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Vendors of business office supplies and office products. Research companies selling business supplies for the office and other office equipment. Identify providers offering office supplies online.
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Forbes Custom Products provides affordable solutions for your office supply needs -- folders, binders and more. We promise accuracy, precision, and prompt delivery.

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Paper Folding Equipment

Paper folders save businesses money and increase productivity. On average, one paper folder can fold more in one hour than multiple employees.

Rubber Stamps

Whether it is Paid, Received, today’s date, your address, your logo or your bank deposit information, rubber stamps can be a convenient way to manage the paper flow in your office. Designs for ink stampers range from standard and simple to completely custom.

Laminating Machines

Laminating machines protect important or frequently used documents and can be used in small companies or major corporations. Laminators can help you save money by eliminating the need to recopy or reprint documents that have not held up.

Mailing Tubes

The mailing tube is not just another office supply; or at least you shouldn't label it as one. Using good quality mailing cylinders can mean the difference between getting that next client and falling short of your goal.

Rubber Bands

Rubber band manufacturers produce unusual sizes and types of rubber bands to meet all needs. If they don't produce what you want, many rubber band manufacturers will create custom rubber bands that satisfy your requirements.

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Felt Tip Pens

Felt tip pens always seem to disappear when you need them, so a company can never own too many. If you go through a lot of felt pens, they make an obvious item for bulk purchase.

Thumb Tacks

Look around your office, shop, store, factory or warehouse, and you'll probably see at least a few thumbtacks or push pins stuck in walls or cork boards. You may go through dozens at a time or keep a box for a few years; either way, you can always find any type of push pin or thumbtack you need online.

Media Mailers

Media mailers are specialized packages most often used for mailing CDs, DVDs and photos, and also for brochures and pamphlets. When choosing a media mailer for your business, be sure to consider not only cost, but also take into consideration your method of shipping and distribution.

Paper Processing Machines

Paper processing machines can be used in a variety of industries and help in organizing and cleaning your business or home office. From a paper binding machine to a paper cutting machine or paper folding machine, there are many uses for paper processing machinery.

Fax Machine Rentals

Fax machine rentals are ideal for organizations or companies that perhaps don't have the budget to buy a fax machine or simply don't use one often enough to justify the expense of buying one. Perhaps your business has a machine that has gone on the fritz and you need one to use while yours is in the shop for repair.


Credenza information is available from a variety of sources, including online office furniture providers and local and regional office suppliers. Take a look at a credenza list to find the right kind of supplemental appointments that can help you to better organize your office.


A padfolio is a writing tablet attached to an outer covering, usually with a handle and pen for ease of use. Not only can a padfolio be a great place to jot down notes and share ideas, it can also promote your business and motivate your employees.

Choose from a wide selection of High Quality Roll Laminators, Pouch Laminators, Laminating Film and Laminating Pouches.
Shoplet UK

Shoplet is the leading purely online office supply retailer. Founded in 1994, Shoplet is one of the original e-marketplaces.

GetPaper has the best prices for inkjet plotter paper rolls, engineering paper, ink, toner, and display graphics media for all types of print projects
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Buy Pencils in Bulk

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Avery provides an extensive collection of high-quality office supplies, including business cards, binders, name badges, and free template software.
Bulk Office Supplies from Reliable

Find the bulk office supplies, including bulk ink and toner you need to keep your office running efficiently with Reliable office supplies. Office Supplies

Online retailer offers office products such as ring binders, paper, file cabinets, shredders and more office supplies. Free shipping with $99+ order.
Custom Full-Color Calendars Printing

Custom full-color calendar printing with pre-drilled hole for easy calendar hanging available at PsPrint. Explore our calendars now!

Buying Office Supplies

Nothing will slow down a productive afternoon like that sinking feeling when the printer demands ink or the presentations have to be out the door but you just can't put your hands on the right binders.

The key to keeping your people moving – while not spending willy-nilly or buying exactly the wrong products – is making time to understand office-supply shopping online. Taking full advantage of the Web sites of major office stores can:

  1. Save time. Most offer free next-day delivery on orders of just $50.
  2. Save money. Superstores often use loss leaders to drive sales.
  3. Save your sanity, if you learn how to use online shopping tools.

Cut Web time to a minimum

Office stores online now offer favorites lists, one-click ordering and even personal sites co-branded with your company's logo with pre-set shopping categories. Lock down prices, quantities, and your credit data and the intern could do the monthly buy.

More than 20 employees? Ask about discount programs

If you find your spending is regular and tends to mount to hundreds of dollars at a go, better to talk with your office store's small business rep about volume discounts and special small business ordering Web sites.

Buy store brands

Grocery stores and drug stores have done it for years, now office stores will happily sell you their own brand of their highest volume (and highest margin) products, sometimes at substantial savings. It's a win-win if there ever was one.

Go the warehouse-shopping route

Office stores will often cut you a deal for buying in bulk. Of course, regular warehouse stores, too, sell plenty of office supplies, from pads and pens to furniture and electronics.

Get personalized office products and services

NEBS is known more for its extensive lineup of personalized business forms, checks, greeting cards and other promotional items for small business, but it is also a great place to get office supplies and equipment.

Comparison shop your way to savings

Online shopping giants are crowding into the office store space. The advantage they offer is multiple vendors on one search, which you can then sort to find the best price.
  • Short on cash? Online office stores can extend 90 days or offer you a store credit card.
  • Keep a leash on spending by using office-store site services for small business to generate monthly spend reports.
  • Most online stores offer rewards programs that kick back a few percentage points for your loyalty. If you buy the same things often and are happy with the delivery, this is a good deal.
  • It's always a good idea to centralize buying through a single person in your company or two. If not, supplies can pile up in closets and people order more without looking.