employees are stopping work frequently to go refill their cups.


A company who uses an office coffee service will spend between $60 and $100 per employee per year, according to Robert Hill at This can be a substantial savings over supplying coffee for your office.

The Cost of Coffee

A pound of coffee makes approximately 40 cups of coffee and costs around $8, as of 2011. If you have an office with five employees and they all drink three cups of coffee per day, they will consume 5,475 cups per year. If a pound of coffee makes 40 cups, your office will go through almost 137 pounds of coffee. At $8 per pound, this is a cost of $1,096 per year. If you pay a coffee service $300 to $500 per year for the same amount of coffee, you will save a substantial amount of money.

Other Price Considerations

An office coffee service will also provide filters, creamer, sugar, and often a coffee machine. Since everything supplied by the coffee company is portion controlled through single serving packets, your company cuts down on waste and saves money.


Offering a coffee station can promote a feeling of camaraderie and friendship in the office in most cases.  Having coffee available on demand can keep employees from having to run out during break times.I It can also save both money and prevent waste. If a company is trying to become more green, having an office coffee spot can help reduce waste, provided employees bring in their own mugs from home.

While there are plenty of benefits of offering office coffee, there are some drawbacks as well. Employees may linger in the coffee area during working hours, reducing their performance and productivity. The cost of office coffee may be larger than expected, particularly if an outside company is engaged to manage the area.

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