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Office Water

In a modern office environment, anything you can do to make your employees more comfortable can increase productivity and make for a positive workplace. Although having office water available might seem simple, it saves both time and money for your employees and helps create a healthier workplace. It is important, however, to consider different solutions with an eye toward what might work best for your particular company. The following information summarizes the benefits of different office water options, followed by potential pitfalls to consider, and concluding with general pricing information. Before making a decision about office water solutions, read through the following guide.


Health Benefits

Drinking more water instead of soda or coffee is beneficial to everyone’s health. When given the option of free water, many employees will choose fresh drinking water over soda and coffee. Employees are no longer forced to leave work to go purchase drinks when there is fresh drinking water available.

Inexpensive to Maintain

Once an office cooler has been installed, it is inexpensive to maintain. Employees can take turns wiping down the machine each time the bottles are replaced in order to keep the machine clean and ready for use. The cooler will last for many years, and the bottles of water are inexpensive to replace. 

Hot Water

Most water coolers offer both hot and cold water. This eliminates the need for water kettles or taking the time to microwave a cup of hot water for instant coffee or tea. The hot water is instantly available for hot chocolate and other hot beverages.

Reducing Waste

Office water coolers will reduce or eliminate the need to buy bottles of water. Plastic waste is bad for the environment. This is especially useful to consider if a company is “going green.” 

Recyclable paper cups can be purchased instead of plastic cups, which are better for the environment.


The quality of bottled water is often much better than that of tap water. This is especially true in large cities where water can become contaminated and customers are placed on water restrictions. Bottled water from a trusted source is free from contaminants and bacteria that can make employees ill. Testing has been done on water samples in dentist offices. “According to the ADA and CDC/EPA recommendations, of the 351 split samples processed, the in-office test kits’ accuracy ranged from 25 to 69 percent, compared with the R2A agar” meaning that most bottled water only contained small traces of contaminates.


Although office water coolers are usually a great addition to any business, there are some disadvantages to ownership.

Replacing Water

The water bottles that are used in office water coolers are very large and heavy. It takes a good deal of strength to be able to change them. The bottles can also be very cumbersome and difficult to lift onto the base. You should be sure there is someone in the office who can change the bottles as required.

Quality of Water

The coolers have to be cleaned often to prevent bacteria build-up. The potential for water-borne illnesses is one of the biggest disadvantages of using an office water cooler. Every time the bottles are replaced, the cooler is open to the entry of germs. This creates additional responsibility for office staff, and it may become a chore that no one wants to do. Neglecting to clean the cooler can make the whole office sick.

Water should be purchased from a reputable dealer so that there are no doubts regarding its quality. If you purchase from a cheap, unknown water source, you may not be sure that the water is completely pure. A well-known dealer will also provide you with quality plastic bottles, which can help reduce the risk of illness.

Large Initial Investment

Unless you decide to rent a water cooler, the purchase of a new cooler usually requires a large initial investment. The cooler can last for many years after the initial purchase, but the cost can be hefty. Smaller companies that have limited working capital may find it cheaper to purchase bottled water.


Water coolers require that you store large bottles of water on the premises. You will need an adequate storage area to keep your water cool or at least at room temperature. Small offices may find storing the water a challenge, but the bottles should have a designated space that will keep them out of the way and safe from damage.


The FDA states that bottled water that contains more than 250 parts per million of total dissolved solids is considered to be mineral water. In your business, you may want to make sure you have healthy drinking water on hand. Office water tanks help you achieve this, while also giving you access to hot or cold water on demand.

The Cost of Water

Water tanks for the office can be purchased for as little as $80.00. The cold water dispensers will be the cheapest, as they do not need to have the additional parts set up for heating. Dispensers of both hot and cold water can also be affordable, starting at around $100.00. 


Given the many options for office water solutions, it is important to consider both your company’s needs and your budget. While an office water system that depends on a storage tank might be initially expensive, it cuts down on waste and allows for fairly inexpensive refills. The ability to provide on-demand hot water is also a useful perk. On the contrary, providing bottled water is less expensive up front, but results in a considerable number of empty plastic bottles to recycle or discard. Regardless of the option you choose, rest assured that employees taking breaks for water instead of coffee or soda will be much healthier.

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